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4. Correspondence

4.44 Charles Goff

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4.44 Correspondence with Charles Goff


1. Mail (from Charles Goff)


Hi Frank,

Thank you for putting your information available on-line. Interesting reading. It would be nice to know a little about you - who are you and how did you come to these convictions? Also, it would be interesting to hear of your experiences in "walking this walk". I'm sure it is sometimes challenging to separate "talking for the sake of talking" from talking for the benefit of others. Thanks again,

Charles Goff


2. Mail (to Charles Goff)

preuss dot com

Hi Charles,

Thank you for your email. You write: "Interesting reading. It would be nice to know a little about you - who are you and how did you come to these convictions?" This is an indication that you are reading my webpages. Now these webpages contain quite a number of details, which give you exactly that information you are after. I give you an example. It comes from the webpage called Creationism and carnality – http://www.fpreuss.com/en2/en235.htm - and there you will find the following statement:

"I came across Creationism at an early time of my study of the Bible and still earlier I was aware that the unity of the body of Christ was important and that divisions, like the existence of denominations, were wrong and should not be. Working on projects caused me to change locations now and then and whenever I came to a new place I looked for a suitable group of Christians and so came into contact with different denominations and this again caused me to get to know quite a number of them. I worked with them and in them but I never joint any of them because that was for me a thing that would go against the teaching of the Bible. Looking back to this time I can clearly see that I was shown what denominations really are, how they operate and all the rest of it. So I never in my life joint a man-made church but I got to know some of them quite well and got a good feel for all the things going on there. I came into contact with Creationism through a denomination and started to study their teachings. At the same time my learning and understanding about the whole reason for the existence of denominations progressed and I especially paid attention to all the details found in the Bible about this phenomenon of different Christian groups and the spiritual difference between the man-made churches and the true church became more and more visible and clear."

Now this statement gives you some nice information about how I came to these convictions and also who I am. And this is about the main subject of my website, the subject "The Man-Made Church." So just keep on reading and you will find quite a number of other statements, which give you that, what you are after. May be you make a list of such statements as you come across them and let me have this list, so that I can use it and may be others as well.

If you go to the webpage Politeness used to manipulate - http://www.fpreuss.com/en2/en272.htm - you will find an example of one of my experiences in "walking this walk" and you will find others on other webpages, which also give you a pretty good picture who I am.

Please write to me whether you found this story in chapter 72 about my experience.

So please let me know if this email answers your Inquiry.

And please let me know who you are and what your convictions are. Because you forgot to tell me about these things. If for example you ask somebody what his name is, then it is appropriate to first tell this person what your name is. And then you should also do this in such a way that you leave it completely to the other person if he gives you his name.

So, Charles, I am looking forward receiving your reply.

And let me also know, what your relationship to Jesus Christ is, because also this you forget to mention in your mail.

I am telling you now, to do the following: Open your mouth and say with a loud voice, "I confess with my mouth, ‘Jesus Christ is Lord,’ and I believe in my heart, that God raised him from the dead. I am saved. For it is with my heart that I believe and am justified, and it is with my mouth that I confess and am saved."

So do this now and right here and write me an email and confirm that you have done exactly this and are saved.

May God bless you richly.



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