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3. Suggestions for Further Reading

3.4 Online articles


Online articles


Online articles to the subject

How to measure your beliefs 10 20 30
The man-made church 10 20
Spiritual, scientific subjects 10 20 30 40 50
60 70 80 90 100
110 120 130 140 150
Internet 10
Surveillance 10 20 30 40 50
60 70 80 90 100
110 120
Prayer of intercession 10 20 30 40
Life in the hereafter 10 20 30
Completeness 10 20 30
Healing 10 20
Fulfilled prophecies 10
Hearing God's voice 10 20
Free will 10 20
Life power and spiritual power 10
Animals 10 20


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Online articles to the subject

How to measure your beliefs

The nature and construction of matter
Believing prayer and intercession
Every worry is lack of faith
Faith and trust in God’s help - End of sufferings
How God's protection works

Faith in God’s help
The great parable in which lies the beginning and the end
Trapped for three days 30m under the sea
God had given him a second chance at life
Power of faith in time to come

Right faith
Strength of will - Power and might
Obtaining strong faith
God’s word greatest gift of favour.

Strong faith and trust in God’s help.
What is faith?
Word from above of divine origin - Sounding word
Placebo effect

The storm
Serious admonition
Power of prayer
Struggling for strong faith
You are master over natural effects

You are Peter the rock – Living faith – Church of Christ
Power of evil - Strong faith - Come unto me, all ye
Professing before the world - Living faith
Deep faith in truth of the divine word - Ask and it will be given to you


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Online articles to the subject

The man-made church

Two years Catholic abuse scandal
Tom Lethbridge about science and religion
Not Church
Servants of Satan
Politicians have church in sight

No systematic transferring of faith teachings
Søren Kierkegaard
Achieving earthly advantages
Religious organizations
The materialistic Catholic tendency

Confessing Christ
Serious questions to the teachers who fight God's servants
False prophets - Light - Darkness and dark characters


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Online articles to

Spiritual, scientific subjects

Matter is passing, just changing into something else all the time
Quantum physics, the soul and extraterrestrial communication
The star that is in advance
Does our solar system have two Suns?
The world of quanta

The search for Nemesis is getting captivating. Will WISE track down the star Nemesis?
The quantum mechanics of time travel
Particle physics and the Day of the Lord
Will the Large Hadron Collider cause the Big Bang at the very end of days?
Is the Sun really as science fools us?

Gigantic suns
The theory for everything
The collider and the collision
What is the Large Hadron Collider?
The heat of the sun

Why Noah's Flood was not worldwide
Nemesis - invisible companion star of the Sun
No new physics in sight
Peter Higgs

Weird relativity and quantum physics
The cosmic speed limit
Neutrinos and science
Quantum physics. The reality that does not exist
The physicist

Massive: The hunt for the God particle
Over-light-fast neutrinos in headwind
The contradiction of scientists
Cause and effect
Most scientists simply ignore this issue

Now that's what I call instant communication!
The separation between past, present and future is only an illusion
Spirit over matter
String theory
The problems of the physicists

World explanation theory
These dangerous comedians
Multiple universes
The Seth material
Research with and without God's help

Scientists - Something is desperately wrong
People education stupefying campaign
The mentally disturbed - the mad
Heavenly bodies and earthly bodies
The future of the Large Hadron Collider

How pigeons navigate
Physics and psychology
Cosmic radiation
John Wheeler about parapsychology and creation

Does death exist?
Consciousness forms physical matter
String theory and quantum mechanics
The Sun's energy-producing fusion reactions
The world's next big physics machine

Dark energy
Physics is conceptually unsettled
Germany: Particle accelerator in Darmstadt to solve the last secrets of the universe
Is information a fundamental quantity?
Can it be that we live in a holographic universe?

Weizsäcker was always dead wrong
Causality, the relationship of cause and effect, the principle that everything has a cause, is a mistake
Consequences of quantum theory
Higgs? An explanation where mass comes from
Scientific matter

The first experiment to entangle at a long distance
The time after the Higgs boson
Free will: Can a robot have free will?
FAIR: New accelerator
The spin of the Higgs particle

Burkhard Heim
String theory and SuSy
Quantum communication
Spiritual progress – scientific progress
Soul energy, individual particles, faster-than-light communication and consciousness

Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics
The simulation hypothesis
A second confirmation of the prophecies
Higgs: How "science" is made
Cern review of 2012

