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4. Correspondence

4.31 Henry Idonije (1)


4.31 Correspondence with Henry Idonije (1)


1. Mail (from Henry Idonije)


Hi Mr. Preuss:

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you and your staff.

I am Rev. Henry Idonije, and I am a Canadian asking of your permission to use your article on the internet on the "Church: Organism or Organization". I am a retired minister of 30 years in the ministry.

I am writing a book on the Church that Christ said He would build, and 2000 years are still going and His Church is under construction by Him and the Spirit of God.

My thesis is that The Church is an organism, and not an organization. Would you allow me to use your article as part of the book? I will give proper credence, and I will write that this by permission of your organization.


Rev. H A Idonije


2. Mail (to Henry Idonije)

Website fpreuss.com, book The Man-Made Church, chapter 1 Organism – Not Organization

Hi Mr Idonije

I allow you to use in your book the first chapter of the book The Man-Made Church, Organism – Not Organization, as it appears on the website fpreuss.com.

Please let me know if you agree to my proposal to also use your email and my reply, this email, as part of your book. This would help the reader to have some illustrative material for studying the fact that the real church is not an organization.

In the real church there is no such thing like a "Rev."; this word is not found in the Bible. Using such a word is a typical sign of man-made churches and organizations. This abbreviation "Rev." is a symbol of Orthodoxy, a conglomerate of organizations established by Antichrist to fight the real church of Jesus Christ, the body of Christ, an organism, for two thousand years. This abbreviation "Rev." very nicely and shortly symbolizes everything what is wrong with man-made churches.

The use of the term "Rev. H A Idonije" is a sign that the person using this term uses titles. The use of titles is completely un-Christian and informs the reader, that he deals with a person of an organization, but it is also a direct sign that the user is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a person every real elder must fight and chase out of the church. This title-business is discussed in detail in the chapter called Titles in the book "The Man-Made Church". A Christian giving titles and especially accepting titles from other Christians is a person that demonstrates that he does not know the Bible and is therefore unfit to teach others.

The words "your staff" are used by people who like to have staff and be the boss of this staff. They want to be first like Diotrephes. They think in organizational terms. No Christian worker has or employs staff. Paul might work with his hands to make some money and give some of it to a co-worker, but this does not mean that this co-worker is staff. Every Christian worker is completely independent and only accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ. He might work together with Paul for some time or for some project but he is never employed by some other Christian.

The words "your organization" is an indication that the writer can only think in organizational circumstances and that the way the real church works is completely foreign to him. A real worker in the vineyard of the Lord is not part of any organisation and has nothing to do with any kind of organization. You will find some details about this in the chapter called The Urge to Organize, also in the book "The Man-Made Church".

Please let me have your decision to my proposal.

Please let me know through which channels you are going to publish the book.

I wish you God’s blessings for your work and for you personally.

Frank L. Preuss


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