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4. Correspondence

4.2 Daniel Green II


4.2 Correspondence with Daniel Green II


1. Mail (from Daniel Green II)

Subject: Apostles

I have read your passage on apostles, one thing I would like to say is this, when the bible refers to Paul the apostle of Jesus christ, was given direct indenty to (Saul)Paul so that the people or readers will be able to distinquish between the Sauls, or pauls in the bible as well as the other named apostles.

The bible says Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles, so he was not only the Apostle of Jesus Christ, but also of the Gentiles. Nope I do not believe that God intend for the word to be used as a title, but rather an function to the body of christ.

So rather it is Daniel Green the Apostle of Jesus Christ, or Apostle Daniel Green it is one in the same, for it is Jesus Christ that called me unto him-self and to the body of chirst.


2. Mail (to Daniel Green II)

Subject: Apostles 2

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your email.

I think your comments refer to chapter 6 "Titles" of "The Man-Made Church" (http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/FPREUSS/en2/en206.htm) where it is shown that Christians of the New Testament times never used titles for other Christians or for themselves. They only used titles for unbelievers. A good way to see that Christians have no titles is to look at the use of the word apostle and that the word combination "apostle Paul" does not appear in the Bible, that it is just an invention of religious people so that they can give themselves titles.

There is another passage on my website where another aspect is discussed, the fact that the word "apostle" is actually not in the Bible, that it is also an invention of religious people. It should get translated "messenger." When translators use the term "apostle" for the Greek word "apostolos" then they actually create a religious term that is not there in the original. The simple way to show this is the use of the word in chapter 13 of the gospel of John where Jesus is using it in verse 16 and the correct translation would be "messenger:"

"I tell you the truth, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him."

This is discussed in more detail in "Concordance," the 12th chapter of "The Man-Made Church" (http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/FPREUSS/en2/en212.htm).

So the study of the word apostle can give us quite some insight.



Frank L. Preuss


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