The credibility of Nasa is gone
What has Nemesis to do with Orion and Canis Major?
The importance of sciences
Systems with two stars - Solar systems with double stars
Computer files stored accurately on DNA in new breakthrough

Magnetic fields heat up the corona of the Sun
The collapse of the wave function actually means materialization
The blindness of scientists with the consequences of their researches
Schrödinger introduced the idea of a code of life
God revealed all treasures of the heavens to him

Extremely small particles can exist in two places at once
The Higgs Hangover
New bioelectrical revolution
What are then basically all the created things?
Transparency and invisibility from all angles of vision

How nerve cells communicate with each other
Science has become a business
Where do neutrinos come from?
Standard Model: There must be much, much more
Entanglement exceeds time

Peter Higgs said the so-called God particle is being used by scientific institutions to justify massive research budgets
Break with classical physics
Quantum mechanics makes «impossible» reactions possible
Peptides telling whether the cell is cancerous or not
Formula of Kurt Gödel: Mathematicians confirm proof of God

Astonishing experiment proves that Einstein was wrong
Spirit in matter - Meeting of science and spirituality
Men differ basically from their next relatives, the chimpanzees, orang-utans or gorillas.
Dark matter stays hidden as detector fails to see a single particle
News about neutrinos

The Holographic Universe
Physicists are schizophrenics
Materialism seen from worldly perspective
What Darwin did not know

Humans are electromagnetic beings
Photoelectric effect - not visible light
The redshift controversy
There are no coincidences
Matter and spirit

Matter and spirit. Visible and invisible creations.
Men of prehistory
Spiritual development stipulates everything natural in its conformity to law
The original reason of every force of nature is to be sought in the spiritual
Theory of evolution is statistically impossible

Why science does not have all the answers
Lucid dreaming can be induced by zapping brains with gamma waves
The existence of telepathy has now been proven
Physicists cannot produce matter
Christ above all

Scientists do not know what is actually meant with consciousness
Pilots of the future can control planes per thougt
The knowledge about the earth interior is extremely sketchy
Scientists report finding reliable way to teleport data
Why scientists are fools

Oceans in earth mantle
Development of earth before men
The trouble with science
Entanglement and photography
The entanglement principle

Quantum teleportation
On the track of the mysterious neutralino
Nobel Laureates Pushed Limits of Microscopes
The momentum of light particles (or photons) used to impart motion
This planet has four suns

Theoretically neutrinos explain existence itself
The primary level of reality - a higher dimensional reality
Scientist: At present we do not know what "real" or "causal" means
Primeval radiations from unity
The scientists and their Big Bang

Local realism
Interstellar matter and Jakob Lorber
Sound waves let objects hover
Quantum theory and Jakob Lorber
IceCube-Question: Who is the great accelerator?

All matter spiritually enlivened
Electrons - Part A
Electrons - Part B


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Online articles to the subject


Build a webpage


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Online articles to the subject


Hacking attacks a fact of life
Tracking electronic conversations of every UK resident
Mobile phone surveillance: Authorities get a fix on mobile phones a thousand times a day
The United Nation's internet power grab

Barack Obama is prosecutor and judge
That is how thoroughly we will be spied out
FBI begins installation of face recognition system across America
Facial recognition
Biometric recognition algorithms - face measurement

Cloud computing: EU report warns of surveillance through USA
Spyware programs installed on hired computers sent extensive data material back to company server
Big Brother imagery: Visions of drones in the skies
Infecting computers of private persons, spying them out systematically, observing per webcam and pinching its data
Pattern recognition for video cameras: Systems for behaviour recognition

E-book readers send user data to head office
Computers: The most modern pieces of malware are today undetectable
Google Glass: Photo by wink
Google data spectacles change everything
Face recognition with Google Glass

Google will permit no apps with face recognition on their computer spectacle Glass for the time being
Yahoo reads all emails
Dashboard cameras
Surveillance program Prism
Australia gets 'deluge' of US secret data, prompting a new data facility

What Prism in reality says about Google, Facebook and Co
Surveillance program «Prism»: Also Germany profits
Listening devices had been implanted in the concrete material
Opting out of social networks
Britain's spy agency GCHQ has secretly gained access to the network of cables carrying the world's phone calls and internet traffic

Edward Snowden talks
The betrayal of the American people
Photographs are taken from classical postal deliveries
To spy on someone through his mobile phone
The world is in danger with US tyranny

Stop thief
America loses its moral course
No information gets lost
America has no functioning democracy
USA. Democrat Representative, "This is unsustainable, it's outrageous, and must be stopped immediately."

