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4. Correspondence

4.3 Robert Wunder


4.3 Correspondence with Robert Wunder


1. Mail (from Robert Wunder)


What a blessing it is to read the letters you have written , with the prompting of the H.S.

I'm so thankful for your obedience . IF you are lead by The H.S.,Would you put me on your mailing list. Do you come across very many like minded believers?

Our there any that are meeting in homes,We live in Crossville,TN




2. Mail (to Robert Wunder)

Dear Bob,

Many thanks for your kind letter.
To come across like-minded believers is always a very nice thing and always something like a miracle. The German word for miracle is Wunder. And so you are miracle for me because you came across my website and contacted me. And you could be a miracle for others as well. I intend to make this correspondence a part of my website and this might cause that others come across it and cause you to experience a miracle as well - by them contacting you. I think that there are many that are meeting in homes. Unfortunately also these can be easily transformed into religious organisations and therefore become man-made or even get started by man-made organisations and churches because it is the thing to do - because it is fashionable. I think it is the specific function of elders to inform the assembly about the difference and protect it from the wolves. So I think my website is in itself a meeting place for like-minded believers. As we two met so many others will meet. All the best to you and your sisters and brothers in Crossville, TN. You write, "We live in ...", so I assume that you are already a group, may be a family, and such a group is more then enough to meet in a home and to practise the life of the body. As you now know the content of my website you are very much qualified to help such a group to get started. It would be nice to come across very many like-minded believers and to see the real church grow. We should make a beginning wherever we are and keep our eyes on quality and the holy spirit will bring the growth. If you and I keep doing what you did, seeking spirit inspired sources and getting into contact with them, then growth will follow. Your letter was an encouragement to me. Thanks.



Frank L. Preuss


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