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The Table of Nations


1. The Table of Nations
2. Overall view Note 1 2 3
Note 4 jl.hag3.116,01-06
Note 5
3. The Japanese Note 6 jl.hag1.030,08
Note 7 jl.ev07.159,11-12
Note 8 jl.hag1.036,15
4. The Chinese Note 9 jl.hag1.033,19-20
jl.hag1.036,40-46: 40 41 42 43 44 45 46
jl.hag1.037,01-06: 01 02 03 04 05 06
Note 10 jl.hag3.079,07
Note 11 jl.hag1.036,46
Note 12 jl.hag3.137,01
5. Africa, America and Australia Note 13 jl.ev08.073,01-03
Note 14 jl.jim1.355,12
Note 15 jl.erde.003,1-2
Note 16 jl.hag1.022,01
Genesis 4:17-22
Note 17 jl.hag1.025,03-08
Note 18 jl.ev04.091,03
jl.hag1.024,01-16 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
jl.hag1.025,01-08 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Note 19 jl.erde.081,01-02
Note 20 jl.hag3.153,12-15
Note 21
6. After the Flood Note 22jl.hag3.360,06
Note 23
7. Reflection Note 24jl.hag1.034,30-31
B.D. NR. 2304
a quotation
Note 25



1. The Table of Nations


I bring a Table of Nations at the beginning of this webpage. The information contained in this table comes from the Bible, for example from chapter 4 and 5 and 10 and 11 of Genesis, and the writings of Jakob Lorber, mainly from his work Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God), jl.hag. After this table a discussion follows. The discussion brings little of the data coming from the Bible, but almost exclusively from data coming from Jakob Lorber. The main aspect of this discussion is the coming into being of the nation of the Japanese and the nation of the Chinese and then of the peoples which come from the second family of Cain and that are, among others, the black people.

So here first a Table of Nations:


Descendants of an individual are placed below and to the right of the ancestor's name

