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4. Correspondence

4.47 Emilio Belismelis (3)

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4.47 Correspondence with Emilio Belismelis (3)


5. Mail (from Emilio Belismelis)

Re: Email number two

Dear Frank,
I really appreciate your concern about me and for the Word from the Lord you gave me.
Here are the answers Q.1- Now my first question therefore is, to which writing do you exactly refer to? What is the title of the book you refer to?
Answer – Book I have read is: How to Measure Your Beliefs
I had read the next chapters: 1. Introduction 2. Faith Principles in Creation 3. Faith Principles Out of the Mouth of Jesus 4. Faith Can be Measured 5. Levels of Faith.

Yesterday I read: 7. The Power of the Tongue (It was a mind-blowing, it makes me feel sad because I felt that I am a man of unclean lips)

And today I am going to read 8. The Language of Kings

I really, really give you thanks Frank. So please tell me what I have to do now.



6. Mail (to Emilio Belismelis)

Email number three

Dear Emilio,

Thanks for your reply and the precise answer you gave. Now when you typed these five words into your keyboard, “How to Measure Your Beliefs”, what went through your mind and what connection do you thing exists there between these 5 words and the details you outlined in your second mail. Your third mail indicates already that you are on the right track. Now please do me another favour and tell me to what church you belong. So please let me have an answer to these two points. Keep well. Frank


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