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Number of verses of the New Testament


The above table lists the individual books of the New Testament. There are 27 books.

It also contains the number of chapters and the number of verses of every book.

In addition the number of verses for every chapter is listed and this listing gives, also, visibly the size of the individual books.

The percentages relate to the number of verses pro book referring to the total number of verses in the New Testament.

The longest book of the New Testament is the third book, the Gospel of Luke, and the shortest is the second letter of John, according to the number of verses.

The verses in per cent for the eight authors are distributed like this:

Author Books Chapters  Verses Verses
Name Number Number  Number %
Paul 14 100 2 336 29.36
Luke 2 52 2 158 27.12
John 5 50 1 415 17.78
Matthew 1 28 1 071 13.46
Mark 1 16 678 8.52
Peter 2 8 166 2.09
James 1 5 108 1.36
Jude 1 1 25 0.31
Total 27 260 7 957 100.00

Now these eight names of the authors of the New Testament books should remind us of all the other names of the authors who were commissioned by God to bring the word of God to mankind and who were prevented to do so.

Some of the works of the eight authors were already prevented from being taken into the canon of scriptures. The best example is Paul. And the best example of Paulís work is his letter to the Laodiceans, but there are others, like the missing letter or letters to the Corinthians.

Actually this short list of 27 books is a blatant testimony of the destruction of all the writings that were produced by women and men of God and that were destined to build up the body of Christ and bring the word God to the world.

In the nineteenth century the works of one of such a prophet survived and his works are now available to us, but the same kind of people who destroyed prophetic books and killed prophetic women and men in the past are still active today and use all means to prevent these books of Jakob Lorber to reach thirsty souls.

And in the twentieth century the messages of Bertha Dudde were given to us but also these documents and its originator were and are slandered and the name of Bertha Dudde is defamed.

Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde are two servants of God who are examples of those very few who survived and whose work survived and this stands in stark contrast to all the saints who were murdered during the last two thousand years and whose work was destroyed.

The names of most of these prophets are not even known today because the so-called Christians, who persecuted and burned and tortured and killed them, were so powerful and well organized that hardly any traces have remained from the writings and the writers.


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