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4. Correspondence

4.35 Parfait Burundi (2)


4.35 Correspondence with Parfait Burundi (2)


3. Mail (from Parfait Burundi)

Dear Mr Frank,

Thank your very much. First of all, I speak french and my english may not be enough to express my interrogations. I will do my best.

For your information, I am catholic Christian, ButÖ I am also a great reader of Lobber ( I bought and read every single book available in French). I red Bertha Dudde ( Not easy to read each one of the 9030 communications).

I know these are not readings known or encouraged in the catholic environment, but they strengthened very much my faith. I was especially happy to read a lot about the act of salvation plan from Bertha Dudde.

I read quite every day Bertha Dudde and I learnt a lot from that prophet ( for me there is no doubt, she is)

So, concerning faith my question is this.

Some time we are told that with faith we can ask in the name of Jesus any thing we want and we will get it if we have enough faith.

But some time, especially in Bertha Dudde, we are advised to patiently endure our trials.

Isnít this a contraction ?

My second question:

When I am in big trouble for which I want help from the Lord, what is faith ? Is it saying: I am sure GOD will bring me his help or is it saying: I know GOD can help me if this is His Will ( which means we accept not to have what we are asking for and this can be seen like a lack of faith)

Thank You very much.

Kind regards, Parfait Burundi


4. Mail (to Parfait Burundi)

Dear Parfait Burundi,

It seems to me that you are a fast progressing Christian who is hungry for Godís word and who is reading the right stuff. When you write Lobber I assume you mean Jakob Lorber, is that right?

I will try to express my view about your questions by comparing two different persons.

The first person is Parfait Burundi in the future and I will call him F like future. And the second person is Parfait Burundi in the past and I will call him P like past.

Now when F walks in faith and prays then he acts in accordance with Matthew 6:33. He seeks first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto him.

This scripture Matthew 6:33 is a key scripture to faith.

F prays for spiritual things. He prays and asks to receive the word of God. He does not pray for "these things", which are material things like food or health, because they are given to him by God due to the fact that he is Godís servant and does his will.

F might have been approached by a brother or a sister for help and now he asks God to give him spiritual insight to meet the need of the seeking person.

And because he asks for spiritual things, for wisdom, for Godís word, he is likely to get an answer and that might also be timely because the answer will also help the seeking person and cause him to progress spiritually.

Now let us consider the person P.

P asks and prays for something and that might not really be something spiritual but rather something that belongs to "these things". It might be a job and money or a car or a healing. Or may be a married woman asks God to have children.

There are many reasons why Christians ask for "these things". Very often it is caused by still being attached to material things, to the things of this world. One reason is often that they do not really believe that God will look after them when they serve him. Almost all clerics fall into this category.

Now why is it that they have need of "these things"? It is Godís main lever to achieve some change in their life.

All sickness comes from God or all illness is caused by spiritual reasons; and it is exactly for this reason Ė to achieve a change.

So Godís interest is not to have changes in material circumstances but to use circumstances to trigger a change in the mind of the child. Out of Godís view to change a problem and to create the solution applies to the spiritual situation, not the material.

Let us take an example. P has a problem and a need and now he goes to Frank and talks to him and expects some insight into his problem. Now God might have even created this problem in Pís life so that P approaches Frank and Frank gives to P some hint that helps him.

Frank receives Pís mail and immediately sees the following statement: I am catholic Christian.

Now this is a contradiction. You can either be a Catholic, or you can be a Christian, but not both.

This website fpreuss.com contains almost countless reasons why this is a contradiction.

Jakob Lorber for example speaks of the regiment of Antichrist, jl.ev06.150,24; and Bertha Dudde, in B.D. NR. 5987, calls the clerics such people who seek in such an office a source of income and that they combine an earthly purpose with it and these are not servants of God but servants of Satan.

One cannot serve God and mammon. One cannot serve God and a worldly organization. As long as one belongs to a man-made church, a denomination, one is carnal by definition, 1 Corinthians 3:1-4.

You have to get out of this status of belonging to a denomination; otherwise you cannot become a spiritual person. All ties with such a worldly organization have to be broken Ė consciously, totally.

Jesus teaches in the Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew 6:33, that we are actually only to ask for spiritual things. For worldly things we should not really ask. And when we ask for spiritual things then there is most of the time no reason for delay. And in any case God does not say when the point of time will be when he answers the prayer. So this fact alone, that God does not say when he will give us what we want, is enough reason that there is no contradiction.

So when a person is in big trouble for which he wants help from God, then God will certainly help him because big trouble is only spiritual trouble, mainly not knowing God and not doing Godís will. And God loves to answer such request. And when this big trouble is only big trouble in the eyes of the man, but in Godís eyes it is not big trouble at all but a means to get the attention of the man, then God has, when he is successful in getting the manís attention, achieved what he wanted to achieve and the answering of the request is not really that important and might be such that it is appropriate in the situation of the man.

So as you quite rightly say, God can help him if it is Godís will. I have asked God for things in the past and I am, today, glad that he did not give me what I asked for, because out of my understanding of today I would not have asked for such a thing.

When a person asks for a material or worldly thing then that person actually has a spiritual problem and God then actually addresses that spiritual problem, because this spiritual problem is important and not the physical.

So I hope I have contributed something to our discussion of faith and also hope that we can continue our correspondence.

To come back to the problem of belonging to a denomination: The heart of the problem is the clergy. In Jakob Lorberís jl.ev06.150,24 it is about the followers of the apostles, what is called the apostolic succession, the successors of the apostles, who want to take up office out of worldly interest, who will take up office through the prospect of finding in the office a good subsistence free from worries. And in Bertha Duddeís B.D. NR. 5987 it is the same thing. And one can only really separate oneself from these false prophets by separating oneself completely from their organizations.

All the best



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