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4. Correspondence

4.4 Curtis Lee Hall (1)


4.4 Correspondence with Curtis Lee Hall (1)


1. Mail (from Curtis Lee Hall)


I just 'stumbled' onto your site and read the 1st chapter of The Man-made Church. Very impressive!! I'll have to read the rest, but just wanted to thank you for your online book.

I also wrote an article concerning church structure, that can be found on my website. It seems to me that millions all around the world are seeing the same things in regards to the so-called 'church' being a man-made institution.

When will the total reformation come??

God bless you!!

In His service,

Curtis Lee Hall

"He is no fool who gives what he can not keep to gain that which he can not lose." Jim Elliot (1927-1956)



2. Mail (to Curtis Lee Hall)

Dear Curtis,

Thanks for your kind email.

Your article "Is the Current Church Structure Biblical?" is the kind of material that is very much needed and more of such articles should be made available on the internet. Explaining details from the Bible as you do - quoting directly what the Bible says and where to find it - like the use of titles or the way to worship, is the method we should use. Yes, 1 Corinthians 14:26 is the key scripture to understand how the real church meeting works.

You quote Hebrews 10:25 "But encouraging one another" and when I read your email I was thinking of Acts 4:36 where it is mentioned that Barnabas means Son of Encouragement. So I encourage you to keep on encouraging your brothers. Be a Barnabas.

It would be nice if you would keep on giving me feedback when you read the other chapters of "The Man-Made Church". The second chapter, "Quench Not the Spirit" deals with this matter of how to meet and how to worship. So please let me have your comments.

You quote Jim Elliot "He is no fool who gives what he can not keep to gain that which he can not lose." This material, or better financial, aspect of the work is highly important, especially when one wants to have a tool how to see and understand the difference between the man-made church and the real church.

"When will the total reformation come??" I think it is much a matter of each individual to bring about a reformation in ones own thinking and practice. One detail is to completely excommunicate the wrong system out of ones system. You will find more about this in the third chapter "Isaiah's Question."

Thanks for your blessings.

I am looking forward to hear from you.

All the best


Frank L. Preuss


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