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The rulers of the Hanoch Empire

This is a study help to study the nations. It shows a bar chart of the life of the descendants of Adam, Cain and his descendants, and the 22 patriarchs.

This is a complement to the previous webpage The table of nations.

The bar chart is followed by a discussion and notes about the particulars of the listed data.

And now the diagram:


Bar chart of the rulers of the Hanoch Empire

Number, beginning with Adam, main heirs only
   Name or event
                                        Age or duration or time, in years
                                             Year of birth or year of event
                                                  Year of death or year of rapture or year of event
                                                      Age at birth of son, main heirs only
One letter, for example A like Adam, represents about 20 years.
Five letters, for example EveEv, are about 100 years.

                                                          0                                                 1000 years after Adam                             2000 years after Adam
                                                          |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .
                                                          .                                                                                  Flood
 1 Adam                                 930    0  930 130 AdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAda                                    |
   Eve                                  960    0  960     EveEveEveEveEveEveEveEveEveEveEveEveEveEveEveEveE                                  |
   Cain, 1st son of Adam, born                ?1          C                                                                                  |
   Abel, 2nd son of Adam                 38   ?2   40     AA                                                                                 |
   Jura, 3rd oldest child of Adam, born       ?3          J                                                                                  |
   Bhusin, 4th oldest child of Adam, born     ?4          B                                                                                  |
   Ohorion, 5th oldest child of Adam, born    ?5          O                                                                                  |
   Life in paradise                      30    0   30     PP                                                                                 |
   Adam and Eve have 30 descendants      30    0   30     30                                                                                 |
   Expulsion from paradise                    30          . V                                                                                |
   Adam's family lives in good order     10   30   40     . O                                                                                |
   Cain slays Abel                            40          .  A                                                                               |
   Cain lives without God                77   40  117     .  xxxx                                                                            |
   Hanoch (Enoch), son of Cain, born          57          .   H                                                                              |
   Cain builds the city of Hanoch        60   57  117     .   HHH                                                                            |
   Hanoch, rules                             117          .      HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH                                                         |
   Cain escapes with second family           117          .      2                                                                           |
   Cain starts again praying to God          117          .      G                                                                           |
   Cain still fathers 700 children          1000  117 1117     .      1000-years--1000-years--1000-years--1000-years--10                     |
   Cain is renewed by God                   1117          .                                                       R                          |
   Cain, 1st son of man, still lives  >6000   ?1-2013     .                                                       Cain-still-lives--Cain-still-lives--Cain-s > > >
   Cain's last tribe lives on islands        117          .      Cain's-last-tribe-lives-on-islands--Cain's-last-tribe-lives-on-islands--Cain's-last-tribe-l > > >
   then in Africa, America and Australia   >1657          .                      .                                                           |    Mainlands  > > >
   Family of Adam into land of cognition     820          .                                         C                                        |
   Adam has separated the Children severly   620          .                               A                                                  |
   Adam's children unfree                300 620  920     .                               unfree-unfree-un                                   |
   God visits his children: Revival          920          .                                              G                                   |
   Adam's children are again free            920          .                                              F                                   |
                                                          .                                                                                  |
                                                          0                                                 1000 years after Adam                             2000 years after Adam
                                                          |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .
                                                          .                                                                                  Flood
   Hanoch's dynasty                          117          .      Hanoch's-dynasty--Hanoch's-dynasty--Hanoch's-dynas                          | 
   Hanoch's godless government           30               .      xx                                               .                          |
   Continuation of godless government   >30               .       xx                                              .                          |
   Another 10 cities built                                .         10--10                                        .                          |
   The consultaton of the 10 princes                      .              B                                        .                          |
   Farak reforms the empire                               .              F                                        .                          |
   the now somewhat better government  >500               .              GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG              .                          |
   Irad, Henoch's son, rules            100               .                         IIIII                         .                          |
   Mahujael, Irad's son, rules          100               .                              MMMMM                    .                          |
   Methusael, Mahujael's son, rules     110               .                                   MMMMMM              .                          |
   Tatahar advises Lamech to murder                       .                                        T              .                          |
   Johred, Methusael's son, murdered                      .                                        J              .                          |
   Hail, Methusael's son, murdered                        .                                        H              .                          |
   Lamech, Methusael's son              630               .                  LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL     .                          |
   Lamech, rules                        200               .                                        LLLLLLLLLL     .                          |
   Lamech rules as godless                        920     .                                        LLLLLLL        .                          | 
   Cursed nature philosophy                       920     .                                        npnpnpn        .                          |
   Lamech's milder measures              30               .                                         LL            .                          |
   Lamech's commander Horadal and his army                .                                             H         .                          |
   Lamech gets converted                     920          .                                              L        .                          |
   Lamech the converted rules                920          .                                              LLLL     .                          |
   Adah, Lamech's wife, born                 810          .                                         A             .                          |
   Adah, 110 years old                  110  920          .                                              A        .                          |
   Jabal, Ada's son                                       .                                                       .                          |
   Jubal, Ada's son                                       .                                                       .                          |
   Zillah, Lamech's wife, born               820          .                                          Z            .                          |
   Zillah, 100 years old                100  920          .                                              Z        .                          |
   Tubalcain, Zillah's son, rules                         .                                                   TTTTT                          |
   Naamah, Zillah's daughter                              .                                                                                  |
                                                          .                                                                                  |
                                                          0                                                 1000 years after Adam                             2000 years after Adam
                                                          |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .
                                                          .                                                                                  Flood
   Meduhed leads Japanese                                 .                                         M                                        |
   Tatahar pursues Japanese                               .                                         T                                        |
   Japanese                                               .                                         Japanese--Japanese--Japanese--Japanese--Japanese--Japane  > > >
   Japanese happy, until Abraham       1900               .                                         Japanese-1900-years-happy--Japanese-1900-years-happy--Japanese-1900-years-happy--Japan
   Japanese, idolatry                   600               .                                                                                  |
   Japan, scourge from Mongolia                           .                                                                                  |
   Sihin leads Chinese                                    .                                         S                                        |
   Chinese                                                .                                         Chinese--Chinese--Chinese--Chinese--Chinese--Chinese--Ch  > > >
   Chinese, blessing through Ahujel     500               .                                         Ahujel--Ahujel--Ahujel--A                |
