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Adam‘s family


Table  Zuriel  Cainan  Pura  Sehel  Enoch  Agla  Kisarel, Pira und Gella  Mahal  Philip  Adam



Table: Adam’s family


The Table “Adam’s family” starts with Adam. The column under Adam is the centrepiece of the table. They are the first eleven patriarchs from Adam via Noah up to Noah’s son Shem, the father of the Semites. The numbers in the right margin of the table give this order. In Jakob Lorber’s works this line of Adam via Noah up to Abraham is described as the principle line children or the principle heirs. It is the line which leads to Jesus.

Three sons of Adam are mentioned in the Bible, Cain, Abel and Seth. Seth was born when Adam was 130 years old. Theoretically Cain could have been born one year after Adam and Eve had been created. Adam and Eve had other children before Seth. Jakob Lorber lists Jura as the third son of Adam, Bhusin as the fourth and Ohorion as the fifth, jl.hag1.128,01. The wife of Cain is described as Ahar, jl.hag1.017,12 and the wife of Seth as Jeha, jl.hag1.044,15. Cain was the first son of man and Ahar and Jeha therefore were the first women mentioned as daughters of man.


And you Enos, and Cainan, hurry into my hut, and fetch immediately the best food and the freshest drink, and tell my wife Jeha, your mother, that her father Adam and her mother Eve is hungry and thirsty for it, and bring her here, so that also she vows what I have just now so holy sworn in the face of God! Now go, and come at once! Amen, amen, amen.«

This is Seth speaking and it is in the year 920 after Adam, therefore 10 years before Adam’s death. Enos is at that time 685 years old and Cainan 595 years, and still they are sent out by their father, or grandfather, like little boys, to get their mother. And this shows us how a genuine and good social system should be and function. It is the elders who are the bosses. And that is exactly as it is in the true church. In the natural family it is those who are the oldest in years of life, and get the wiser the older they get, and are through this, that they live with God, also bodily completely healthy. And that was then also the true church. And in today’s church, in the true church, it is that those ones who have the most years as children of God behind them. And that does not exclude that they fall back on those who are still closer to God than they are themselves. And in a healthy society, which lives with God, this leadership through elders is the system, which is to be preferred before all other systems, including a monarchy or a democracy. At the time of the judges the Israelites lived much better than after that, when they demanded a king.

Adam fathered many sons and daughters. Genesis 5:3-5: And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth: And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters: And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died.

To the right of this column we have other members of Adam’s family. They are the descendants of Seth. The names to the right of the main column agree more or less with these 11 generations. To the left of it, this is already less the case. The descendants of Cain had other life spans. Here jl.hag3.126,07-08:

And Lamech in the depth, who was then still alive, had to watch with great regret what those did who came down from the height.

But from his end he called his children to himself, when he had reached an age of 630 years, what was something unparalleled in the depth, and said to them:

The descendants of Cain are coloured blue. Female persons are coloured yellow.

The column where Cain appears at the top numbers the names of the rulers of the city of Enoch (Hanoch) from Enoch (Hanoch) to Tubalcain.

With Tubalcain the dynasty of Cain ends. One of the kings after that was Uraniel, he is listed to the right at the bottom of the table „Adam’s family“. Uraniel‘s sister was Noah‘s wife.



Now we come to the names of the table, which have thick box borders. The names in the areas marked in bold outline of this table “Adam’s family” all have something in common, and that is that they did not leave a body behind when they “died.” Noah’s grandfather on his mother’s side was Zuriel. God made an angel out of Zuriel while Zuriel was still alive. Here the report about this:


But he helped them up and blessed them and finally handed them over to the blessings of the fathers and at last said to Zuriel who cried for over great joys:

«Zuriel, but now also you come here to me and receive the greatest reward for your loyalty!

See, now I make you to a great angel and put you to a loyal watchman and invisible protector of all my children, and from now on you will see my face always and enjoy yourself in my light!«

And he touched Zuriel, and Zuriel became shining more than the Sun and soon disappeared from the face of all.

