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Saul‘s family


Table: Saul‘s family


This is a supplement to the previous webpage, David’s family.

The relationship between Saul and David extends to both the family and the leadership of Israel and this table, Saul’s family, brings additional information regarding Saul.

The information comes mainly from the biblical books first and second Samuel and first and second Kings.

The row in which Saul is shown starts with Saul’s ancestors and ends with his son Ishbosheth, who became king after Saul, but of the northern kingdom only. David was Saul’s successor, but only of the southern Kingdom. Only seven years later David became king of the re-united kingdom.

The names of these three kings are in bold boxes.

Females are shown in yellow boxes.

The blue boxes are the descendants of Saul whom David handed over to the Gibeonites to stop the famine.

The five sons of Adriel and of Saul’s daughter Merab were brought up by Merab’s sister Michal. Michal had no children. Michal was the first wife of David. So David was Saul’s son-in-law.

The column to the right of the column that contains Saul shows Saul’s children and his three sons-in-law. David is one of them, Phaltiel another. Both of them were married to Saul’s younger daughter Michal. Michal was first married to David. Then when David lost favour with Saul, Michal was given to Phaltiel, and when David had become king, Michal was again given to David.

Details can be found in David dictionary.

The table shown above is a graphic. So that the words shown in it can also be found by search engines, I repeat them here:
Saul's family Ner Abner Jonathan Mephibosheth Micha
Ahimaaz Ahinoam Malchishua
Aphiah Bechorath Zeror Abiel Kish Saul Ishbosheth
Aiah Rizpah Merab son
Barzillai Adriel
Amminadab Nahshon Salma Boaz Obed Jesse David
Laish Phaltiel


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