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4. Correspondence

4.17 Robert Schmid (2)


4.17 Correspondence with Robert Schmid (2)


3. Mail (from Robert Schmid)

Dear brother in Christ,

thank for your reply.

I have done some additional reading on your website and must say that it is hard to stop once you begin. You lay out a Christianity on a very high level of perfection, which is of course justified by Christ’s own words to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. Nevertheless, writing it on paper is obviously much easier then living it, day by day. Coming out of this world is a journey for most, not a an instant Saul to Paul change. The problem, as you point out in great detail, is that denominational churches are dead, in that they reach a certain level of perfection, i.e., separation from others that are less perfect, and then stop growing which is paramount to dying. As my original mentor Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986) wrote in 1939: “What has split and divided up the saints in the Church of God? Nothing but ORGANIZATION….which has let to politics, ministers lusting for rule and for power….striving against each other, lining up the brethren on THEIR side, against the other! It is SUCH PREACHERS who have split up and divided our brethren!....Organization and church GOVERNMENT has brought us only strive, jealousies, divisions, bitterness! It is not of God, and it can bear no other fruit.” The fact that, not too many years after these words, he raised up a very large organization with precisely the stated consequences is another (human) story. But, it proved that his words were correct and that they play themselves out in every human organization from the Catholic Church down to the little corner church – it’s just a matter of size and degree but with the same end results.

I believe that we both agree that one identifying sign of the true church (the spiritual organism) is its name which must identify its owner, so that there is only one correct name for the true church – “Church of God.” However, another identifying sign of the true church is that it is a “commandment keeping” church. That aspect I cannot find on your website, at least not directly. From the direct commandments given in the O.T., to Jesus Christ’s statement in the N.T. that if we love Him, i.e., if we love God, we keep His commandments, love towards God and love towards neighbor expresses itself in commandment keeping. This in turn necessitates the teaching of what the commandments are.

I assume that the reason you have no personal information on your website is so as not to draw attention to yourself, but to the Word of God. My interest in you personally is because your writings are in both English and German. I am German living in the States. What are you? Actually my interest is in finding a translation source from English to German for some of my articles. The German in your articles is very good. Any recommendation for a good translation service would be appreciated.

In regards to myself, I have spend many years as a Deacon and Elder/Minister in humanly organized churches, but it has also been many years now since I realized the enslavement it creates. Consequently I resigned from such church organization, which was a difficult, but very liberating decision.

Warm regards, Robert

PS: I would like to have contact with Allan Svensson. Can you give me his email address? If not, can you ask him to contact me through my website at: www.logoslogic.info/ Thanks.


4. Mail (to Robert Schmid)

Hello Robert,

It was quite interesting to read your email. Thank you very much for it.

Here the email address of Allen Svensson: ........@........

What you write about organizations is a good example how powerful this urge to organize is and how it grabs people again and again even when they know better.

You write: “…that one identifying sign of the true church (the spiritual organism) is its name which must identify its owner, so that there is only one correct name for the church – “Church of God.””

That is an interesting thought that the name must identify its owner. So when your name is Robert then this name identifies you and you are the owner of that name. And when the name of something is “Church of God” then this name identifies this something and this something is the owner of this name. But in this special case the name also identifies the owner of this something – the owner of the Church of God being God.

All the best


Frank L. Preuss


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