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4. Correspondence

4.41 Steve Welch (5)

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4.41 Correspondence with Steve Welch (5)


9. Mail (from Steve Welch)

Mr. Preuss,

Thank you for your continued correspondence with me. To answer your question, I was raised in the Catholic Church, but no longer attend. I do not belong to a formalized church at the moment. Having the works of the New Revelation, I have not felt inclined to search out a church community. I feel as though I have been going about my studies of A Course in Miracles and other texts in a possible wrong fashion. While there are definitely points of contention for me in A Course in Miracles, I need to read such material with my heart and not my intellect. The general message of love is what is most important, not the details about theology. I believe that all scribes of the Lord are influenced by their own experiences and beliefs to a certain extent and their works can show this influence. One thing I have always wondered though is if it is possible for everyone to hear the Lord clearly speak to them themselves, or if it requires a certain kind of person. I have longed to hear the Lord's voice and there have been a couple instances where I thought I actually may have. Do you have any thoughts or insight as to how one can know they are truly hearing the Lord as opposed to their own thoughts or other spiritual entities?



10. Mail (to Steve Welch)

Dear Mr Welch

Reading your mail I had to think of Bertha Dudde and her statement "We children were brought up of Catholic faith." So there you have something in common with her.

I now want to quote a part of Bertha Dudde’s announcement dated 2.-4. November 1947, B.D. NR. 4158:

"And again they need mediators – servants, through whose mouth God can express himself to send to men in their spiritual need admonitions and warnings, to give to them the command of love and guidelines for their walk of life, so that they are not pulled into the abyss by his opponent, but reach eternal happiness. And these servants must be connected to God so intimately that they are able to hear his word; they must have acquired this ability through love work and a will turned towards God; love towards fellowmen must determine them to the help of spiritual and earthly kind. In addition they must be completely independent of religious organizations, i.e., they are not allowed to be pressed into wrong thinking which can prevent them to receive the pure word of God and to reject contrary teachings – because they are to seek to spread the word received from God with all eagerness as sole, eternal truth."

It says there "In addition they must be completely independent of religious organizations," and that applies to you because of your statement: "I do not belong to a formalized church."

So you are completely independent of religious organizations, but there is more.

And then follows what is synonymous with depending on religious organizations.

And as you are independent of religious organizations, you are not pressed into wrong thinking, and therefore it does not prevent you to receive the pure word of God.

And it also does not prevent you from rejecting contrary teachings.

So you have put yourselves into a powerful position.

Now I want to show how the Bible says the same thing, just in completely different words.

"And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ. I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able. For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men? For while one saith, I am of Paul; and another, I am of Apollos; are ye not carnal? Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man?"

That is 1. Corinthians 3:1-4.

Belonging to men, therefore to denominations, therefore to religious organizations, means to be carnal.

So you are also a spiritual Christian.

And to be spiritual means, also, to be led by the spirit.

This is shown by this statement, "I have not felt inclined to search out a church community."

If you look for instance at Paul and his companions you can find that Paul spent many years with Jesus, in Damascus and Arabia and Tarsus, and most probably he spent this time without a church community, probably more than a decade.

In my last mail I wrote this:

You repeatedly mention things like "I have continued to greatly struggle with reconciling" and "I am wondering if it is possible that I am reading the material in the wrong way" and "this inability to reconcile the message with other revealed texts has caused me much spiritual distress". These statements of yours cause me to ask you a question: to what church do you belong?

I wanted to find out if you are carnal or spiritual and now we know that you are spiritual and that you belong to the right church, like Paul and also me.

Your statements in themselves demonstrate your carefulness in dealing with spiritual information, but might also be a cause of your perceived limitations and it might be advisable to avoid them in future and replace them with positive views.

My first book deals with this aspect, How to Measure Your Beliefs, and one such positive confession could be
"I have the mind of Christ" (1 Corinthians 2:16) or "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" (Philippians 4:13)
see also Guidance – I know the full will of God for my life and also the other confession sheets.

