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4. Correspondence

4.29 Steven


4.29 Correspondence with Steven


1. Mail (from Steven)


dear Mr. Preuss,

i was reading on your webpage
about the silver soul cord

do you think it is possible the soul cord is broken and the person is still physically alive?

cause i think that happened with me, i think i lost my soul, since July i feel almost no love, happiness, passion anymore, it's awful

thanks for any info,
kind regards,

Steven ......
tel.: 0032 .... ....

ps i can speak some German too, but my English is better


2. Mail (to Steven)

Love and happiness

Dear Steven,

There is something like life power that God sends us and it runs our physical life automatically, but when we want it to build our soul then this does not happen automatically, we must activate it with our own initiative. God has given us intellect and free will and we are to use both to stir ourselves up spiritually and activate things like love and happiness. This means that we have to use our intent and our will and decide to love, and decide to by happy. When a person is depressed then such a person just has to remember this - this knowledge about this life power and how it works - and then use his own will to get out of this unpleasant state and can therefore switch in one moment from a depressed state into a happy state.

Here is a link
You might also try the German version, it might be better, because it is the original word of God:

Here is another link
http://www.fpreuss.com/en2/en219.htm or

It is basically a decision-making process. I can decide to be without love, and when I realize that I am in that bad state, then I make a decision to no longer be in that state.

You are obviously a Christian because you read webpages like these and therefore you just ask Jesus to help you in this and call upon his name and ask him to strengthen your will and overcome a bad situation.

Let me know if this makes sense to you.

You could also do some meditation that helps you grow spiritually. Have a look at
http://www.fpreuss.com/en3/en30107.htm or

I am praying for you in this direction and when you also go in this direction then this agreement will achieve a lot.

Gnade sei mit Dir und Friede von Gott, unserem Vater, und dem Herrn Jesus Christus!

Alles Gute wŁnscht Dir



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