   Nation grows 120 years after flood       1776          .                                                                                  |     W
   Forming parties 120 years after flood    1776          .                                                                                  |     P
   Chinese wall, Tschi-Hoang-Ti             3700          .                                                                                  |
   Construction of wall in 8,5 years      9 3700 3709     .                                                                                  |
   Tschi-Hoang-Ti rules, Usurpator       60 3709 3769     .                                                                                  |
   Liehu-Pang, emperor, Han dynasty         3786          .                                                                                  |
   Empire lasts until 4th century before Christ           .                                                                                  |
   Mongolian-tatar rulers, 4th century after Christ       .                                                                                  |
                                                          .                                                                                  |
                                                          0                                                 1000 years after Adam                             2000 years after Adam
                                                          |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .
                                                          .                                                                                  Flood
   Uraniel, Muthael's son              <300               .                                              UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU                     |
   Uraniel rules                        100>1136          .                                                      UUUUUUU                     |
   Uraniel's leadership progresses well  10               .                                                      U                           |
   Misery of city Hanoch under Uraniel   77               .                                                       UUUU                       |
   Noah a man of a few 80 years             1136          .                                                         N                        |
   Aristocratic government              100               .                                                        AAAAA                     |
   Thousand councillors                                   .                                                             T                    |
   Midehal, pretence king                                 .                                                             M                    |
   Ten fire power messengers brake the power of the 1000  .                                                              10                  |
   650 of the 1000 go to Egypt                            .                                                              Egypt--Egypt--Egypt--Egypt--Egypt--E  > > >
   Ohlad's dynasty                                        .                                                               Ohlad's--dynasty   |
   Ohlad, king, rules                    30               .                                                               OO             .   |
   Dronel, Olad's son, king, rules       50               .                                                                 DDD          .   |
   Kinkar, Dronel's son, king, rules     43               .                                                                    KKK       .   |
   Japell, Kinkar's son, rules           25               .                                                                       JJ     .   |
   Japell establishes world empire                        .                                                                        J     .   |
   Japell's son, pretence king                            .                                                                          SSSSS   |
   Priests rule                                           .                                                                          PPPPP   |
   Gurat, king                                   1656     .                                                                               GGGG
   Battle against Highlanders                             .                                                                                H |
   Teachers and prophets warn of flood  300 1356 1656     .                                                                   Teachers-and-Pro
   Waltar, Mahal's son, 70 years old     70 1641          .                                                                                W |
   Waltar, Mahal's son, born                1571          .                                                                              W   |
   Mahal, Noah's brother, <500 J. old  <500 1641          .                                                                                 M|
   Agla, Mahal's daughter, born             1570          .                                                                               A  |
   Agla, 71 years old                    71 1641          .                                                                                 A|
   Fungar-Hellan, head of government             1656     .                                                                               FHFH
   Mahal                                495 1161 1656     .                                                          MahalMahalMahalMahalMahal
   Mahal takes a wife                  <400<1561          .                                                                             W    |
   Agla, Mahal's daughter                85 1570 1655     .                                                                               AAAA
   Agla, queen                                            .                                                                                 A|
   Drohuit, captain                              1656     .                                                                                 DD
   Angels gather animals                  4 1651 1655     .                                                                                  A
   Angels go with animals through Hanoch    1655          .                                                                                  A
   Noah's Flood                           1 1656 1657     .                                                                                  F
                                                          .                                                                                  |
                                                          0                                                 1000 years after Adam                             2000 years after Adam
                                                          |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .
                                                          .                                                                                  Flood
 2 Seth, Adam's son . . . . . . . . . . 912  130 1042 105 . . .  SethSethSethSethSethSethSethSethSethSethSethSet                             |
 3 Enos                                 905  235 1140  90 .            EnosEnosEnosEnosEnosEnosEnosEnosEnosEnosEnosE                         |
 4 Cainan                               910  325 1235  70 .                CainanCainanCainanCainanCainanCainanCainanCain                    |
 5 Mahalaleel  . . . . . . . . . . . .  895  395 1290  65 . . . . . . . . .   MahalaleelMahalaleelMahalaleelMahalaleelMahal                  |
 6 Jared                                962  460 1422 162 .                       JaredJaredJaredJaredJaredJaredJaredJaredJaredJar           |
 7 Enoch                                365  622  987  65 .                                EnochEnochEnochEno                                |
 8 Methuselah  . . . . . . . . . . . .  969  687 1656 187 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  MethuselahMethuselahMethuselahMethuselahMethusela
 9 Lamech                               777  874 1651 182 .                                            LamechLamechLamechLamechLamechLamechLam
   Ghemela born, Lamech's wife, Noah's mother890          .                                             G                                    |
10 Noah . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 950 1056 2006 502 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  NoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoah
   Flood                                  1 1656 1657 600 .                                                                                  F
11 Shem, Noah's son                     600 1558 2158 100 .                                                                               ShemShemShemShemShemShemShemSh
   Ham, Noah's son, born  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  H |
   Cush,     Ham's son, born            1658              .                                                                                  |C
   Mizraim,  Ham's son, born            1658              .                                                                                  |M
   Phut,     Ham's son, born  . . . . . 1659  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|P
   Canaan,   Ham's son, born            1659              .                                                                                  |C
   Japheth, Noah's son, born                              .                                                                                J |
12 Arphaxad                             438 1658 2096  35 .                                                                                  |ArphaxadArphaxadArphax
13 Salah .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 433 1693 2126  30 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .| SalahSalahSalahSalahS 
14 Eber                                 464 1723 2187  34 .                                                                                  |    EberEberEberEberEberEbe
15 Peleg                                239 1757 1969  30 .                                                                                  |      PelegPelegPe
16 Reu .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 239 1787 2026  32 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . .  ReuReuReuReu
17 Serug                                230 1819 2049  30 .                                                                                  |        SerugSerugSe
18 Nahor                                148 1849 1997  29 .                                                                                  |         NahorNa
19 Terah  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 205 1878 2083   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . . . TerahTerah
20 Abraham                              175 2008 2183 100 .                                                                                  |                 AbrahamAb
21 Isaac                                180 2108 2288  60 .                                                                                  |                     IsaacIsaa
22 Jacob  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 147 2168 2315   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . . . . . . . . . . JacobJac
                                                          .                                                                                  |
                                                          |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .
                                                          0                                                 1000 years after Adam            |                2000 years after Adam


