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4. Correspondence

4.46 Emilio Belismelis (2)

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4.46 Correspondence with Emilio Belismelis (2)


3. Mail (from Emilio Belismelis)

Re: Blessings

Dear Frank,
Thanks for your reply; I really need help from the Lord.

I have read the Correspondence with Parfait Burundi. What amaze me is that I get the understanding that all my material troubles are for spiritual reasons. When a person asks for a material or worldly thing, then that person actually has a spiritual problem but the good news is that God actually addresses that spiritual problem, because this spiritual problem is the important thing and not the physical.

I now understand that but the big question is how can God could let me know the exact answer to my spiritual problem?

Can you help guiding me on this matter? Let me try to explain you:

My life about money issues has been like a cycle that repeats every certain years.

My brothers and sisters inherited farms and properties, this wealth came from my great grandfather, who was one of the richest person of El Salvador. (You can Google my name Belismelis to see it). All of our brothers and myself went broke at all, one interesting thing is that my cousins (my father sister’ sons) they also inherited their part from my Grandparents, My cousins still have their inheritance and much more, worst, they are not believers but myself and sisters are all believers in Jesus Christ.

I have received three different inheritance and lost all of them (after losing the second one, I became Christian). The time lapse in every inheritance has been about 13 years. 78-91-2004 After I lost the inheritance, I have work in companies and I have been a good Executive for these companies. I have work for international companies like Panasonic and many others. However, been an owner of a company has been disastrous. Everything I do well in other companies, in my own companies is very different

My finances has been like a Roller Coaster, when it appears that a major breakthrough will happen, suddenly everything goes down. This is too much for me, I can’t not stand anymore all my troubles. Now I am in debt finances and trying to find a job. The cycle repeats.

So, can you help me guiding to my spiritual deliverance? Please. You do not have idea how many prayers I have asked to many people; I have read so many books to help me, etc.
I am desperately seeking help

May God bless you abundantely



4. Mail (to Emilio Belismelis)

Email number two

Dear Emilio,

Thanks for your quick response and telling me about your situation. In your first mail to me, you write “I really thanks God about your writings.” Now my first question therefore is, to which writing do you exactly refer to? What is the title of the book you refer to? Please let me have an answer to this. I need that information in order to see what you have already studied and what I can therefore assume is familiar to you. At the moment there are probably one or two relative small corrections you can do, but I would like to proceed step by step. When you give me the title of the work you refer to, then please also let me know to which extent you have read the material. You write, in your first email, that you found my website two weeks ago. Now that is quite a short time, and I therefore must assume, that you have read only a relative small part on my material. So please give me the title and then I will probably have the next question to guide you in the right direction. I repeat: you are on the right way, because you seek the spiritual things, and that is what matters. This is what the Lord Almighty says: Your towns will again overflow with prosperity. All the best from Frank.


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