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4. Correspondence

4.26 Guy Banach


4.26 Correspondence with Guy Banach


1. Mail (from Guy Banach)

A website you may find edifying

Hello Frank, Ran across your article Organism not Organization and found it very profound with much truth! May the Lord continue to expose the Apostasy that has crept into His true Church where He still reigns!!! Guy


2. Mail (to Guy Banach)

Websites I found edifying

Hi Guy,

Thanks for your nice email.

I had a look at the website JesusLifeTogether.com you recommend and I liked it and there found the link to the German version of it, Hausgemeinde.eu. I will link my website to these two.

These sites do not want to sell anything and they also do not suggest donations and that is a good sign to start with, and the content is very encouraging, it is what is needed.

"May the Lord continue to expose the Apostasy that has crept into His true Church," you write, and He is very busy right now to do this. My website contributes to that and the website you recommend as well, but the most outstanding action of His is at the moment the abuse scandal about the Catholic Church. And this scandal will probably spread to the whole of orthodoxy. There is a nice prophecy about this work of God which He is now accomplishing and there this scandal is called a spectacle. Information about this you can find in http://countdown4us.com and the latest in http://countdown4us.com/en02/en022010091.htm where God is speaking of shaking a rock - and when the foundation is rocked the whole structure will cave in and that is what is happening now: the beginning of this shaking.

All the best from


Frank L. Preuss


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