The past history of the Hanoch Empire starts with the creation of Adam and Eve and is most closely connected with the first son of man, their first child Cain.

The family of Adam lived 30 years in paradise. Cain and Abel were born in this time, but altogether Adam and Eve had 30 children in this time (jl.hag1.013,01). From this information it can be concluded that Cain was born in the year 1 and Abel in the year 2.

Ten years after the expulsion from paradise Adam’s family then lived in good order, but then Cain killed Abel (jl.hag1.018,01) and then Cain lived 77 years without God.

When Cain’s son Hanoch was born, jl.hag1.022,01, Cain had already many children. The birth of Hanoch was the beginning of the building of the city Hanoch. The construction took 60 years, jl.hag1.022,08, and when the city was built, Hanoch was appointed ruler by his father.

In jl.hag1.024.04 it says, "then Cain started again to pray to me after a time of 77 years.” This was therefore in the 117 after Adam. It was the year of the completion of the city Hanoch and of Cain’s appointment of his son Hanoch as ruler of the city of Hanoch and the escape from his son which followed that.

In the year 40 Cain had murdered Abel and stopped praying and 77 years after that he started again with it. And 60 years before that, the construction of the city of Hanoch started, therefore in in the year 57; that were 17 years after Abel was murdered.

In the year 117 Cain therefore turned again towards God and that was then also the start of his second family and the start of the nations on the islands and after the flood of the nations of Africa, America and Australia. And 60 years before that, in the year 57, Hanoch was born and the building of the city of Hanoch started.

The empire of Hanoch is first mentioned in the Bible. In Geneisi 4:16-17 we read:

And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden. And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.

So before that Cain had lived in a land to the west of Hanoch, in Eden. Hanoch was situation towards the morning, therefore east of Eden. In jl.hag3.357,08 it is reported where Hanoch was:

But how and where to did the waters of Noah’s Flood pour? – The main part was the centre of Asia, where still today the Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea are the remnants of the most memorable kind; because where now the Caspian Sea is there once stood the over great and proud Hanoch, and still today remains of this city could be found, - but of course in a depth of more than thousand fathoms.

The verse designation jl.hag3.357,08 refers to Jakob Lorber, jl; hag3 refers to the third volume of the work Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God), and 357 is the 357th chapter and 08 the eighth verse.

The city of Hanoch was originally built by Cain. Cain also gave it its name: Hanoch.

In Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God) we hear that Cain appointed his son Hanoch (Enoch) as ruler, jl.hag1.022,01:

Cain now recognized his wife again and fathered with her a son and gave him the name 'Hanoch', that means 'the honour of Cahin'. And Cain called all his children together and said: »Children, here see your new brother, which the Lord has given me as a lord over you, to which I will make him so that an order may me among you and an end may be to your quarrelling and discord.

In Ecclesiasticus 33:19-23 we read:

Give not thy son and wife, thy brother and friend, power over thee while thou livest, and give not thy goods to another: lest it repent thee, and thou intreat for the same again.

As long as thou livest and hast breath in thee, give not thyself over to any.

For better it is that thy children should seek to thee, than that thou shouldest stand to their courtesy.

In all thy works keep to thyself the preeminence; leave not a stain in thine honour.

At the time when thou shalt end thy days, and finish thy life, distribute thine inheritance.

Cain made himself dependant from his son Hanoch and handed over to him his possessions. He made his son king.

