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4. Correspondence

4.53 Emilio Belismelis (9)

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4.53 Correspondence with Emilio Belismelis (9)


19. Mail (from Emilio Belismelis)

Re: Email number 8

Dear Frank, I really want to give you many blessings for your kind help. I just finished chapter 22. Mind and Body from your book The Man-Made Church and I will not stop reading again and again your books until all God's word is in my mind as a living spirit.

Here are the answer for your questions:

Dear Emilio

When you read answers 1 and 2 of your last email, as a neutral observer, standing back, what kind of advice would you give to that person who gave these answers? What kind of changes would you recommend he should make in his life?
Answer 1: I would tell him to trust only in God and seek first the kingdom of God and all of the things he is pursuing will follow him
What kind of connection exists between ďprofessing momentary circumstancesĒ and taking part in a telephone conversation?
Answer 2: That both persons (God and the other person speaking in the telephone) are far away and sometimes you donít know them. They both are pure science.
Are you aware that because you are seeking Godís kingdom and his righteousness, God will give you all these things?
Answer 3: Yes now I am very aware
To what church do you belong?
Answer 4: I belong to the Assembly of Godí children. Now I have consciously broken all ties with a worldly organization.
In your second mail you write ďmaterial troubles are for spiritual reasons. When a person asks for material or worldly thing, then that person actually has a spiritual problem,Ē now what is the other lesson one should learn there, discussed in that webpage?
Answer 5: We have to walk in faith and pray for spiritual things. We pray and ask to receive the word of God to act in accordance with Matthew 6:33. Seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto me. And not ask for material or worldly things, because if we do it, we have a spiritual problem. If we pray for a job and money or a car or a healing. We are still being attached to material things, to the things of this world. One reason is often that we do not really believe that God will look after us. When we have need of "these things is caused by spiritual reasons; and it is exactly for this reason Ė that God wants to change us. Godís interest is not to have changes in material circumstances but to use circumstances to trigger a change in my mind. Out of Godís view to change a problem and to create the solution applies to the spiritual situation, not the material. Big trouble is only spiritual trouble, mainly because we donít know God and donít do Godís will. And God loves to answer such request. And when this big trouble is only big trouble in the eyes of the man, but in Godís eyes it is not big trouble at all but a means to get the attention of the man, then God has, when he is successful in getting the manís attention, achieved what he wanted to achieve
What do you think about the following two business principles? Trust God; do not put your trust in men. This came to my mind, when I read about you going into a partnership. Leisure is what gives the scribe the opportunity to acquire wisdom; the man with few business affairs grows wise. Ecclesiasticus 38:24. This came to my mind, when I read about you diversifying your business.
Answer 6:
God told you that thought about Trust God; do not put your trust in men. I used to be a very insecure person that is why I always tried to find partners. About my diversifying business was because the same, I was insecure and to have different business it was like a secure my stability. I was all wrong
Here some questions that might help. What things do you possess; what kind of accommodation do you use; what things do you possess in your home; what kind of regular commitments do you have, like weekly, monthly, yearly; when did you incur the present debt and for what reason?
Answer 7:
What things do you possess;
What kind of accommodation do you use;
I live in an apartment that I rent by myself
What things do you possess in your home;
Only the necessary, bed, sofa, dinner table. No TV
What kind of regular commitments do you have, like weekly, monthly, yearly;
Now I am working as a consultant in a company, I go every morning for four hours a day. I am free the rest of the day (I really enjoy my freedom)
I pray everyday
I read everyday
I phoned friends every week (all Christians)
I go once a year to USA to visit my family`
No sports, no drinking, no smoking
When did you incur the present debt and for what reason?
It was four years ago and it was because I used to have a contract with an energy producing plant from the government and when a new left wing president was elected, he contracted companies that were his allies and withdrew (broke illigaly) the contract that I had with them. My company lost about $350,000.
In your third email to me you made a negative statement and you then measured your faith and gave me the measurement. I would now like to ask you to replace that negative statement with a positive statement and if possible use some scripture to do it and then send that to me.
Answer 8: I have the mind of Christ, I am one with God. Doubt and fear are thoughts that the devil used to put in my mind, but not any more, those thoughts are gone from me for ever. I feel my mind with Gods words, His promises are all mine.

I have a direct connection between my faith and the Spirit, it is there, it always has been there, only was blocked before, and now is open and every minute this openness is increasing
Can you please explain in your own words the relationship between making a promise and measuring faith?
Answer 9:
A promise will always happen if you really believe that it will happen, if you donít believe and have doubts, it will not come to pass.
Your answers 1 and 2 of your last email explain your motivation behind your decisions. Do you still entertain these motivations?
Answer 10:
No, I want to have the peace of God in my being through Godís kingdom and his righteousness. When I find it in full measurement, I will have everything that I need.

Keep well,



20. Mail (to Emilio Belismelis)

Email number 9

Dear Emilio,
Thank you very much for your email and for all the good news it contains.

I am glad to read that you no longer want to have much money, that you no longer want to be proud, that you no longer want to have money first, always want to be very rich.

Please read message No. 4901, webpage http://www.countdown4us2.com/en022018/en022018115.htm.

Does that agree with you?

I am also glad to read that you no longer want to be first, No. 1, want to climb to the top, want to be at the top.

Please also read message No. 4919. Its URL is http://www.dudde2global.com/en/en56.htm#4919.

Does this also now agree with you?

Your Answer 5 of your last mail shows me now, that you are aware, that because you are seeking Godís kingdom and his righteousness, God will give you all these things. And that it is therefore not necessary to pray for them, and that it is therefore wrong to seek them, and that is therefore also wrong to strive for all these things. You sought them in the past and now you know that that was wrong and you stopped it. You are now aware that because God is giving you all these things, you do not have to worry about them, but just have to take care of the well-being of your soul. And to the world you only pay attention in so far, as the preservation of the earthly body requires it.

In your 8th email to me you write ďAnd I want to tell you that now I am reading your book Man-Made Church, I am going by chapter 15. Which Family and I am impress about your book.Ē And in your 11th email to me you write ďI go once a year to USA to visit my family.Ē In both sentences the word family appears. Is there a connection between these two families?

What are you doing to get rid of the debts?

Your Answer 7 of your last email to me reminds me of Acts 28:30, For two whole years Paul stayed there in his own rented house. In both the word rent appears.

Do you think you are in good company?

Do you think that your last answer, Answer 5, of your 10th email to me, the mail before your last mail to me, is answering my question, and why do you think it answers my question?

Your last sentence in your 7th email to me, your answer number 3, is that a promise?

Emilio is blessed in spirit, soul and body.



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