Here an extract from Jakob Lorber‘s work Das große Evangelium Johannes (The Great Gospel of John). There the angel Zuriel is mentioned; but it also gives us some general information about angels:


Say I: »But friend, that are indeed quite highly unimportant minor matters, whose existence we can actually not assume as completely necessary for the main thing at all, because they have nothing to do with it and stand almost in no connection at all! What is the reason for the empty names of the angel spirits who came to meet Lazarus?! A travelling document according to the laws they do not need and also not a worldly protection court. What do their names then serve you for?! But because it already matters to you, so they were the arch angels Zuriel, Uriel and in the deep background also Michael in the gestalt of John the Baptist, of whom Zinka told us much.

But there were still a lot of spirits present, which Mathael could not see, because these, as still quite clean and purest Spirits, can no longer be seen with the eye of the soul, but only with the eye of the, in itself, cleanest spirit – an ability, which Mathael still has never had.



In the main column under Adam Cainan appears as the number 4. His name is bordered boldly.

I just quote here three verses from Jakob Lober‘s work „Die Haushaltung Gottes“ (The household of God) and the further circumstances should be read there, because this is an area that should be studied thoroughly, because it provides us with much insight into the spiritual kingdom and we always must oppose the great influence, which the material kingdom exerts on us, and consequently prepare ourselves for the spiritual kingdom and the best way to do that is when we already here again and again direct our thoughts towards that what really matters.

Here therefore the three verses; they are part of a speech, which the Lord directs toward Cainan:


Only now you have become a lord of your body and can now in this your earthly house go out and enter according to your pleasure.

When you still want to stay in it out of love towards me and towards the ones who are yours, I say to you, you are free to do such.

But when you rather want to step out of the body, either for ever or in the meantime only at times, - see, also such is completely up to you!

So Cainan was less a case that he did not leave a body behind, but a case that it was possible for him to encounter out of body experiences and that he had his hands completely free with it. But it was also up to him to decide the time of his death.

Cainan was then, in the year 920 after Adam, 595 years old and he grew 910 years old. So he was 315 years in this state and could therefore travel in these years the world, that means the Earth and the entire universe, as far and as often as he liked. He therefore had the ability to do space travel in the truest sense, and when he visited and explored another celestial body, then he probably did not do this to pick up some stones and bring them back, but to get to know the beings living there and to communicate with them. The knowledge of heavenly bodies as it is known to us through so-called mystical traditions, probably comes to us from people like Cainan, who really had been there and therefore knew what they were talking about.



We now come to Pura and in her case the rapture is announced before by the Lord. In jl.hag2.142,08 the Lord says to Pura: Consequently you will also remain here until the complete maturity of your spirit, because I will then call you from Earth and you will enter the kingdom of true, eternal life!

Pura had lost her parents in Hanoch. They got murdered. The name of her father was Gabriel and he is now mentioned in the following narrative and is therefore already an angel. The first part of the now following quote is the last part of a speech of the Lord.


But see, there at the threshold of the hut waits someone for you! It is he who was your earthly father; follow him! His name is Gabriel. He will bring you into my home in heaven, where you are to be around me all the time until the time of the times. What then, - such you will hear in my great father house! Amen.«

But Pura embraced the Lord with her arms and did not want to let go of him.

But he said to her: »My little daughter, where Gabriel will bring you, there you will not wait for me; because before you will be there, I will be the one and will come to meet you and then lead you myself into my house. Therefore just go confidently; because I will certainly keep my word! Amen.«

Here Pura once again visibly pressed the head of the Lord against her breast and was then no longer seen; because the Lord’s angel brought her into the house of the Lord with spiritualized flesh. But the house of the Lord is the love of the father.

It is our task to more and more spiritualize ourselves. And this means that we work on this to have our soul more and more being influenced by our spirit and to spiritualize our soul with it. But this also causes that our body is influenced by the now more spiritual soul and is therefore also spiritualized. We can therefore advance the spiritualization of the flesh ourselves. And this can happen to such a degree that also our body is completely spiritualized and that there will then be a time where our body has just become flesh that is so spiritualized that it is then no longer seen. This therefore has been a possibility right from the beginning and this still exists also today. Many people who are reported missing today may have gone through such spiritualization.



Sehel was the youngest and last son of Seth. He is therefore a grandchild of Adam and Eve. Enoch foretells his transformation, jl.hag2.280,27-30:

After this speech of Eva all women finally fell silent, and Enoch called Sehel to himself and said to him: »Brother, the Lord needs you! Therefore go to him where you see him on that grass hill; but do not reveal him before the right time!

