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4. Correspondence

4.32 Henry Idonije (2)


4.32 Correspondence with Henry Idonije (2)


3. Mail (from Henry Idonije)

The email and book

Hi Preuss:

Grave be unto you, and peace from the Father and our Lord
Jesus Christ, the Redeemer and Savior of the saints.

Sorry that it took me this long for responding to your email to
include some things in my book.

I have not decided the publisher to publish the book because I
am still writing it. I did not have a good impression regarding
my first four books, so I am cautious of the publishers around.

I will use your email to me and the book to highlight the issues
you have raised in your email. I do hold the opinions that are
held by the traditional church because they are scriptural and
in keeping with what the Lord came to do.

If you want some things to be in the book, I specifically will say
that you communicate the sense to me. I have no problem in
not using "Rev." It does nothing to me as a person, a servant
of the Lord and one who knows the Lord Jesus Christ intimately.


Yours & His

H Idonije


4. Mail (to Henry Idonije)

Website fpreuss.com

Hi Mr Idonije

I am glad to see that you are no longer using a title.

The reason I was asking to let me know through which channels you are going to publish the book was because I wanted to know if you use a publisher or if you use the net. You say you will use a publisher. Why donít you use the internet and publish your book there so that everybody can read it there and can do so free of charge?

You write that you hold the opinions that are held by the traditional church. Can you give me two or three examples of these opinions so that I get an idea what you are talking about?

I wish you Godís guidance for your work.

Frank L. Preuss


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