So already then Cain had a big family, so big that he built a city. And that was already the case before his son Hanoch was born. And from Adam we know, Genesis 5:4, that after the birth of his son Seth he still lived 800 years and he begat sons and daughters. And already before the birth of his son Seth he had fathered sons and daughters. The Bible gives Cain and Abel and Seth as his sons. Jakob Lorber gives further sons: Jura as third, Bhusin as fourth and Ohorion as fifth.

Here now how Cain becomes dependant from his son Hanoch, jl.hag1.023:

And see, when the city was now completely built, there Cain took Hanoch and led him into the high home, which had been built for him, and there in the presence of all his children and also already children’s children handed over there the entire authority over them and called upon him to give to all of them laws according to his right understanding, freely according to his decree, by saying to him:

»See, Hanoch, here in this home built alone for you I hand over to you all my fatherly rights with all power and authority to the free leadership of my, yours and all their children through laws according to your decree … and so all their activities and movements are to be nothing but those of your will only.«

And there the new prince opened his mouth and said in a very domineering tone: »So hear, all of you my subjects, male and female! No-one may ever consider something as his belongings, but as my ones only … Otherwise I give you no law than the most severe obedience in all my free wishes and commands, which I will have issued to you at any time of the day as well as the night, amen.«

And see, there even Cain and all the rest got frightened above all measure . . . And see, then Cain took the word and asked Hanoch quite sadly and deeply moved: »O Hanoch, you great prince, my former son, say according to your heart right and righteous, is your father and your mother not excluded of all that, which you have ordered wisely to your subjects according to your free decree? And must I then be like my children? So command that they are to support their father and their mother, which have already become old, difficult and very weak. Or allow me most mercifully to move away to the end of the world, so that I do not see the great tribulation of my children further, where they languish under the heavy yoke of free justice.«

And see, there Hanoch said: »How then do you ask me?! Don’t I do right when I do as you have given me the teaching and the authority?! . . . So then flee out of my eyes to wherever you want, so that the severe results of justice do not overtake you! This is the only favour which I grant you freely out of me because I can do what I will and now go and flee!«

Cain then fled with his wife and four children and that was then the beginning of his second family, out of which then the nations of the islands and of Africa, America and Australia emerged. And this second family was not killed by Noah’s Flood. With the exception of the Japanese and the Chinese and the Egyptians his first family was killed by the flood.

In jl.hag1.024,04 we read:

And see, there Cain started to pray to me again after a time of 77 years

In the time before Cain started to again pray to God he had been a despot and so it was no wonder that his son behaved as a tyrant from the moment power was handed over to him.

In the Bible we read about the further descendants of Cain:

And unto Enoch was born Irad: and Irad begat Mehujael: and Mehujael begat Methusael: and Methusael begat Lamech.

That is Genesis 4:18 and in jl.hag1.029,10 we hear more about them:

And see, so this now somehow better government went forth wave-like more than 500 years, even still under the sons, that means children and children’s children of Hanoch, as there were his youngest son Irad (the violent one, as a student of Farak), reigning 100 years, his youngest son Mahujel (the fatalist or fate preacher), also reigning 100 years, then his youngest son Methusael (the aimer and inventor of nature and its powers), reigning 110 Years, and finally his me almost completely forgetting son Lamech (the inventor of the death penalties, which became quite usual under his rule), reigning 200 years.

The somehow better government of more than 500 years started with Farak, a prince under Hanoch who reformed the empire, and lasted until Lamech murdered his brothers.

The story of Lamech is described like this in the Bibel:

Genesis 4:19-24

And Lamech took unto him two wives: the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other Zillah.

And Adah bare Jabal: he was the father of such as dwell in tents, and of such as have cattle.

And his brother's name was Jubal: he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ.

And Zillah, she also bare Tubalcain, an instructer of every artificer in brass and iron: and the sister of Tubalcain was Naamah.

And Lamech said unto his wives, Adah and Zillah, Hear my voice; ye wives of Lamech, hearken unto my speech: for I have slain a man to my wounding, and a young man to my hurt.

If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold.

In Lorber’s work there is now an extensive material about the time of Lamech. I bring here information how Lamech came to power, jl.hag1.029,11-13:

But see, with Lamech I must stay a little bit longer because with him all rule stopped and idolatry and mammonism took its place, so also the cursed nature philosophy as the greatest master piece of limitless serpent maliciousness.

And see, Lamech was actually not entitled to rule due to his middle birth because according to the traditional, laid down custom, and only in the case of death or other inability was then the first born entitled to take over government, and when he also dies only then the one born in the middle.

But now Methusael’s oldest son Johred (the secret wise man after the kind of Farak, deceased already a long time ago) still lived, and his youngest brother Hail (loyal student of Johred and lawful ruler).

Lamech kills both brothers and so comes to power. This double murder is investigated by a group under the leadership of Meduhed and they separate and they become the nation of the Japanese and immediately after that the nation of the Chinese comes into being, which also go away and escape Noah’s Flood.

In jl.hag3.126,07-08 we hear about the lifespan of Lamech:

And Lamech in the depths, who then still lived, had to see with great regret, what the ones did, who came from the height.

But from his end he called his children to himself, because he had reached an age of 630 years, what was something unparalleled in the depths, and said to them:

Lamech reached an age of 630 and that was unparalleled in the depths. So Lamech reached a high age for the depths; normally men in the depths did not get that old. On the height men grew more than 900 years old, like the patriarchs of the Bible from Adam to Noah, and this difference was based on the spiritual shape, the patriarchs had a positive spiritual attitude towards God and with men in the depths this was rather a rarity.

