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David‘s family


Table: David‘s family


Many relatives of David are listed on the webpage David dictionary. This table „David‘s family“ is a supplement to the David dictionary. See also Genealogical table of David and his family.

The row in the table in which David himself is listed, describes a part of the line from Adam to Jesus, and that is from Salma, the great-great-grandfather of David, to Asa, the great-great-grandson of David. Kings, therefore David, Solomon, Rehoboam, Abijah and Asa are edged boldly.

The names of women have a yellow background. The names of David’s wives have different colours and these correspond with those of their children.

In the column which contains David himself are also David’s wives and siblings listed. David’s two sisters, Zeruiah and Abigail, are his half-sisters; they are not the daughters of his father Jesse.

In the column to the right next to it are the children of David listed and his nieces and nephews, and also the wife of Solomon, who is the mother of Solomon’s son and successor Rehoboam, Naamah.

The mother of Rehoboam’s son and successor Abijah, King of Judah, is here given as Michaiah. This is discussed in the David dictionary.

The table shown above is a graphic. So that the words shown in it can also be found by search engines, I repeat them here:
Zeruiah Abishai
Nahash Abigail Joab
Eliab Asahel Zebadiah
Abinadab Amasa
David's family Shammah Abihail
Nethaneel Jonadab
Raddai Jonathan
Ozem Ammon
Zeror Abiel Kish Saul Michal Chileab
Ahinoam Absalom Tamar
Abigail Tamar Maacha Abijah
Talmai Maaca Adonija Attai
Haggith Shephatiah Ziza
Abital Ithream Shelomith
Eglah Shammuah
Ahithophel Eliam Bathsheba Nathan
Salma Boaz Obed Jesse David Solomon Rehoboam Abijah Asa
Rachab Ruth Naama Michaiah
Elimelech Mahlon Ibhar
Naomi Chilion Elishua
Orpah Eliphelet
Elihu Eliada Jeush
Eliphalet Shemariah
Jerimoth Mahalath Zaham


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