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4. Correspondence

4.52 Emilio Belismelis (8)

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4.52 Correspondence with Emilio Belismelis (8)


17. Mail (from Emilio Belismelis)

Re: Email number seven

Dear Frank, many thanks for you time for me.
Here are the answers:

When you look back at these financial problems you explain in your previous mail, what do you think was your motivation behind your decisions?
Answers 1: My motivation since I remember was to have so much money, that way I will have the life that my forefathers had, people respect them in everything and they did whatever they wanted to do. I always said to myself that I will defend my family name at whatever price, I was so proud about my family name and I never wanted to destroy the respect and honor that my family name used to brought me. Motivation was to have Money first (always be very reach), so being very rich, I will be able to keep the honor of my Family name, and also will have leisure like traveling all over the world. I was a real type Aristocrat person; I didn’t like to work hard, only to keep the status quo.
When you consider the difference between you running your own companies and you working in and companies as executive, was there perhaps also a difference in motivation?
Answers 2.

Yes, a big difference, I work so hard in companies because I wanted to be No 1, so I could climb to the top, but my motivation to climb to the top was that I felt the most embarrassing and humilitating person when I worked for someone, I felt the full weight of shame on me because of working to another person, not having my own companies. I didn’t like bosses telling me what to do, how to do it etc specially those lower level bosses that are very choleric, coercive type in their temperament. Being at the top, that would raise somehow my selfsteem. When you start working in a company you have to start at a lower level and that really ashamed me at all. That was my motivation.
Explain in your own words, what is meant by the expression “professing momentary circumstances” and give the scripture on which it is based.
Answer 3:
1 Timoteo 6:20-21
Is to talk nonsense that does not come from God. Is to contradict the truth with a knowledge that seems to be true, but it is not. This way we walk by sight in fear, unbelief, insecure, world knowledge and not in faith in God’s Word. We profess, responds, talk to what we see, what is happening around us, not what God says. Accepting this is walking by sight not by faith. We deviate from the faith.
Are you aware that you progress very much, because you are seeking the kingdom of God?
Answer 4:

Yes, I am very aware of that, many fears, insecurities are not in me anymore, I have done things and being in situations that I never thought that I could get through, now when I look back, they were not that terrible at all. It is like that those things that have happen to me, they have made me a stronger person, but I know that I have gain a better character through those hard situations. Before, I quited very fast when I encountered opposition or difficulties, now it is like through perseverance and endurance can fight up to the end. Many people tell me now, that you should quit doing this or that thing. Now I know, that if I leave a place or situation, to enter another different place or situation, I carry on the same character that I left the other situations. So I have to have victory wherever place or situation I am before running away to another place or situation.
In 1. Corinthians 3:1-4 there are two groups of people mentioned, to which group do you belong?
Answer 5:

Reading your books, I always was an infant in Christ, following people that might help me (That was I thought) but since about 8 years ago, I started to doubt about pastors and the ways they do things, something happened inside me and started not to follow any more pastors and church places. Since about one and a half years I haven’t gone to any church meetings. The Lord gave me the discerning spirit gift and I started to see so many things in the spiritual realm, I started to tell these brothers (pastors) what I was seeing and much of them got angry at me, because I saw many terrible things about them or their relatives.

My soul has been taken to many places and to other countries and told them what I have seen and that we should pray for those situations and it is like they don’t believe that these things (like being transport in the spirit) can happen. Many times I have seen spiritual doors open and personalities from the spiritual realm appear, twice I saw Moses and Elias. In one opportunity, Moses said to me that when I reach Spain, he will help me there. The other time that I saw them, they were looking for Christians that will be ready for the end times that is coming. But they don’t believe that because they don’t have these spiritual gifts.

May God bless you,


18. Mail (to Emilio Belismelis)

Email number 8

Dear Emilio,

When you read answers 1 and 2 of your last email, as a neutral observer, standing back, what kind of advice would you give to that person who gave these answers? What kind of changes would you recommend he should make in his life?

What kind of connection exists between “professing momentary circumstances” and taking part in a telephone conversation?

Are you aware that because you are seeking God’s kingdom and his righteousness, God will give you all these things?

To what church do you belong?

In your second mail you write “material troubles are for spiritual reasons. When a person asks for material or worldly thing, then that person actually has a spiritual problem,” now what is the other lesson one should learn there, discussed in that webpage?

What do you think about the following two business principles? Trust God; do not put your trust in men. This came to my mind, when I read about you going into a partnership. Leisure is what gives the scribe the opportunity to acquire wisdom; the man with few business affairs grows wise. Ecclesiasticus 38:24. This came to my mind, when I read about you diversifying your business.

Here some questions that might help. What things do you possess; what kind of accommodation do you use; what things do you possess in your home; what kind of regular commitments do you have, like weekly, monthly, yearly; when did you incur the present debt and for what reason?

In your third email to me you made a negative statement and you then measured your faith and gave me the measurement. I would now like to ask you to replace that negative statement with a positive statement and if possible use some scripture to do it and then send that to me.

Can you please explain in your own words the relationship between making a promise and measuring faith?

Your answers 1 and 2 of your last email explain your motivation behind your decisions. Do you still entertain these motivations?

Thanks for your very interesting email.

Keep well



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