A decisive year in the life of Lamech was the year 920 after the creation of Adam, because in that year the despot Lamech had become a god-fearing man.

The year 920 is a year full of events and in this year Adam says, jl.hag1.097,01-02:

But after this speech of Asmahael Adam soon again rose and could not keep to his lifelong spoken out vow of silence, which he anyway had earlier cheated on with Seth, but soon started to talk the following speech like a self-confession, saying:

»Hear all of you, children of the line as of the side line: I have already laid down 920 stones, every year one, whenever after winter the first little flowers had started to decorate the naked earth.

And now follows an information about the two wives of Lamech, jl.hag1.038,17-18:

Because Ada was 110 and Zilla only 100 years and both were still of excellent beauty and looked like if they were in present times only in the 24th year of their life with good upkeep.

After that they had themselves blessed and became their wives, then travelled with their husbands to the stay of Adam, who was already 920 years old then, to also be blessed by him.

Ada was therefore born in the year 810 and Zilla in the year 820 after Adam.

So this is information about the two wives of Lamech. He himself lived 630 years and reigned 200 years.

Now follows information about Lamech’s death and his successor, jl.hag3.126,14:

Soon after that Lamech died and was laid into a marvellous vault in a golden coffin by his children in the most honourable way.

All eleven cities cried for years about this leader; but ThubalCain then came to power and followed in the footsteps of his father, but with a more mistrustful spirit.

With ThubalCain this dynasty came to an end because he left no male heir and it was not known who should take over the leadership of the nation. Here jl.hag3.127,04-05:

Also the two brothers of ThubalCain were searched for in vain; because also they died on a world travel somewhere, and therefore it was nothing to be found out about them as of their descendants.

That is why the inhabitants of the city of Hanoch did not know anything other to do, than to send messengers up to the height and to find out from Lamech on the height and to consult, what should happen there now.

This is Lamech from Genesis 5:25, the son of Methuselah. He lived 777 years, therefore until shortly before the flood. He was the father of Noah. And this Lamech on the height then blessed Uraniel, also on the height, to be the leader of the nations in the depths. Uraniel was a brother of the wife of Noah, therefore Noah’s brother-in-law, and therefore the uncle of Shem, Ham and Japheth. Uraniel’s father was Muthael and his mother was Purista.

In jl.hag3.131,06 we hear something about the time of the rule of Uraniel:

And so neither Lamech nor Noah, who at that time was already a man of several eighty years, and just as little Muthael could find out something from the depths.

Noah was born in the year 1056 after Adam and was several eighty years old when Uraniel was king and that would then have been after the year 1136.

In jl.hag3.137,15 we hear information about Uraniel‘s life:

Therefore this aristocratic government lasted about 100 years and ended with the death of Uraniel, who had reached altogether an age of nearly 300 years and in the end had to die in greatest trouble, but nevertheless in the state of again obtained favour of God, which he had forfeited completely.

Here jl.hag3.138,01-04 with information about Uraniel and something very informative about a very cultivated industrial nation:

Uraniel with his two wives left 7 children, five daughters and two sons; the daughters were extremely beautiful, and the sons were real giants. But neither the sons nor the daughters were raised at home in Hanoch, but on the height.

Because when Uraniel in his great hardship turned again towards the Lord and asked him for the improvement of the misery of the city of Hanoch, of the other cities and the entire country in the depths, there the Lord said to him:

»Listen to me, you blind man, when you would have asked me 77 years earlier for this, then I would have been able to listen to your request; but now it is too late!

A blind and stupid nation as it was at the beginning under Lamech is easy to convert, - because with its blindness it still has an open, believing heart; but an industrial nation so highly cultivated thinks itself to be wiser than I am.

The 77 years seem to indicate something about the time of government of Uraniel.

Now follows a summarizing statement about the last three mentioned rulers of the Hanoch empire, jl.hag3.139,01:

The few fathers on the height were quite terribly astonished over the so completely fallen state of the depths, which stood there under Lamech, under ThubalCain and still a considerable time also under Uraniel so marvellously flourishing.

After Uraniel‘s death the following situation resulted, jl.hag3.138,13:

But when, as already known, King Uraniel died in the depths, there the thousand councillors divided the great empire among themselves and started to suppress the people terribly through their power, erected still more several principalities and demanded a prohibitively expensive tribute.

Therefore the thousand councillors decided on the events.

God then appointed 10 young men from the area of midday and gave them the talent to call fire from heaven, and sent them down to Hanoch, and these ten broke the power of the 1000 councillors with their talent.

These 10 messengers, who later became 10 ministers of the king who was then also appointed by God, arrived in Hanoch and then the following happened, jl.hag3.146,11:

But from this gate it was still a small day’s journey until the golden residency of the thousand councillors, but who had now already elected a pretence king out of their midst, but who had no other power than to confirm all the time what the thousand councillors had agreed upon.

The name of the pretence king was Midehal, jl.hag3.178,17.

Of these 1000 councillors 650 separated and went to Egypt, jl.hag3.153,13:

But they took such a direction that they came to today’s Egypt and settled in the upper part of this country, in the area of Elephantine, built a small city for themselves and lived there.

Then a further 250 of the 1000 councillors separated and went away, jl.hag3.154,12. And thus 100 councillors remained. Out of these 100 God then put Ohlad as king over the people, jl.hag3.164,03.

