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4. Correspondence

4.27 Joy


4.27 Correspondence with Joy


1. Mail (from Joy)


I just finish to read your article on line "Organism - Not Organization " and I read part of " watch out " .
I just want to say thank you . for by reading it , I got very encouraged and cleared up in my mind .
I have been once again rejected , rebuked and more .. from the leaders of the church where I was going , just because I said to the pastor what the Holy Spirit wanted me to say.
Having experienced many times in various churches rejection from the leaders , I was little down and feeling very alone ...
May God continue to bless you with His Love .



2. Mail (to Joy)

God himself will be with Joy

Dear Joy,

Thanks for your friendly email and for your blessings.

You write, "I have been once again rejected, rebuked and more .. from the leaders of the church where I was going," and that indicates that you no longer go to that church, have stopped going there and that is a good decision.

Martin Luther said, that his separation from his church was his single most important decision he ever made.

So now you are free and can concentrate on the union with the Lord.

You write about the leaders of the church. One insight into their thinking and acting is discussed in
Their mentality is a fundamental problem of all churches; it is the basic problem of all theologians.

I wish you much happiness in your new freedom and peace and enlightenment.

May now the dwelling of God be with you, that he will live with you. That you are his child and God himself will be with you and be your God.

All the best from



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