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AbrahamĎs family

Table 1: AbrahamĎs family

Table 1: AbrahamĎs family


The table ĄAbrahamĎs familyď shows the relatives of Abraham and starts with Abrahamís grandfather Nahor and continues to the children of Jacob, therefore to the 12 tribes of Israel.

Abrahamís grandfather Nahor is the 18th generation from Adam and the children of Jacob are the 23rd. These numbers form the top row of the table.

Abraham had two relatives with the name Nahor, once his grandfather, Genesis 11:22-25, and the other his brother, Genesis 11:27-29.

The main line of heirs from Adam to Jesus is here described through the names Nahor, Terah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Judah. These names are boldly edged.

Female names have a yellow background.

Different parts of the family are portrayed with different colours.

Lot is Abrahamís nephew, but the actual relationship to Abraham would probably have been more that of a son because Lotís father Haran died early. Haran, Abrahamís brother, died still before the father of Abraham, Terah, when all were still living in Ur. Terah then went away from Ur to Canaan and called the new home probably after his deceased son: Haran.

The maternal forefathers of Jacob have a blue background. They are Nahor, the brother of Abraham, and then Bethuel, his son, and then Rebekah, Bethuelís daughter, the mother of Jacob.

Between Abraham and Jacob is therefore one generation on the fatherís side, Isaac, and on the motherís side two generations, Bethuel and Rebekah.

The 13 children of Jacob are described in the sequence of their birth, from Reuben, the oldest, to Benjamin, the youngest. The connection with their different mothers is also described.

Jacob has Abraham as grandfather, on the fatherís side, and on the motherís side Bethuel, the son of Nahor, Abrahamís brother. And Jacobís great-grandmother on the motherís side is Milcah, the daughter of Haran, the brother of Abraham. Via Milcah there are even three generations between Abraham and Jacob.

All four children of Terah belong to Jacobís ancestors. Abraham (1) is his grandfather on his fatherís side. Sarai (2), the daughter of Terah, and sister of Abraham, is also Abrahamís wife and grandmother of Jacob on the fatherís side. Nahor (3), the son of Terah, is Jacobís great-grandfather of the motherís side. And Haran (4), the son of Terah, is Jacobís great-great-grandfather via Jacobís grandmother on the motherís side, Milcah.

The next table, Table 2, shows only the direct ancestors of Jacob and illustrates the complications which result when one has a look at genealogical tables, as for example those in Matthew chapter 1 and Luke chapter 3, or the descendants of Lot, where Lotís sons are also Lotís grandsons, see the table above.


Table 2: The direct ancestors of Jacob

Table 2: The direct ancestors of Jacob


When one for instance has a look at the ancestors of Judah, then everything gets even more complicated, because his mother Lea is a nice of his grandmother on the fatherís side, Rebekah, or because his grandfather on the motherís side, Laban, is a brother of his grandmother on the fatherís side, Rebekah.

But Jacobís family relationships are complicated enough. Terah is Jacobís great-grandfather, but Terah is also Jacobís great-great-grandfather and great-great-great-grandfather.


The table shown above is a graphic. So that the words shown in it can also be found by search engines, I repeat them here:
Hagar Ishmael Nebajoth Reuben
Nahor Terah Abraham Isaac Kedar Simeon
Sarai Tebah Lot's daughter Adbeel Levi
Keturah Gaham Mibsam Judah
Reumah Thahash Moab Mishma
Nahor Maachah Dumah Dan
Haran Lot Lot's daughter Massa Naphthali
Milcah Huz Benammi Tema Gad
Abraham's family Table 1 of 2 Iscah Buz Jetur Asher
Kemuel Aram Naphish
Chesed Kedemah Issachar
Hazo Esau Zebulun
Pildash Leah Dinah
Jidlaph Bilhah Rachel's maid
Bethuel Rebakah Jacob
Zilpah Leah's maid
Laban Rachel Joseph
Sheba Benjamin
Zimran Dedan
Jokshan Ephah
Medan Epher
Midian Hanoch Asshurim
Ishbak Abidah Letushim
Shuah Eldaah Leummim


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