Ohlad is a descendant of Kisehel, jl.hag3.186,10, and Kisehel, from midday, therefore south of Adam’s hut, is a descendant of Seth.

In jl.hag3.164,11-17 Ohlad‘s meeting with God is described. God is Ohlad‘s double (Doppelgänger):

But the Lord immediately said again to Ohlad: »Ohlad, step here behind the cloud column, and you will see him, who has talked to you; because I, your God, your Lord and your father, wait already for a long time for you here! Therefore come and convince yourself that it is me who has called you, and now speaks to you: Come and see!«

Moved by the utmost respect and love, Ohlad immediately went behind the white cloud and found there his complete most own being to his greatest astonishment, equal to his so-called double.

And this his complete double looked at him firmly and did not move.

This appearance overcame Ohlad, and he started to be afraid.

But the double said: 'Do not be afraid, Ohlad; because it is myself, your Lord and your God and your father!

But do not be surprised because of our complete similarity; because I have indeed created you according to my image. Therefore do not be surprised about what was based already in eternity in my order!«

These words calmed Ohlad again, and he became attentive and asked the Lord in his image that he might talk to him and announce his most holy will to him.

Upon Ohlad, who reigned 30 years, followed his son Dronel, who reigned 50 years, jl.hag3.190,04+05+17:

But his son, who followed him in government, was already much more negligent.

When I admonished him to eagerness in the temple he said: »Lord, give me the miracle power of the ten ministers of my father, who led by this for 30 years the entire nation of Earth happily, and I will lead it 100 years still more happily! But when you Lord give me miracle power, then do not give it to me from today to tomorrow, but for my entire life, and I will lead the nation without ministers!«

Truly, this king, who was called Dronel, knew how to properly test my patience! But I nevertheless left the rule to him through 50 years because he nevertheless just loved me except his hours of grief.

Dronels successor was his son Kinkar, jl.hag3.191,01:

But Dronel had a son with the name Kinkar; to him he handed over government while he was still alive. Because since he could get no miracle power by begging and force in the time of 50 years from God, so he said:

Kinkar was a man who had the laws of God collected in his first year and wrote them together in a book, jl.hag3.192,03. The words of Kinkel follow, jl.hag3.192,12-14:

And the book shall be named ‘The holy writing (Sanah scritt) and your salvation (Seant ha vesta)'.

But whoever takes something away from the book or should add something unauthorized to it, he is also immediately to be punished with death!

But I still have a second book in work; all acts of God and his leaderships are to be recorded in it; and that book, for which already 1000 sheets of the metal worker Arbial are readily lying around, is to be called The holy history of God' (Seant hiast elli)! What do you say, father, to this my undertaking?'

Kinkar‘s successor, after 43 years of government and many inventions, like electricity, gunpowder, paper, steam engines, optic, was his son Japell, jl.hag3.195,05:

As long as Kinkar lived and ruled, these vices were still hidden; but when Kinkar found a violent death in a machinery after 43 years of government and then his son Japell started government, there soon everything started to be upside down.

In jl.hag3.331,11 there is a statement by Mahal, Noah’s brother, which gives us some more information about the technical advances of that time: „Since the hellish invention of the explosive grains, the earth drills and the stone softening corrosive no mountain is anymore safe of the destruction rage of men.”

Here still information about Kinkar from jl.hag3.226,05, which Jakob Lorber wrote down on 15th of February 1844 after Christ:

The weapons existed of spears, swords, bows and fire pipes of the kind as the old Turks had in the time of their first wars, when they were shooting with stone balls; because the powder was already invented under King Dronel, a son of Ohlad, and was refined under Kinkar (In the sense of more effective).

And still information from jl.hag3.222,09-10:

We are well familiar with the principles of aero-statics (airship travel)! Can’t we convert these so that we occupy even the most inaccessible tops of the mountains with them?! What advantage would that be!

Then we are the most refined miners (diggers of galleries)! Can’t we then pierce the mountains at suitable places and then raid through such mines completely unexpectedly the beasts of the highland at night-time and kill them all badly?!

His son Japell now built a world empire, by inviting all nations to join his country with all the technical achievements, jl.hag3.197,09-11:

Now the Sihinites, the Meduhedites and Cahinites, as also the councillors who had emigrated at the times of Ohlad to Egypt were not found.

Through the most obliging courtesy and through an extremely fine eloquence of the emissaries, who were in the main sheer wizards and produced themselves at the same time in the most different arts before the found nations, all the nations were won for Hanoch in a short time.

Even the children of the height surrendered except the house of Lamech, but who just died around this time, when Hanoch send out these laudable emissaries. And so only Noah with his three brothers, five sisters and with his wife, who was a daughter of Muthael and of Prista, and with his five children, was alone there who was not blinded by the apostles of Hanoch, but remained completely loyal to the Lord.

Lamech died in the year 1651 and that therefore gives us an indication when Japell ruled.

Further information is that Noah had three brothers and five sisters.

Japell reigned 25 years, jl.hag3.199,01:

Japell died in the25th year of his government out of grief; because he wanted to appoint his second born son as king, while the first born was a sick, quite crippled and mentally deficient.

But the priests refused him that and when he died the first born son was soon elevated to be king, jl.hag3.199,02+14, and is then described as pretence king in the reports.

Now follows information about the population, jl.hag3.201,01-05:

But the priest sent out entire caravans out of Hanoch on discovery journeys, so that these sent out caravans should look for in the most distant parts of the Earth, whether nowhere perhaps a nation or treasures would be found, which would be suitable for the treasure-vault of the mighty priests of Hanoch.

