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4. Correspondence

4.10 Frank Gregory Dara (1)


4.10 Correspondence with Frank Gregory Dara (1)


1. Mail (from Frank Gregory Dara)

Brother Frank,

You have been a great blessing to my life as a Christian. I cannot expressively say how I got in contact with your texts online but I know it is by God's provident arrangement.

Brother Frank your belief and thought about true church and man-made church and it effects like titles, Balam's style, and eye for positions, strive, jealousy, church building is exactly how it was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit. For about three years now, I have been stressing it when witnessing Christ to the unsaved and the sharing with the other Christians, especially any time they ask me which church or denomination I belong to. Most of the times, attacks come from these Christians who supposed to know better. But I have never been moved by any of these attacks or persecution. why? I have peace on my inside and inexplcable strenght in the midst of the whole thing, confirming to that I am on the right side.

Brother Frank, almost everything you wrote, even how to measure your faith are what I always think about but they had not been unveiled to me as yours did. My Brother I share the same believe with you. May the good Lord continue to shower you with all His unlimited blessings and more and more insights for those who are truly hunger and thirst for the Truth.....Jesus Christ.

My prayers now is God; show me a house fellowship or other believers that believe the same. Interestingly, I have the desire to open one as the Lord desires me to.

I love you.



2. Mail (to Frank Gregory Dara)

Dear Frank Gregory,

Thank you very much for your mail. It was very good to read your mail. I was blessed.

It is good to know that there are others who are really interested in the truth. I am glad that I and my web page are a blessing to you but your encouraging letter was also very much a blessing to me. We both are obviously listening to the same spirit. I think when witnessing to the unsaved it is a powerful position to be in to clearly state that one has nothing to do with denominations and when talking to Christians it helps to find out if they are really followers of Christ or just of their church. Already when they ask to what church one belongs is an indication that they are probably not genuine believers, just churchy people. They really only know what they hear on Sunday morning in church and never study for themselves and check out everything they hear.

When we speak to people who are not yet believers it is actually quite important that we tell them that we do not belong to any man-made church and that they also should stay far away from them because if they land up in one they will just die a slow spiritual death.

Your mail is quite important because to support these things we both know and advocate is vital and necessary as there are very few people who really are followers of Jesus Christ and they should support each other and strengthen the ones who belong to him. So we should encourage one another. So I hope you will keep in contact with me and would enjoy to hear some time again from you. Yes, this peace and strength is quite something to have, it is highly enjoyable and causes the close contact with Jesus to become even closer.

I especially thank you for these blessings and good wishes. Such spiritual acts of love and care are the only real things that count in the end and the only things we can take with us and keep for ever. You because you thought them and spoke out these blessings and wrote them down and sent them to me and I as well because I received them and thank God for them and they help me and build me up and cause me to keep doing what I am doing. It is these things that give us the strength you write about because it is Christ in action.

My prayer for you is that God will lead you to other Christians and you will find brothers and sisters and that you will have fellowship with them and meet with them under conditions and circumstances that are as He wills and the meeting place is wherever He chooses it to be and that you will be a blessing to them and that you will be blessed by them and by the word that you speak.

May you be blessed with all of God's love and power and go from strength to strength.

Your loving brother


Frank L. Preuss


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