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4. Correspondence

4.15 Robert Schmid (1)


4.15 Correspondence with Robert Schmid (1)


1. Mail (from Robert Schmid)

Hello Frank,

Just came across your article: Der Name der Kirche and I can only say: Right on! It’s a subject dear to my heart.

Some time ago I spoke on the same subject available at: www.logoslogic.info/nameofchurch.html

I would love to add your article “Der Name der Kirche” on the German part of my website, under your name of course.

Are you located in Germany or US?

I will read more on your website to find out if we have other common beliefs.

Best regards,

Robert Schmid


2. Mail (to Robert Schmid)

Hello Robert,

Thanks for your mail and your interest in my website.

In “The Name of the Church“ it says, „The most outstanding sign of a denomination is that they have their own name.“ Can I deduct from this and from your comment „Right on!” that you are not belonging to a denomination?

It is nice that this subject is dear to your heart and I hope you also enjoy other wegpages of my website. I would be glad if you would let me have further comments to them.

All the best


Frank L. Preuss


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