And at the same time they also sent out family researchers, whose business it was to make exact inquiries in all cities and places who there may be is a descendant of Cain and a descendant of Seth out of the height.

(Because the priests, the nobility, as the king were nothing but descendants of Seth out of the height, who were fathered with daughters of the depths.)

This investigation lasted five years, and it revealed that in the depths the descendants of Seth exceeded the descendants of Cain by nine tenth; there were hardly a tenth pure Cainites among the Sethities found.

The success of this investigation was that the Cainites were all called up and made to eternal slaves without regard to their previous class; and all their possessions went of course to the priests.

But the priest made the firstborn son king, jl.hag3.199,14. So the priest took over power. The size of the empire is shown by an army of 5 million warriors, jl.hag3.226,07.

Later on the priests handed over their power and made Gurat king, jl.hag3.230,16:

This apposition of Gurat was received with greatest approval. And that is why Gurat was anointed and received the keys and the thousand crowns, where each one of them would have been worth a million of fine guilders in this time; but just as valuable were also the keys.

In jl.hag3.222,03 Gurat is described as a „very mischievous under-priest“ and in jl.hag3.225,05 another under-priest describes him as follows: „But what concerns Gurat, there has never been a finer rascal than he is!“

Here something about the new King Gurat and the pretence king, jl.hag3.232,01:

When the deputation with the new king arrived in Hanoch then he was received with an utmost ceremonial welcome by the other upper-priests, who belonged to the hero party, and immediately introduced as king and autocrat to all the great of Hanoch. After that he at once accepted the tribute and ascended the old throne of Lamech in the old castle, while the pretence king still resided in the new golden castle.

An information regarding the geographic influence of the Hanoch empire follows, jl.hag3.250,10:

The traces of this work of Gurat are still now here and there quite well visible in today’s Tibet.

And now follows an extract from a speech of Gurat’s head of government, with which he addresses Waltar, a messenger of Noah, whom Noah had send to Hanoch to warn of the coming end of the world, jl.hag3.253,12:

Now see, would a wise god perhaps send to a nation Hanoch a miserable messenger, like you are one, and have the end of the world threaten with?! Would not a god have to foresee that already many thousands of years before that, that such a messenger will only be extremely pityingly laughed at in the face of more than five hundred million enlightened men?! Should a god seriously not know that a fly can never knock over a mountain?! Look, look, my dear friend, how stupid your message is!

The head of government, Fungar-Hellan, speaks of more than 500 million people in his country. That is about in the order of the population of today’s India, only the area then was perhaps much larger than today’s India.

The following statement out of the mouth of Waltar gives information about the family of Noah and particularly about his nice Agla, the sister of Waltar, jl.hag3.254,07-08:

The king permitted such the messenger, and the messenger said: »O king, so hear me! See, my father is called Mahal and is a brother of Noah! But this my father is already about 500 years old and is still strong like if counted just 50. I am his youngest son and am also already 70 years old and have brothers and sisters in large number.

But I will not speak about all, but only of my sister, who is one year older than me. I have grown very fond of her! Could I get her to me that she would be with me, then I would much more like to stay here than that I remain without this divine beautiful sister!«

From jl.hag3.255,04 we hear the distance between the city Hanoch and the home of Noah: „For a good pedestrian it is a two days journey, but back the way can also be covered in one and a half days!“

Here an information about a speech of the Lord to Mahal regarding the time of Noah’s Flood, jl.hag3.355,06:

Therefore I have up to now called, taught and warned my children about 2000 years; but they never wanted to up with my love-righteous warning, but only put their ear and heart to the old lie-mouth of Satan, and he has shown them the way to ruin. And they walk tirelessly on these ways as long until after that they carry off for themselves what has come over them and the entire circle of the Earth!

King Gurat had a kind of head of government and that was Fungar Hellan, and another leader of the empire was Captain Drohuit. This triumvirate governed the gigantic empire until Noah’s Flood. It is very much recommended to read the extensive reports about Hanoch under the government of these Three because there are numerous parallels to the time of the forthcoming end.

A further person of great influence upon the empire was the brother of Noah, Mahal. All four did not survive the flood but were also not killed by the flood. The triumvirate fled before the flood to the mountains, but there they were not killed by the flood, but were personally killed by God and then transported to hell. Mahal, the brother of Noah, was also not killed by the flood. He was entrusted by God with the task to guide and protect Noah’s ark. All this happened on the seventh day of the flood.

Mahal‘s departure from Earth happened this way, jl.hag3.356,10:

Here the Lord touched Mahal with one finger, and in that moment die mortal body collapsed to dust and ashes; but the transfigured spirit of Mahal stood as a shining Seraph next to the Lord and praised and glorified with immortal lips the eternal love of the father, which still in judgement is of the same endless fullness as in the peace of eternal order.

When one has a look at the end of this triumvirate and compares this with the end of the people who together with Satan will fall into the bottomless pit, when this end-time will reach its culmination, then there are the following differences. Hell is a stay for spirits of deceased people who failed as men and during their time as men did not find their way back to God. But in hell a change can take place, even so under more difficult circumstances. The fall into the abyss, as it will happen at the end of this end-time for those who refuse to turn to God, will however have as a result, that they not only go to hell with the soul, but will again be fed, with soul and body, into matter and have to spend eternities there.

