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4. Correspondence

4.51 Emilio Belismelis (7)

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4.51 Correspondence with Emilio Belismelis (7)


15. Mail (from Emilio Belismelis)

Re: Email number six

Frank, here are the answers:

In your second email there is this sentence: “My finances has been like a Roller Coaster, when it appears that a major breakthrough will happen, suddenly everything goes down.” Could you please give me details about these major breakthroughs?
Answers 1:

First, my father died when I was in High school. Then I went to study to the USA, after staying couples of years studying in a USA University, I graduate and came back to El Salvador.

For my surprise, I found a huge debt of money in the coffee farms that I inherit from my father and many of my properties that I also inherit were sold and the money went away. I could not paid the amount of debt that was on the farms so I had to sell the farms, I went broke at all for the first time.

Before leaving to USA I sign a legal document to my mother that she could do what ever she wanted to do, even sell properties. I did it because I was going to be living in another country for years and it was necessary to keep working the farms. My older brother and my mother were responsible that I lost everything.

Second , My wife received an inherit and we were able to establish two factories in Honduras, one was a dairy factory and the other was an animal feeds factory. I had one partner and everything was going well, sales were increasing and many new clients were coming for our products. We decided with our partner to produce corn oil because its byproducts were excellent feeds for animals for our animal feed company, but we needed more investing capital to do it, so we found a new investor, this investor got a share of 30% of our two factories plus a 30% of the new factory that we were developing. After a coo[le of years working, this investor told me that he wanted to get rid of my partner and that we were to get with a 50/50 % share of everything. I told him no definitively and told my partner what he said, so suddenly this new partner went to court and everything went terrible. All income was frozen until the court decided what to do and in the end, my partner that I tried to defend, joint together with the new investor and both with the 66 % shares, threw me out of everything. After that, they made a new company only the two of them. This investor contracted mafia people and start to follow me to kill me, so I had to come back to El Salvador urgently and broke at all for the second time.

Third, My wife and myself received another inherit and we establish a company that sells heavy equipment parts and also services. We put one in Guatemala and another in El Salvador. The company in Guatemala, we put it with a partner so he would be responsible for operations and the company in El Salvador only my wife and myself were the owners. After being so prosperous n both In countries, in Guatemala my partner secretly open his company and took away all the clients. In addition, in El Salvador, I had big contracts with energy producing companies that the owner is government of El Salvador. A left wing party won the presidential elections, and they threw away all secretaries, ministers, executives from all companies that the government own and also all the suppliers of products and services like our company were thrown away. I lost hundreds of thousand dollars in that operation and went broke again for the third time

Every time that I lost everything, I went to work in companies as executive and I always done pretty good because the excellent results,

Yes, I received your last mail and I am glad to read that you are reading my book The Man-Made Church and that you are now at chapter 15 and that you agree with me. So you also read already the third chapter,
Answers 2:

Yes,I have made a decision to stay away from religious meetings and churches. Actually, I haven’t been in a church meeting since last year, I stopped going there because I got tired of seeing so many religious things that they do that in the end you gain no spiritual growth. You have opened my eyes on this; I knew that something was wrong with churches because it is hard to see the fruit of the Spirit.


16. Mail (to Emilio Belismelis)

Email number seven

Dear Emilio,

When you look back at these financial problems you explain in your previous mail, what do you think was your motivation behind your decisions?

When you consider the difference between you running your own companies and you working in companies as executive, was there perhaps also a difference in motivation?

Explain in your own words, what is meant by the expression “professing momentary circumstances” and give the scripture on which it is based.

Are you aware that you progress very much, because you are seeking the kingdom of God?

In 1. Corinthians 3:1-4 there are two groups of people mentioned, to which group do you belong?

All the best from



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