You write, "I need to read such material with my heart and not my intellect," and that agrees what is said in B.D. NR. 4172:

"Do not take offence at contradictions, which are apparently contained in my word, but consider that your intellect does grasp everything what the spirit out of me imparts to you. Accept everything in good faith in me and my love, wisdom and omnipotence, that everything what is offered to you from above cannot be compared to earthly wisdoms; that even that what seems to be impossible to you is possible in the kingdom of the free spirits."

You write: "One thing I have always wondered though is if it is possible for everyone to hear the Lord clearly speak to them themselves, or if it requires a certain kind of person. I have longed to hear the Lord's voice and there have been a couple instances where I thought I actually may have. Do you have any thoughts or insight as to how one can know they are truly hearing the Lord as opposed to their own thoughts or other spiritual entities?"

I think it is possible for everyone to hear the Lord clearly speak to them themselves, but the prerequisites for it are not met by most and they are many, for example to long to hear the Lord’s voice.

There are several instances in the announcements of Bertha Dudde that the decisive thing is to ask the Lord for something, for example to hear his voice, and that then the answer to the request will be coming from him, and not from anywhere else.

Jesus says this: "If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent? Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion?" (Luke 11:11-12)

Bertha Dudde says this in her autobiography: "And then came the doubts: Have you written this out of your own yourself? – Briefly, I wrestled, prayed and had many inner struggles, but the words came again and again like a current, a fullness of wisdom, it made me shudder. – God himself took the doubts from me; he answered me, and I recognized him in his word as our father. My faith grew, the doubts lessened, and I received and wrote daily."

There exists a list of some of Bertha Dudde’s announcements dealing with hearing the Lord’s voice: The sounding divine voice; and there also exists a list of articles: Hearing God‘s voice.

Your exploration is going in the right direction; so be an encouragement to other members of our church.

I would encourage you to keep on longing to hear the voice of the Lord and to write down what you hear and share it – with your church, with me.

Now a message from Bertha Dudde:

God’s word purest truth. Doubts. God’s love.

15. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4168.

The teachings, which you receive from me, guarantee you purest truth, and still you oppose them with doubts. But you are to create the proof for yourselves and can do this only if you live strictly according to my word, therefore become active according to my will. Because then your life will be an uninterrupted love work, which earns you clearest recognition and an absolutely save feeling for truth. And make it your business, to constantly ask me for right thinking, and I will not let you go astray; at every step I go next to you if you just leave the leadership to me and confidently entrust yourselves to me. The term truth can only be applied to one thing – to knowledge which is imparted by me myself to you men. This knowledge you can accept without any examination, because it is surely comprehensible to you that an examination of my word from your side would be a presumption, since the examiner as man does not possess the ability to judge rightly, and he further has no right to subject divine revelations to an examination. He must rather unconditionally accept also contrary to his own opinion, because otherwise he questions his faith in a work of God in this way; does he believe in God and his love, wisdom and omnipotence, then he must use this belief as a basis and conclude that the love of God wants to supply men with pure truth, that the wisdom of God presents the right knowledge to men, which is for them necessary and helpful for spiritual progress; and that the omnipotence of God stops every misleading through bad powers, as soon as man asks him for his support. You men make yourselves urgently aware of all this, then you will oppose my words with no doubts anymore, because my father love towards you, my creatures, is exceedingly great; it wants to rescue you, but never let you sink into thinking, which has a damaging effect for your souls. Call upon me in thoughts; speak with me and listen to what I sent to you as answer. And then firmly rely on it, because I have both the power as well as the right to reject and keep away every bad power, and that I do it, for that my love must be guarantee for you, which you could deny me otherwise, because does a father let his children in darkness, when they demand light and he can let them have light in all fullness? Will a father have the heart to send a teaching infiltrated with error to a child, who obeys him and wants to fulfil his will? – Consider this, and all doubt in you must fade. My love in you is limitless, therefore it will give you only that what you need and lets you mature spiritually – pure truth, which starts from me and never ever can be spoiled by lower powers, as long as you unite with me in prayer and ask for enlightenment of the spirit. Then my spirit will sink upon you and instruct you according to fullest truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4168.

According to B.D. NR. 4174 there are three ways God calls a child.