But the Lord will now transfigure and then empower you to his great world service!

But in your great clearness remember me; because the Lord will once also transfigure me so as he will now transfigure and endlessly authorize you.

Therefore hurry now to him, to your and my God! Amen.«

In jl.hag2.280,35 his ascension is then described like this: “Here Sehel suddenly disappeared and was no longer seen.”

And in jl,hag3.008,09 we have a statement of the Lord about this event:

But when this now completely agreed holy alliance is not torn up by you, my now truthful children, through a renewed going over to dead formality of the world, then I will remain with you, as you with me, and it will be on Earth as it is in heaven, and also death will no longer be among you, but as all of you have seen that I have taken Sehel to me and before Zuriel, the father of Ghemela, so I will take to me all of you and then make you in the spirit to quite powerful love doers of all beings and all creatures in my endless areas of creation!

Here we also still have another statement about Zuriel that he was transfigured earlier and also a statement of Enoch about his own future transfiguration.



Enoch‘s own transfiguration then looked like this:


But the Lord comforted Enoch, took him to himself with the body, and forthwith he was no longer seen on Earth, although men looked for him everywhere.

In Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God) we have an extensive material about the life and work of Enoch. He was then the spiritually most advanced person and he is the one of the people whose transfiguration happened before the flood, whose transfiguration is also described in the Bible.

In the Old Testament:

Genesis 5:21-24

And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methuselah:

And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters:

And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years:

And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

And in the New Testament:

Hebrews 11:5

By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.



We now come to Mahal's family. Mahal was the brother of Noah. He had five children, Kisrael, Pira, Gella, Agla and Waltar. Agla had her brother Waltar murdered. She was then queen in Hanoch and had others murdered and had become a despot. But then came her turning back to God. Shortly before the flood Mahal’s four remaining children were transformed and when the flood had already started, also Mahal himself.

In chapter jl.hag3.348 the circumstances are narrated under which Agla was transfigured. I bring here the eleventh verse only:


Here Agla held out her hand to the angel and disappeared in that moment; and nothing remained of her than her clothes and in them a little bit of ash.


Kisarel, Pira and Gella

The other three children of Mahal experienced this:


When Mahal had blasphemed himself hoarse, there a fire sank out of the clouds to Earth before Mahal, and a voice spoke out of the fire:

»Mahal, you undutiful! I have become tired of your blasphemy! When you do not appreciate me, your God and Lord, and my honour, then I also do not appreciate you and your rescue!

And so then remain here, and be a witness of my wrath over the Earth and over you; but your children, because they have not agreed with your song, I will take from you, and so you are to get to know me at least in my anger, because you did not want to recognize me in my love! – So be it!«

Here the fire seized the three children and consumed them in a moment. And now Mahal remained alone and quite wordless of horror.



Mahal‘s own transformation is announced to him:


Upon this address of Mahal, it sounded out of the inner rooms of the grotto like an echo: »Mahal, I have calmed myself in my anger against you, because you have calmed yourself, when I gave you powerful blows on account of your hardness against me; but nevertheless on Earth you must atone for your manifold former foolishness, until I will accept you, - because your crime against me was great!

But be patient in everything what will come over you there, and wait for me, and I will not let you suffocate from the flood; but your feet shall nevertheless formerly be washed against by the flood, until I will relieve you of your flesh! So be it!«

And now the actual event:


Here the Lord touched Mahal with one finger, and at that moment the mortal body collapsed in dust and ashes; but the transfigured spirit of Mahal stood as a shining Seraph next to the Lord and glorified and praised with immortal lips the eternal love of the father, which still in judgement is of the same endless fullness as in peace of the eternal order.

And then we hear what Mahal experienced in the spiritual kingdom and what his first task was:


But when the Lord had redeemed Mahal from his body, there Noah’s Flood had lasted already 7 days, and the water rose with such speed that within the time of 7 days it had namely already reached the place where Mahal stood with the Lord by the ark; and so was also the prediction of the Lord to Mahal fulfilled according to which he was not earlier to be free of his body than until the water has reached his feet.