USA: Bipartisan backlash grows against domestic surveillance
The ignorance of diplomats
Glenn Greenwald
Back door access
Edward Snowden's father thanks Putin for protecting son

Russia has deftly handled Edward Snowden's case, Chinese media say
Obama, the patron saint of whistleblowers
Committing crimes against the American people
Edward Snowden explains
European governments hijack people and steal their goods

Facial scanning is making gains in surveillance
Germany: Federal government warns of Windows 8
Obama’s intimidation campaign
Hidden camera: How the sons of a demented person took a violent old people’s nurse to court
The total failure of the Republican leadership

What Putin thinks about Snowden
Brazilian senate wants to put Greenwald under police protection
Control over setting of international encryption standards
Internet experts say security protocols be written 'from scratch'
BRICS leaders said that these electronic spying operations were “comparable to terrorism.”

A quote from Glenn Greenwald
U.S. assassination program
US press freedom: Journalists complain about climate of fear under Obama
Merkel spying claim: with allies like these, who needs enemies?
Germany: Roth wants to demand sentence for listening action

Germany: Sahra Wagenknecht defends freedom and democracy
Guttenberg meets Merkel
Germany: Gabriel calls Obama an egg-thief
Germany: The blind Westerwelle
Bertha Dudde prophesied it: Obama removes ‘God’

The Ukraine and Germany and freedom
Australian passport may include voice and eye scans
Freedom from imperialism lasted unfortunately only 20 years
Drones with face detection cameras and with mechanical claws grab humans off the street
The development of the Obama imperialism

The present world order
Obama has become the very danger the constitution was designed to avoid
Obama impeachment
The advance of Obama’s dictatorship in his subdomain, the EU
Executive order

Detention pods at airports which have the capability of subjecting travelers to biometric scans
Surveillance is theft
Video appearance in EU parliament: Europe's conservatives want to cancel the invitation to Snowden
All the media in the USA are already forced into line
The USA is endangering the trans-Atlantic partnership

Record high in U.S. say big government greatest threat
Direction decision: Federal government quarrels about Russia politics
In their vassal state Germany the USA does what it wants
Snowden didn't want to change society. He wanted to give society a chance to determine if it should change itself.
NSA can hack WiFi devices from eight miles away.

How the NSA hacks your iPhone (Presenting DROPOUT JEEP)
Scientists fit tiny sensors onto honey bees to study behavior
Enter and alter data in computers even if they are not connected to the internet
Germany slowly recognizes the Dictator Obama
Investigations against the USA are considered as new form of blasphemy in German politics and in German judiciary

Government statement - Merkel warns USA of further espionage actions
Chaos Computer Club institutes legal proceedings against Merkel
Documents say NSA pretends to be Facebook in surveillance
The illusion that Germany is a democracy
The German nation has been betrayed and sold

With the help of the technology NSA wants to revolutionize the finding of target persons all around the world.
The modern car: Manufacturers, insurance companies and police have access to all data
Total surveillance of all citizens
Edward Snowden
Bug from factory

Identification of users
South African company sells armed drones for crowd control
Chinese mobile phone secretly spies out its owner
The gathering of data of seven billions men of our planet.
Hackers convert smartphone gyroscope into permanent active microphone

Russia’s Kaspersky Lab exposes U.S. cyber espionage program
Secret services infiltrate SIM and credit cards
Consumer centre critizises Windows 10
Update without permission: Microsoft forces users of Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10 download

Spies can take over your phone
USA form cyber action troop for fight in the internet
Facebook deletes user contents on behalf of the federal government
UN wants carry through worldwide censorship of internet


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Online articles to the subject

Prayer of intercession

Quantum physics, the soul and extraterrestrial communication
How do I pray for unbelievers?
True ancestor worship
Real ancestor worship
Remote effect of thoughts

Intercessory prayer
The power of intercessory prayer
What has intercessory prayer to do with the times of the end?
Prayer of intercession for the deceased
Desire for earthly goods

Believing prayer and intercession
Do not consult the dead
Powerless state in the hereafter
Prayer for souls in the hereafter which have acquired no love on earth
Intercession for men far from God

Gratitude of the souls redeemed through prayer in the hereafter
Creation - Part 3 - Hereafter
About the nature of intercession
Intercession for poor souls
Christianity is confused

