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4. Correspondence

4.33 Henry Idonije (3)


4.33 Correspondence with Henry Idonije (3)


5. Mail (from Henry Idonije)

Website fpreuss.com

Hi Frank:

I was not saying that I hold the sentiment like the traditional Church.
I believe in the way everything was set up at the birth of His Church
in the first century.

God is able to carry His people through thick and think, and nothing
is too difficult for Him. It is the fear of man and the quest for power,
prestige, fame, influence and the control of man that led to the calling
of the Church an organization.

Are you saying that it is more essential to print my book by way of the
internet than going through a publisher? Please enlighten me on this

I want to use your article and I will want you to counsel me on the best
way to go in printing the book: "The Church" an organic part of His Being.

I trust I have not given you the understanding that I disagree with the
Lord and His disciples in the early years of the first century. Who am I,
and what do I know, except by the grace of God. I am on the Lord side,
and I hold no opinion of my own, except the word of God.

The book will be available on the net for everyone to read, either in kindle,
or any other way out there in the net.


H Idonije


6. Mail (to Henry Idonije)

The Church, an organic part of His Being

Hi Henry,

I like the title of your book, The Church, an organic part of His Being.

I think the simplest way to publish it, is to create your own website and make the book part of that website and then use that website also in future for other books you may write.

When you have your own website you do not depend on publishers and their ideas. You are then fairly independent.

May be you read http://www.duddeglobal.com/en02/en0204/en0204001.htm (Build a webpage). It shows how simple it is to build a webpage.

To have your book on one webpage (or on several, may be a webpage per chapter) is the easiest way for people to gain access to it. They do not need a special machine for it. They can simply read it with their smartphone or tablet or notebook.

Text of a webpage has the advantage that it becomes part of search engines and can therefore be found by readers who just look for something in the web.

Please let me know what you think about my ideas. It would be nice to further discuss your plans for the book. I wish you God's help for your work.

All the best.



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