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4. Correspondence

4.21 Matthew C. Civis Sr. (3)


4.21 Correspondence with Matthew C. Civis Sr. (3)


5. Mail (from Matthew C. Civis Sr.)

Hi, Frank

Sorry, it took so long to get back with you, went on vacation and been reading a lot. Thanks for the links to Jakob, I have just started reading them, so much reading, I all most don't have time to eat. I am reading Hermas for the 3rd time and still working on Sirarch and then these books make me go back and read other books of the Bible so I am jumping around from Gen. to Rev. and re-looking at what I had read before with new eyes.

Now, I most say my first glance at Jakob I was a bit skeptical because of the date it was written. But I have been wrong before, so I am reading it to see. I must say so far it looks good, a lot of what I have read , I learned from the Lost Books or as I like to call them the Rejected Books of the Bible. I feel that maybe Jakob may have also been studying these books.

As, for The story about Chris and is he a real person. He is not, but my daughter Ashley was asked to write a school paper about the homeless, using facts and making up a story as if it was true. The story made me cry because most of her story was true, we went to New Orleans, Louisiana for Vacation and seen a lot of homeless people down there, I am the man in the story that gives the $5 and there was a women that pointed at me, no one knew I gave him money but they did see a nicely dressed man talking with some homeless man. My daughter gave the man the name Chris and gave him a story, we don't know his real name or his real story. But for me, I don't think I will forget him. Without looking in his hand to see what I gave him and without knowing anything about me. He looked up at me and said "May God bless your children" I cry every time I think about this even now as I write it to you. You see, I put my children before myself. If the man would you said to me "God Bless you" I would have said "He already has" But he did not he ask GOD to bless My Children, as if he knew that would mean so much to me, and it did.

By the way, don't know much about you, are you in Germany or the US? Or another? I myself live in ....................... I love to travel and meet new people, but find going to places with no people is the best, if I am going to relax.

Have you read the lost books of the bible? You also seem to have a lot of Knowledge, is this from your own schooling or did you go to a bible school? Or raised in a church?

What do you think is the first step to take to understand GOD?

Your friend, Matthew



6. Mail (to Matthew C. Civis Sr.)

Dear Matthew,

I am glad to hear that you are reading Jakob Lorber, but even more so, that you generally read a lot and that all what you read is spiritual stuff and that you are really investigating what you read and that what you read again you look at with new eyes. That is the way to do it. “I all most don’t have time to eat.” Your situation seems quite similar to mine. I also read much and yes, I have read the lost books of the Bible. After I read them I bought several copies of that book to give as gifts to others and that is an indication that I was quite impressed by this material and I still have the copy I read. One of these lost books was the life stories of the sons of Jacob and how they overcame their shortcomings and I found that specially revealing and helpful. Yes, my knowledge comes from reading and from thinking about it and from digesting it, or as you say “from my own schooling.” To go to Bible School or to be raised in church might bring something but more often such information is so adorned with foreign ideas that it can be a big effort to get all the wrong stuff out again. I would always advise to stay away from any kind of Bible School and from denominations, from man-made churches, because all of them are not scriptural. You write, “By the way, don’t know much about you … .” I hope, you will carry on reading my website, especially now that it has a new URL, because there you will find quite a lot of information and the important side of a person is of course the spiritual side of a person and my website tries to deal with that side of life only. Your question “What do you think is the first step to take to understand GOD?” is a good one. God is love and therefore this might be the key to understand God, even the first step to take. I just read something that helped me to come closer to your question and I therefore will translate it here from German:

God’s Power and His Love.
13. January 1958. B.D. NR. 7016.
The power of God is unlimited. And so is also his love. You always have to consider this when your body or soul is in trouble. There is one who can avert all trouble because he is omnipotent, and who also wants to avert all trouble because love is his whole nature. But with his love he also has to meet counter love because otherwise his love remains ineffective. And that is the answer when his omnipotence does not express itself towards you men, because you make it impossible yourselves through lack of love. A heart which is full of love grants as it were itself admittance to God, and then he can rule and work in His house. But where the door is still locked, where love is lacking, there also his work is impossible, exactly because he still stands outside and does not enter a house by force, which does not voluntarily open to him. Love is all. It is power and light; it gives knowledge to man to also apply the power properly. Then there will also no longer be trouble for man, neither worldly nor spiritually. But love is still very weak in you all; it is not yet flared up to a bright flame, and that has its effect in a weak belief in God and his willingness to help. Who can grasp him with all his heart, i.e., whose nature lives in permanent helpfulness towards his fellow men, he also has to fear no restrictions on the part of God but God’s love can beam at him with all power, and what that means, that you man do not know yet, otherwise you would be totally wrapped up in love and the closest union with him would be established whose nature is love, wisdom and power. And then also no longer anxious questions would bother you, then every bodily and spiritual trouble would be eliminated, and then it would also be possible for you to again transfer your power to the fellow men who is in trouble. Believe it that you are able to do everything when you are shone through by God’s power of love – believe it that there is nothing which would be impossible for you to achieve when you only let love become so strong in you that you through it cause God himself to be present in you, and he now accomplishes what you want to do for the welfare of fellow man. And believe it that you yourselves can be in full possession of light and power because he is in you who is the original source of light and power. In your original substance you are the same as he; you need not be limited in the supply of light and power because your original state was perfect when you took your beginning from him. And you can again become perfect as soon as love completely fills you. And that love rouses in you, which lies in your power, but requires your will. But what you do not achieve because your will is too weak, that prayer is able to do. Because also a proper prayer is a linking with God which secures a supply of power for you. And the power of love now given to you will also certainly urge you on to works of love; you will make use of this power of love obtained through prayer always only for work in love, and you will then also achieve that your faith increases because a prayer which is meant for spiritual goods certainly does not remain unfulfilled. That is why every man can reach the goal because everyone can use the favour of prayer – every child is allowed to talk to its father and request from him what it lacks. Because a prayer in the spirit and in truth also proves the love of the child for the father, it proves that the child wants to reach the father, and that is why the love of the father will also supply his ray to it, and the heart of the child will be aroused. And where love has been kindled once, it also grasps all beingness. Men will have to love every work of creation, but most of all his fellow man, and God himself will be present, and his power of love will appear so obviously that man is able to accomplish everything, that he can heal bodily disabilities and also banish all misery, because love, which is God, is also the power which accomplishes everything. Amen. B.D. NR. 7016.

So when we begin to remove the lack of love then we will also begin to understand God.

All the best


Frank L. Preuss


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