The first is that one feels inwardly pressed to talk about spiritual things. God puts his task into the feeling of this person. See B.D. NR. 4104.

The second is to hear the inner voice – his thoughts will urge him.

And the third way it that God will present himself sounding – where a particular high state of maturity allows this. So what you are talking about is this this third kind of God calling a person. And that is something very much desirable and needed and should be aspired.

They will hear God’s word sounding in them, so that they themselves are completely certain to know about God’s will, and now subordinate themselves to it completely.

And God urgently needs such servants devoted to him in the last time before the end, because everywhere and constantly work must be done to make God’s pure word accessible to men, which is blessed with his power, but that also comes from God directly and is supplied to earth to free mankind from error.

So the first is a feeling. But it is not a physical feeling that is felt by the outer senses, but by the inner.

And the second is an inner voice and that is also not heard by the outer ears, but appears in one’s thinking.

And the third is heard physically, is maybe even heard by other persons: "And the men which journeyed with him stood speechless, hearing a voice, but seeing no man." Acts 9:7.

But if it is really heard by others seems doubtful, because in Acts 22:9 it says: "And they that were with me saw indeed the light, and were afraid; but they heard not the voice of him that spake to me."

So Acts 9:7 is Luke’s version and Acts 22:9 is Paul’s version.

So the first two ways God calls a child are supernatural or perceived by the inner senses, not by the outer.

The third is perceived by the outer senses and therefore very difficult to be denied. Real words are spoken, even also by the receiver of God’s address.

The example is Ananias in Damascus. God gave specific details like the name of the street and there the specific house and the name of the man in the house and the name of the town this man is from and what this man is doing and that this man knows the name of the visitor to come.

And Ananias has a conversation with God – with real words. And God listens to objections and explains them.

So if a person has such an experience, he will be totally convinced of the existence of God and will carry out his assignment with total certainty.

But such a man like Ananias must have a high degree of maturity so that his free will is not violated.

So God has no problem to speak to man the same way as a man speaks to a man, it is up to the man to equip himself with so much maturity that his free will is not violated.

What is repeatedly stated in the announcements coming from Bertha Dudde, is that when a person asked for something from God then it would be wrong not to believe that the answer comes from God.

So what you should do is to simply believe that, after you have asked God to give you his word, that that word that you then receive is his word, and nothing else.

"Abraham believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness." Genesis 15:6 You must recognize God as God wants to be recognized.

And now finally:

Lack of trust. Ask, and it shall be given you.

22. October 1947. B.D. NR. B.D. NR. 4150.

You certainly hear my word, and you can make my will your own by this; you are also willing to serve me and see to the spreading of my word – you also live consciously and strive for a higher state of the spirit – you also make an effort to live in love, and on many occasions are mentally in contact with me, but one thing you still lack: the limitless trust in my help in every trouble of body and of soul. But exactly this trust is really the characteristic of my children that they come to the father and present their troubles to him in the belief in my certain help. Not the smallest doubt is allowed to arise in you; you must put yourselves in the position of the love of your father and creator and preserver towards his creatures. Are you able to feel to be seized by the love of the father, so all doubt will also fade in you, because then my love explains everything to you, then you know that I cannot act with you differently than to grant you everything what you ask, because right love never refuses to give itself, but wants to see itself united with the object of its love, and that I therefore always want to grant to you what is good for you, so that you are not hurt. But your intellect does not grasp it, and you are still too very much active with the mind, where your heart alone is to decide; your mind asks and ponders and badly arrives at a satisfying result. But your heart has the right feeling, and it tells you again and again that only my love is decisive and that this love is meant for you for ever, if you just desire it. And that is why you only need to make yourselves worthy of my love, and you will then never do a wrong request, because I grant everything to you, if you can just be counted to mine through the fulfilling of my love command, to those who no longer have a home on earth, but see their true home in the spiritual kingdom, and who therefore long for a connection with me, their heavenly father from eternity. You must just always think of my love, and your trust will increase, and then you have yourselves the guarantee for the fulfilling of every request, and then you will no longer doubt, because I have given you the promise: Ask, and it shall be given you; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4150.



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