Requests of poor souls for prayer
Contact with the deceased. Souls in Earth nearness.
Favour can be supplied to fellowman through intercession of man
The spiritual need must be the cause for intercession
Power of intercession

Engage in loving activity in the hereafter
Different spheres in the spiritual kingdom
Ancestors and guardian angels
Intercession for poor souls

Influence of immature souls who died early
Intercession through fellow man
Process of purification of souls in the hereafter
Praying for souls
A play of demons


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Online articles to the subject

Life in the hereafter

State after death
The souls in the hereafter
Insight into the eternal kingdom
Scientists and clerics
Jesus the Christ

Celestial bodies
State of light and darkness after demise: Robert Blum
Overcoming of matter in the hereafter
Powerless state in the hereafter
Reorganization of the outer form after bodily death

Fear of death. Moment of decease pain or happiness
How one lives in the spirit
Being hypnotized by the hypnotized
Spiritual exchange of thoughts is beneficial
God’s adoption

Joining together of all soul substances
The kingdom of light
The hereafter
Different spheres in the spiritual kingdom
Reunion in spheres of light

Spiritual and material creations.
Influence of immature souls who died early
World of being - World of appearance
Only love redeems on earth and in the hereafter


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Online articles to the subject


The philosopher's stone
Enoch speaks the words of God
The power of God in man
The great parable in which lies the beginning and the end

God's protection - Right thinking - Truth or fallacy
Weakness of will - Shortcoming. Responsibility. Word
God's word. Deed of God's mercy.
Life-circumstances correspond to the degree of maturity of the soul
Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross

Activity of light beings - Imparting of knowledge
God feeds what is his in times of trouble
Divine word. Source. Love. Knowledge. Light.
Mental transmission of the word of God
New birth of the spirit

Seek ye first the kingdom of God
Thought apparatus
The walk on Earth with God is much easier
Short guiding principle for life

Important details
The spirit’s power
Asking God for illumination of thinking
Spiritualizing the substances of the body
Wanting to reach the highest degree of perfection.

Highest perfection possible in the short earth time
Life in love and self-abnegation


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Online articles to the subject


The ignorance of science and its terrible results
How nerve cells communicate with each other
The physicians as religious fanatics
Maya medicine for cancer

Oral sex as cause of throat cancer
Our doctors - the Philistines
The secret of how cancer spreads
Cancer victim makes a case for alternative treatment
The politics of cancer

The fourth most frequently used alternative treatment for cancer
Our doctors commit satanic genocide
Fashioning the fanciest bandages ever out of gold leaf.
Light bearers protected through light beings until mission completed
Holding on long term to the negative emotional toxin called ‘resentment’ is the cancer ‘trigger’


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Online articles to the subject

Fulfilled prophecies

The reestablishment of the country Israel is an ensign
The supremacy that the expected Antichrist is striving for will be granted to him
The relevance of Bertha Dudde's prophecies wins momentum
To divert celestial bodies to prevent them hitting earth
Bertha Dudde prophesied it: Obama removes 'God'

Obama’s call to close Vatican embassy is ‘slap in the face’ to Roman Catholics


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Online articles to the subject

Hearing God's voice

Audible inner voice
Hearing the inner voice audibly and seeing the inner sight visibly
Siritual communication
Spiritual seeing
The sounding divine voice

Hearing God's voice
Joinig together with God
The sounding word
Shutting out all thinking
Receiving the divine word act of greatest willpower

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God
Inner contemplation
Christ in me
Gaining of wisdom
Explanation of the process of writing

Task of those who hear God’s voice.
Sounding word
Serious admonition


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Online articles to the subject

Free will

Also the smalest event has its roots in the love and wisdom of God
The freedom of the will
Man has free will
The difference between animal and man

Free will
Active will
Free will and mandatory state
Free will
Allowance of evil

There are no coincidences
Will of God and allowance of God
Freedom of will
Free will


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Online articles to the subject

Life power and spiritual power

Power from below - black magic
Reorganization of the outer form after bodily death.
Weakness of will – Shortcoming. Responsibility. Word.
The spirit's power
Life power and spiritual power

Life power
Power influx


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Online articles to the subject


Development of man
The difference between animal and man

Difference between man and animal
Struggle for existence
The Rocks
From level to level through the material world

Creation – Part 4
Men differ basically from their next relatives, the chimpanzees, orang-utans or gorillas.
The power of evil does not refer to creations
The animal lives in accordance with divine order
Why animals know so much more than we do

Will of entity in mandatory state



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