But when the redeemed Mahal had given the Lord the honour, there the Lord said to him: »As you are now redeemed so your first angel service shall now exist of that you guide this small world over the floods and do not leave it earlier than until all flood will again be subsided and I will come and span over the new Earth the bow of peace! – Only from then on another service will be yours! My will is to be your power for ever!«

After that the Lord disappeared in his extraordinary personality, and Mahal then saw only the sun of the heavens like the other angel spirits, in which the Lord lives in the inaccessible light from eternity to eternity.

And so Mahal loyally guided the ark according to the will of the Lord.



But the taking away or the rapturing can also happen time limited. In the New Testament we have the example of Philip the Evangelist:

Acts 8:39-40

And when they were come up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more: and he went on his way rejoicing.

But Philip was found at Azotus: and passing through he preached in all the cities, till he came to Caesarea.

Here an example from the time before the flood:


But Enoch, Kisehel, Sethlahem, Joram and the other four brothers, who were called Hil, Bael, Julel and Darel, were raptured out of town only 7000 steps by the power of the Lord, where the foot of the height started. There they all were again handed over to their own power and from there walked step by step up the mountains.

And a further example:


Upon this speech the messenger was sized by the power of God and quickly raptured to the old height to Noah.

This sudden disappearing of this messenger, who was extremely respected by the ten, as by the entire highland people, made a mighty impression upon the ten, and they recognized in him a truthful divine envoy.

All his words, which he had spoken to them in the course of a number of years, were soon written upon most cleanly polished gold plates and also soon received legal force for the entire highland.

Here a statement of God to rapture generally:


Therefore I also did not give you a commandment, but in fact have only shown you that all of you are therefore completely free in love towards me, as I am myself, your God, Lord, creator and father from eternity.

For it I still gave you the fullest assurance that there the perfect in love towards me will never see, feel and taste death of the body, but will, like Zuriel, who is here, and like Sehel and like Pura pass over into the most perfect eternal life of the spirit!

Therefore I have shown you the endless advantages of true life, but as on the contrary also the endless disadvantage of life going against my eternal order.



And finally we want to have a look at a case where someone, Adam himself, requested rapture, but this wish was not granted to him:


But Adam was 930 years; there he called all his main heirs together and then said to them:

»Children, I have now lived 930 years on Earth und because of it I have become very much tired and weak!

That is why I have asked my God and your God that he might strengthen me or take me from Earth as he took to himself during the great revelation Zuriel, Sehel and Pura.

And while I had so prayed, see, there the Lord said to me:

»Hear, Adam! I have measured your time and have found it full; therefore I will also hear your prayer and will take you from Earth, which has already made your feet very tired.

But therefore as the three mentioned by you, you cannot leave Earth, because you have sinned in your flesh!

Therefore shall your body be given back to Earth, from which it was taken, so that the serpent will get its part from you!

But your soul with the spirit out of me I will remove from your body and will lead it to a just place, where you are to see my mercy in all rest of your heart.

An angel I will send to you; it will redeem you from the body, and that on this day.

But as you will leave this life, so will all have to leave it, who have there sinned in their body.

Because as through you sin has come into the world of the children out of you, so shall also come the death of the flesh. Amen.

So spoke the Lord, and so it is today the last day of my earthly being before you; because it is the will of the Lord!

This information actually shows us that it was not God’s intention that men should die. The normal case was supposed to be that men were transfigured. Death was not part of the design. Also still today it could be avoided.

But this information also gives us an idea how decease could happen after this end-time on the new Earth. When then all the raptured return to the new Earth, then there might be no death for them, but rapture.

This here compiled information should be the contents for meditation about the final rapture, which lies ahead of us, and for which these examples are just indications and are supposed to give us stimulations to prepare ourselves for what will be the culmination of the end-time.


The table shown above is a graphic. So that the words shown in it can also be found by search engines, I repeat them here:
Adam's family Adam Eve
Ahar Cain Abel Jura Bhusin Ohorion Seth Jeha
Enoch Africa America Australia Madagascar southern Africa Enos Kaem Garbiel Sehel
Irad Cainan
Mehujael Mahalaleel
Methusael Jared Kisehel Uranion
Zillah Lamech Adah Enoch
Naamah Tubalcain Jabal Jubal Methuselah Zuriel Gabiel Aora
Gabriel Lamech Ghemela Muthael Purista
Meduhed Sihin Egyptians Pura Mahal Noah Noah's wife Uraniel
Japanese Chinese Agla Kisarel Pira Gella Shem Ham Japheth



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