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4. Correspondence

4.14 Frank Gregory Dara (5)


4.14 Correspondence with Frank Gregory Dara (5)


9. Mail (from Frank Gregory Dara)

Hi Brother Frank

Praise God! I get more excited any time I set my eyes on your text; mostly the contents are quite the same things God have revealed to me and while praying and pondering on the whole puzzles, here comes your mail. What a great and awesome God we serve that links His peole together.

Bro Frank, the most powerful and effective weapon the devil have never had a match for and will never have is the love of Christ; the LOVE OF GOD. The end of all commandments is love. The purpose of Christianity is love. Any true member of Christ's body must be indentified by the love he or she exhibits. And above all God is love.(John8:12) In this time of confusion and global economic tsunami, where many are looking for a way of escape is also a great opportunity for manifestations of the sons of God. I have already seen God bringing souls into His kingdom through the ministry He had laid in my hands. Bro Frank, there are alot of Harvest out there in the streets. People are vacating old traditional churches and looking for help somewhere else becuase their thirst could not be satisfied by mere doctrine and religious creeds. The vaccum deep in their heart can only filled by God. Their greatest need at this moment is something beyond this cosmic sphere. Some already have realized that, but still confused about who God really is. Even the rich are seeking for something their money has never offered them. Because of such vaccum in their hearts, they themselves also remained in need. No wonder the word of God said in Ecclesiastics 6:7 "All the labor of man is for his mouth and yet his apetite is not filled"

My brother time is ripe for action. This is no more an issue of hypothetical theologies and man-made organizations but a pragmatic entity. The people of God must walk in the Spirit in order to be able to walk in love. The opposite of love is hatred, strive, envyings etc, and one thing that stirred all these LUSTS up in our fellowships and meetings is because GOD'S PEOPLE ARE WALKING IN THE FLESH (Galatians 5:21) The word of God said we must walk in the Spirit if we are not to fullfil the lust of the flesh. Therefore when we walk in the Spirit we walk in love because LOVE is the fruit of the Spirit. How can people that seek high honors ,title and material gains from the gospel of God's kingdom not fight or strive amongst themselves? We will sing all songs, invite the Holy Spirit in our prayer meetings and fellowship and resist Him when He comes. One thing is to invite Him, another is to welcome. Lusts in our lives will never allow us to welcome Him. How can you invite someone you love to your house and leave Him outside the door. The what we do to the Spirit. And knowingly or unknowingly this is God himself we are doing it to (Acts 5:1-4) It does not matter if we vacate a traditional church to start a meeting in a house, until our attitude changes, we are just repackaging and rebranding the greedy old religion with a new label.

But when we are actually walking in the Spirit, we are equally walking with God because God is a Spirit. Furthermore when we walk in the Spirit, we are also walking in love because God is love. Bro Frank, our relatonship, fellowship and worship to God must be LOVE responding to LOVE.

We are endued with POWER after the Holy Ghost is come upon us because when he Holy ghost comes, He sheds God's love abroad in our heart. And that love of God in our heart will constrain us to start reaching out to perishing souls. And God would confirm His words as we go!

Thank you Brother Frank for stirring me up. You are friend, Brother, and partner in the Vineyard.

Be fired up more and more in Jesus name Amen!



10. Mail (to Frank Gregory Dara)

Dear Frank Gregory,

I just read your mail again and just before that I read something that very much agrees with that what you expressed. I therefore decided to not only read it again but also translate it so that I can share it with you. So here it comes. It was written down by Bertha Dudde as B.D. NR. 4933 on 13. July 1950 and is titled “The Purpose of Life on Earth is the Reshaping of the Being to Love:”

“In the cognition of my will now also lies your purpose of life: to form yourself to love to adapt yourself to my personality, to again take on your original nature that is necessary to stay near to me because otherwise you would have to cease to exist in the radiation of my love. The forming to love then inevitably also results in the state of light, thus a continuous increase in wisdom and in power. Life on earth is just a means to an end to bring about this reshaping that is an act of free will, therefore can be accomplished on earth, but does not have to be achieved. Constantly man is given the opportunity during life on earth to be active in unselfish neighbourly love; he can seize every opportunity but he also can go past it, however last purpose of life is the reshaping of his personality that, at the beginning of the embodiment as man, only knows little about love, which is meant for the fellow human being, but is animated only by love of self, that he is to conquer on earth. It is a certain process of change that takes place during life on earth, but that also can remain unsuccessful when the will of man does not strive for a success. But he who considers life on earth to be an end in itself, who seeks to win from it that what it offers in bodily pleasures, who is not active for his life after death, he will be in a very miserable state at the end and full of remorse he will think of all the unused opportunities that he missed out of free will. He will have the same degree of maturity as at the beginning of the embodiment on earth or even have gone back in his development when he let his desires and lusts become apparent on earth unbridled and therefore violated my laws of love, thus increased the distance to me. I gave life on earth to man for perfection, for ascent development, and it can earn him highest success, but in the same way he has to answer to me for an unused life on earth that he ignored or misused to new sins, to once again fall away from me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4933.”

So this work of translating was a blessing to me as I had to put all the words and ideas not only through my eyes and mind but also through my fingers. The more I study the more the importance of love transpires. And on your side the same thing seems to happen.

All the best from


Frank L. Preuss


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