More details about the life of Mahal come from jl.hag3.340,02, where he declares his age with 490 years, and that was perhaps 5 years before the floodjl.hag3.342,10.

The flood started in the year 1656 after Adam and Mahal was then born 495 years before the flood, therefore in the year 1161. Mahal’s brother Noah was born 1056 and so Mahal was 105 years younger than Naoh.

When one reads Jakob Lorber’s work Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God), it is good to know that Mahal was transfigured because there many discussions between God and Mahal, in which Mahal doubts the wisdom of God, because God has not prepared a place for Mahal in the ark. Mahal feels neglected by God compared to his brother because Noah’s rescue is organized, but apparently not his. God’s rescue therefore can take on the most different forms. This is good to know, particularly for us shortly before the end. And Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God) is excellent information material for the most different points of view, which are exactly also now relevant in the present end-time.

The discussions between God and Mahal are quite informative because they bring to us information why God does things, which he does.

Four years of the 5 years before the flood were spent that angels gathered up animals for the ark. These angels were in this case visible angels, so they were visible for normal people. And this was a sign for men that showed them what was to come. This reminds one of the crop circles of which reports appear these years every summer; also here and today men try to explain supernatural events naturally and so it was then, the appearing of angels men explained for themselves with some considerations.

In jl.hag3.346,05 it is 1 year before the flood when the angels went through Hanoch with all the animals and called upon men to follow them and so get rescued.

In jl.hag3.348 the fetching home of Agla through the angel Waltar is described. This happens 1 year before the flood, therefore in the year 1655. When her brother Waltar comes to Hanoch 15 years before the flood, he is 70 years old and Agla is 71 years old. Agla was therefore 85 years old and born 86 years before the flood. Therefore in the year 1570.

In jl.hag3.349,04 Noah, just after Agla was transfigured, mentions that God called Mahal is son 4 years before. This is therefore a repetition of the statement of the 4 years in which the angels gathered the animals.

In jl.hag3.350,07-13 we hear the fate of the remaining children of Mahal, the son Kisarel and the daughters Pira and Gella (jl.hag3.272,03), the taking away of the 3 children of Mahal through the fire of the wrath of God.

Now follows a part of the speech which God addresses to Noah when the Lord told Noah to go into the ark, jl.hag3.352,03-08:

»Noah, do not be afraid; because see, I, the Lord of all creatures and all things, am with you to protect and to shield you of all hardship, which I now have coming over the world because men, who have become evil, wanted it that way!

See, see, how sad it now looks on this old Earth! The skill of men has, without their knowledge and wanting, freed before the time the bad imprisoned original spirits of this Earth, as a result of which all heavens would be endangered without judgement. Therefore the space from Earth to the Moon is now filled with such spirits. And when a brightness would not come upon the ground through a local glowing of the clouds, in which the freed bad spirits are now raging and romping, then such a night would be here, in which all life would have to suffocate; because the light of the Sun is never able to penetrate through such masses of clouds and hazes!

But men of the depths have no fear! They illuminate their streets with torches and big oil lamps and are merry at the same time; they still marry and have themselves married and have banquets, play and dance, while I, their creator, mourn for them and cannot help them, in order to not to destroy them in their spirit for ever.

O you my Noah, that is a hard stand for a father who sees his children before the abyss and is not able and not allowed to help them except through a new most brusque imprisonment, which there is the forthcoming now unavoidable judgement! What am I supposed to say to that?

See, there are descendants of Cain on Earth in areas far away from here! For them a dirty (deteriorated, not directly out of God) revelation was enough, and they still live in your order up to this hour; and the few among them who more or less have sometimes burdened their conscience through a deed, these are now wringing their hands to me in this general night of the approaching judgement and beseech me for mercy!

But I say to you: See, I will also take pity on them in their trouble; but this great globe, which my children inhabit in mixture with the children of the world, shall now experience my most inexorable judgement!

Also we will not have to be afraid in this end-time because God will also protect and shield us. And that of all hardship.

This is an important reference to the spirit world referring to original spirits: the imprisoned original spirits, which were freed before the time.

And also at this end-time the skill of men will, without their knowledge, again free these imprisoned original spirits.

The expression „Therefore the space from Earth to the Moon is now filled with such spirits,” gives us an indication that the Moon has a more direct relationship to Earth than other celestial bodies.

Exactly as it is now, it was then: But men of the depths have no fear! They illuminate their streets with torches and big oil lamps and are merry at the same time.

The descendants of Cain on Earth in areas far away from Noah are obviously referring to Japan, China, and the islands, and are therefore areas, which were not directly affected by the flood and where people survived it. But it is especially an indication that these people, in contrast to Noah’s neighbours, had remained god-fearing people.

Here a piece of information about age, jl.hag3.353,11:

When Noah had performed all that with the help of the Lord in the greatest order, there he proceeded into the ark in his 600th year of age, and that was on the 17th day of the other month, which there was according to the present calendar the 17th of February.

The present calendar is that of Jakob Lorber. He wrote that on the 24th of August 1844 after Christ.

Now follows an information about the extent of Noah’s Flood, jl.hag3.357,06:

About 7 days later the water flooded already the highest mountains of this globe to the highest Himalayas, which separated the country of the Sihinites from the entire other Asia.

So Noah’s Flood therefore reached to the Himalayas, the Himalayas themselves were therefore not flooded, and consequently also not China.


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