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4. Correspondence

4.7 4.5 (2)


4.7 Correspondence with 4.5 (2)


3. Mail (from 4.5)

Good Morning Frank,

Thank you for your kind reply. Yes I have been an ordained minister for over 18 years. I also have a media ministry assisting pastors to broadcast religious programming around the world.My wife and I are in the planning stages of planting our third church. I read your materials and theologically they are in line with what we teach and believe. More importantly, the Holy Spirit always anoints truth and certainly your work is anointed. I am interested in knowing if you would be interested in "ghost writing" a project for our ministry. Many notable ministries and pastors do that here in .... Books are either transcriptions of sermons or "ghost written" for pastors by people of similar spirit and theological disposition. Obviously the author is compensated for their work. Any way, when I saw and digested some of your teaching, it rang true to my spirit and wanted to know if you had any interest. Let me know.



4. Mail (to 4.5)

Thank you very much for your friendly and very nice, second email.

In your first email you made two statements that caught my attention. The first one was "I love your teaching!" and the second was "I am a pastor..."

These two statements seemed to me to be a contradiction in themselves, but I was not sure about it and so I queried the second one.

The second statement, "I am a pastor...," could mean that you are referring to a work as it is described on Ephesians 4:11 and so I wanted to find out if that is so. Now your second email seems to indicate that this is not so, but that when you are referring to a pastor you mean that what the man-made churches understand when they use the word pastor.

The two statements mentioned above now realy seem to me to be contradicting each other.

So your second email seems to confirm that your statement, "I am a pastor...", is not in line with Ephesians 4:11 but that you use the word pastor in a way that is not really in line with the teachings of the Bible.

You use the word compensate. The meaning of this to me is: doing work for God in exchange for money or pay somebody for work done for the Kingdom or to give something (material) to somebody in return for some service he has done in the name of Christ. Now this is another thing that is a normal thing in the system of Orthodoxy, but contrary to Bible teaching. So how do you see this aspect of ministry?

From your second email it becomes obvious to me that you really love God in your heart and in your spirit and that the things you teach and believe are what a child of God should teach and believe. The next step then would be to put such things as mentioned above into practice and also draw the things that one is and does into this line and then turn everything that still smells of coming from the man-made church system out of ones life. So it would be nice if I would receive your reply to these aspects. I am looking forward to hear from you.

The reason why you wrote to me is ghost writing. But I think that it is rather an artifial cause. I think that your higher self, the spirit within you, is quite aware that you believe and teach my material, or rather the way of the Bible, and that it is now time to also do the third activity, and that is to practise it. And it is my job to encourage you in this - to give you ideas for changes in your life that will set you on new paths.

Now this teaching is very powerful, as it is teaching from the Bible, and many people will realize this, but they also will realize that it can be formed into merchandise, that it can be an exellent way to make money out of it, and that should be something that a real follower of Christ should avoid at all costs. So please keep this in mind.

All the best


Frank L. Preuss


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