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4. Correspondence

4.45 Emilio Belismelis (1)

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4.45 Correspondence with Emilio Belismelis (1)


1. Mail (from Emilio Belismelis)


Dear brother Frank,
Don't ask me how I got to your web page fpreuss.com. But definitively was God who did it. I really thanks God about your writings, I am from El Salvador and have 58 years old. I have been a born again Christian for more that 25 years, I went to bible school to study the Word, tried to do everything possible to be a good christian, like tithes and be helpful to people, I even was a Elder and I preach and teach in the Church but suddenly, everything felt down in my life, marriage, huge money debts, hard to find a job, etc, I mean everything. I have question my self a lot and I always said to my self, there must be something wrong from what I have learned about the spiritual things that governs the material things. Sometimes I fast and had some victories but not for so long.

Suddenly since two or three years back, I started to think about my faith in Jesus, and from there I started to read books and preaching about faith, until I found your web page (two weeks ago) about faith. It is like the a new beginning to me, it is like starting a new way in the Lord's, but what I amaze me most, is the simplicity and powerful of your Faith teaching. I think that I have been like the eagle trying to renew its feathers, beak everything in all these trouble years and you are giving me the new feathers and beak to fly up again and have a stronger catch.

I just want you to give many thanks and blessings,

Your brother
Emilio Belismelis


2. Mail (to Emilio Belismelis)


Dear Emilio,

Thank you for your interesting communication and for your blessings.

You are obviously on the right way, as you are seeking the kingdom of God first, and his righteousness, and not the things, and therefore the things will be given to you as well.

Please do me a favour and let me know what you think of the webpage http://www.fpreuss.com/en3/en304035.htm.

So I am waiting for your reply.

Your mail was very welcome and is really Good News.

All the best



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