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4. Correspondence

4.24 Frank Emeka Obi


4.24 Correspondence with Frank Emeka Obi


1. Mail (from Frank Emeka Obi)

Hello Frank,

Thank you once again, my brother. I read through the orthodox--settled ministry and Itinerant ministry in the 27th chapter of your man-made church series and came out abundantly blessed and highly inspired.

Frank, this piece unveiled in a style what has become the bane of confusion amongst the body of Christ today. And everything bounces back to perils of 'organisation and organism' in view of the church, the body of Christ. Truly, God is an organised Almighty God. No one has ever been more organised than Christ Jesus during His earthly ministry, and today by His Spirit. He did everything decently and organised corinthians14:40sand still doing the same in the lives of those that obey Him. He had a treasurer, scribe etc but non of these had ever enveloped the organic nature of His relationship with the Father and His disciples. He was organised in God's divine order.

But today, reverse is the case, when settled ministry or orthodox talk of order, they want believers to succumb to their man-made order and organisation which was strategized to render organic body of Christ powerless. That is why they tend to behead the body and replace it with human authority. That is the same spirit that was operating through Diotrephes. You are right, my brother. Another difference remains that Leaders are called to serve, even Christ Himself says, He came to serve. Leaders are expected to be motivated by the Spirit of servanthood in everything they do and every time they do it. The disciple cannot be above His master (Luke6:40) Jesus was never a dictator and no Leader should take honor for being a dictator. Dictatorship is of the devil; forcing you against your will.

I am really refreshed by the powerful and spirit-quaking message you have delivered in this article titled "Settled ministry and Itinerant ministry"

I will also love to add that the enemy could even come out ostensibly as Itinerant ministry while his real motives are anchored to dispensing the poison of the "settled, man-made organisation" Then it becomes another version of orthodoxy; a repackaged orthodox in a new label. So whatever name or intention they protray, the Spirit of the living God would reveal them to us by His grace and mercy as we have not "settled" but yearn for more of Him.

They may even have a mixture which in most cases are very difficult to detect except by the grace of God. The truth which is in their lips and not in the hearts is always used to paint the pride, self-driven and ego-inflated motives to appealing pious colors, and many have been entrapped by this bait.

However, great things are happening, brother Frank. God by His power is raising fearless, fire brand, Holy Ghost-filled men and women who would not partake in the forbidden meat or cake but whose sole interest is SOULS! SOULS!! SOULS!!! to the Kingdom of God. These set of believers by revelation understands the significance of souls, even a single soul's value over the whole world treasures -altogether(Mathew16:26) And they are already in action setting captives free and depopulating the kingdom of the enemy. These people are neither after title or recognition nor material gain, warehousing people of God or competiting with each other. Rather, anointing, God's presence, His power, love and how they could be used to glorify God has become their sole desire. Praise God!

A Christian is not just someone following Jesus Christ. A lot of people who followed Him deserted Him when He preached the truth of God's kingdom to them. A Christian is one who not only reflects Him in love, peace, meekness etc but demonstrates His POWER as well especially in demolishing the kingdom of darkness amongst the people. The crying and teeth gnashing world even as I am penning this material, are groaning and waiting for manifestation of the sons of God (Romans8:19,22)

Christ's wonderful miracles, signs and wonders during His earthly ministry was a slap in the face of orthodoxy. It reveals their emptiness and quasi-piousness. What did the religious people, those priests and high priests do? They conspired against Him and thus handed Him over to the Roman soldiers to be crucified. They thought they have succeeded in silencing Him. They did not know that except a corn of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone but if it dies, it brings forth much fruit(John12:24)

Today, their foolishness and ignorance have opened a great door for mass exodus of souls from the kingdom of devil into the kingdom of God. Alleluia! Christ, the seed has produced many of His likes in God's kingdom. No wonder the Scripture said if the princes of this world had known they would not have crucified the Lord of glory(1 Corinthians2:8)

So today, whatever "settled ministry or even commouflagged "settled minstry in the name of itinerant is doing, failure and shame is their reward. The light of God's words will continue to expose them and set men and women under their trap free in Jesus name, as they continue in His words. And whomso-ever the Son set shall make free is free indeed (John8:36) We are freed in Christ. We are victors in Christ and not victims. We are winners in Christ and not losers, and still winning in Christ. For "He is the same yesterday, today and forever" (Hebrew13:8) Amen!

In His grip

Frank Emeka Obi


2. Mail (to Frank Emeka Obi)

Dear Frank Emeka,

Thank you very much for your enthusiastic response to "Diotrephes, the Man of Orthodoxy." That was very encouraging. Yes, the light of God's words will continue to expose them and set men and women under their trap free in Jesus name, as they continue in His name.

On the subjects Diotrephes and Orthodoxy you will find some material on the webpage:


May be you have a look at that as well.

I wish you much success in your work and all the best for your website.


Frank L. Preuss


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