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4. Correspondence

4.1 Allan Svensson


4.1 Correspondence with Allan Svensson


1. Mail (from Allan Svensson)

I found your Website by Google and I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ. Welcome to visit my Site. http://www.algonet.se/~allan-sv/INDEX.HTM

Glory to God and his dear Son Jesus Christ, the great Revival is coming.

Revival is a hackneyed word. Many have used this word to gather people around themselves, instead of around Jesus. And people think any revival is not coming. They refer to 2 Thess. 2:3 and tell about the great Apostasy. But this Apostasy has take place a very long time ago, and is still continuing. The great Apostasy is NOW!

The great Apostasy happened a very long time ago. The entire Christendom was lead astray by false shepherds and preachers, which preached false doctrines. Since then, God's people have been slaves under lots of denominations and churches. Before Jesus comes, God's people must be released from all denominations and churches, the great Babylon. Therefore, a real Revival must come before Jesus comes.

Rev. 18:4-5 is an extremely powerful revival message from the Lord. Very few Christians have obeyed this revival message of the Lord, and left the great Babylon. Before Jesus comes all Christians must obey this command of the Lord. Otherwise God will judge them as partakers in the sins of the great harlot, and they get their part in her plagues.

During more than 40 years I have written about this. Please, read more on my Website. What is a revival? How does a revival rise?

The Body of Christ, the most valuable that exists on the earth, but the people lack knowledge


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge


God's Law and God's Gospel


Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ

Allan Svensson, Sweden


2. Mail (to Allan Svensson)

Dear Allan,

Thank you very much for your good wishes.

When I read your message I had to think of the following:

"You have put yourselves in a position where your consciousness must now become aware of the probable pasts and probable futures, in order to form for yourselves a sane, fulfilling, and creative present.
Ego consciousness must now be familiarized with its roots, or it will turn into something else. You are in a position where your private experience of yourself does not correlate with what you are told by your societies, churches, sciences, archaeologies, or other disciplines. Man's 'unconscious' knowledge is becoming more and more consciously apparent. This will be done under and with the direction of an enlightened and expanding egotistical awareness, that can organize the hereto neglected knowledge - or it will be done at the expense of the reasoning intellect, leading to a rebirth of superstition, chaos, and the unnecessary war between reason and intuitive knowledge.
When, at this point, of mankind's development, his emerging unconscious knowledge is denied by his institutions, then it will rise up despite those institutions, and annihilate them. Cult after cult will emerge, each unrestrained by the use of reason, because reason will have denied the existence of rampant unconscious knowledge, disorganized and feeling only its own ancient force.
If this happens, all kind of old and new religious denominations will war, and all kinds of ideologies surface. This need not take place, for the conscious mind - basically, now - having learned to focus in physical terms, is meant to expand, to accept unconscious intuitions and knowledge, and to organize these deeply creative principles into cultural patterns."

This is from pages 85 -86 of a book by Jane Roberts called "The 'Unknown' Reality" Volume One.

The above observation that we are in a position where our private experience of ourselves does not correlate with what we are told by our churches has been a subject of one of my studies and I am glad to read of yours as well.

"When, at this point, of mankind's development, his emerging unconscious knowledge is denied by his institutions, then it will rise up despite those institutions, and annihilate them." Your work, and mine as well, contribute to these changes taking place in this new century. They contribute to this now existing revival.

People start to form the real body of Christ and others are getting drawn to it and the institutions are loosing their members. And these living stones, these living bodies, coming together in groups and practising the spiritual life as shown in the Bible are the body of Christ in places all over the world. And these groups are the returned Christ. These groups are His body and are Him and His spirit is in them all.

I like what I read in your website: Moses built the tabernacle according to the pattern shown to him on the mountain (Exodus 25:40) and Solomon, according to 1 Chronicles 28:11,19, build the temple according to the plans, or pattern, he received from his father David, who gave Solomon the plans of all that the Spirit had put in his mind, and so we should build the assembly according to the pattern shown to us in the new Testament. Very nice.

The apostasy started, as you so well describe, right at the beginning. Right at the beginning, in the first documents we find all the details of how it happened and how selfish desires fought against the spirit of liberty, "to gather people around themselves" as you write. Yes, the great apostasy is now. And now, the time in which we live now, is the time when it comes to an end.

I am glad to have received your message and wish you and your work all the best.



Frank L. Preuss


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