                     Jabal, son of Adah
                     Jubal, brother of Jabal
                     Tubalcain, son of Zillah
                     Naamah, sister of Tubalcain
   Cain, Cain's first family  > (Genesis 4), see above
                              > Japanese
                              > Chinese
                              > original Egyptians
   Cain, Cain's second family > islands
                              > Madagascar > southern Africa
                              > Africa
                              > America
                              > Australia
   Other sons and daughters of Adam
      .  Cainan
      .     Mahalaleel
      .        Jared
      .           Enoch
      .              Methuselah
      .                 Lamech
      .                    Noah
      .                       Shem > Semites
      .                       .  Elam > Elam
      .                       .  Asshur > Assyria
      .                       .  Arphaxad
      .                       .     Salah
      .                       .        Eber
      .                       .           Peleg
      .                       .           .  Reu
      .                       .           .     Serug
      .                       .           .        Nahor
      .                       .           .           Terah
      .                       .           .              Abraham, son of Terah
      .                       .           .              .  Ishmael, son of Hagar > Ishmaelites
      .                       .           .              .     Nebajoth
      .                       .           .              .     Kedar
      .                       .           .              .     Adbeel
      .                       .           .              .     Mibsam
      .                       .           .              .     Mishma
      .                       .           .              .     Dumah
      .                       .           .              .     Massa
      .                       .           .              .     Hadar
      .                       .           .              .     Tema
      .                       .           .              .     Jetur
      .                       .           .              .     Naphish
      .                       .           .              .     Kedemah
      .                       .           .              .  Isaac, son of Sarai
      .                       .           .              .     Esau  > Edom
      .                       .           .              .     Jacob > Israelites
      .                       .           .              .  Zimran, son of Keturah
      .                       .           .              .  Jokshan, son of Keturah
      .                       .           .              .     Sheba
      .                       .           .              .     Dedan
      .                       .           .              .        Asshurim
      .                       .           .              .        Letushim
      .                       .           .              .        Leummim
      .                       .           .              .   Medan, son of Keturah
      .                       .           .              .   Midian, son of Keturah > Midianites
      .                       .           .              .     Epha
      .                       .           .              .     Epher
      .                       .           .              .     Hanoch
      .                       .           .              .     Abidah
      .                       .           .              .     Eldaah
      .                       .           .              .  Jishbak, son of Keturah
      .                       .           .              .  Shuah, son of Keturah
      .                       .           .              Nahor, son of Terah > 12 nations of the Arameans
      .                       .           .              .  Huz, son of Milcah
      .                       .           .              .  Buz, son of Milcah
      .                       .           .              .  Kemuel, son of Milcah
      .                       .           .              .     Aram
      .                       .           .              .  Chesed, son of Milcah
      .                       .           .              .  Hazo, son of Milcah
      .                       .           .              .  Pildash, son of Milcah
      .                       .           .              .  Jidlaph, son of Milcah
      .                       .           .              .  Bethuel, son of Milcah
      .                       .           .              .     Rebekah, daughter of Bethuel
      .                       .           .              .        Esau  > Edom
      .                       .           .              .        Jacob > Israelites
      .                       .           .              .  Tebah, son of Reumah
      .                       .           .              .  Gaham, son of Reumah
      .                       .           .              .  Thahash, son of Reumah
      .                       .           .              .  Maachah, son of Reumah
      .                       .           .              Haran, son of Terah
      .                       .           .              .  Lot
      .                       .           .              .     Moab > Moabites
      .                       .           .              .     Benammi > the children of Ammon
      .                       .           .              .  Milcah, daughter of Haran
      .                       .           .              .     Bethuel
      .                       .           .              .        Rebekah, daughter of Bethuel
      .                       .           .              .           Esau  > Edom
      .                       .           .              .           Jacob > Israelites
      .                       .           .              Sarai, daughter of Terah
      .                       .           .                 Isaac
      .                       .           .                    Esau  > Edom
      .                       .           .                    Jacob > Israetites
      .                       .           Joktan
      .                       .              Almodad
      .                       .              Sheleph
      .                       .              Hazarmaveth > Hadramaut
      .                       .              Jerah
      .                       .              Hadoram
      .                       .              Uzal
      .                       .              Diklah
      .                       .              Obal
      .                       .              Abimael
      .                       .              Sheba > Saba
      .                       .              Ophir
      .                       .              Havila
      .                       .              Jobab
      .                       .  Lud > Lydia
      .                       .  Aram > Aramaeans
      .                       .     Uz
      .                       .     Hul
      .                       .     Gether
      .                       .     Mash
      .                       Ham
      .                       .  Cush > Ethiopia
      .                       .     Seba > Saba
      .                       .     Havilah
      .                       .     Sabtah
      .                       .     Raamah
      .                       .        Sheba
      .                       .        Dedan > Dedan
      .                       .     Sabtechah
      .                       .     Nimrod
      .                       .        Babel > Babylon
      .                       .        Erech > Uruk
      .                       .        Accad > Agade
      .                       .        Calneh, in the land of Shinar
      .                       .           Asshur > Assyria
      .                       .              Nineveh
      .                       .              Rehoboth
      .                       .              Calah > Kalhu
      .                       .              Resen
      .                       .  Mizraim > Egypt
      .                       .     Ludim > Lydia
      .                       .     Anamim
      .                       .     Lehabim
      .                       .     Naphtuhim
      .                       .     Pathrusim
      .                       .     Casluhim
      .                       .        Philistim, > Philistines
      .                       .     Caphtorim > Cretans
      .                       .  Phut > Libya
      .                       .  Canaan > Canaan
      .                       .     Sidon > Sidon
      .                       .     Heth > Hittites
      .                       .     Jebusite
      .                       .     Amorite > Amorites
      .                       .     Girgasite
      .                       .     Hivite > Hurritians
      .                       .     Arkite
      .                       .     Sinite
      .                       .     Arvadite
      .                       .     Zemarite
      .                       .     Hammathite > Hamathites
      .                       Japheth
      .                         Gomer > Cimmerians
      .                             Ashkenaz > Scytians
      .                             Riphath
      .                             Togarmah
      .                          Magog
      .                          Madai > Medes (Kurds)
      .                          Javan > Ionians
      .                             Elishah > Alasia (in Cyprus)
      .                             Tarshish
      .                             Kittim
      .                             Dodanim (Rodanim) > Rhodes
      .                          Tubal
      .                          Meshech > Muski
      .                          Tiras
      Kaeam, the tenth son of Seth
      Garbiel, has Seth as father
      Sehel, Seth's youngest and last son



2. Overall view

^ Note No. 1

When we look at a table of nations like the above one then we are looking at the history of men and that means we are not looking at the history of animals or animals looking like men. When scientist find something like a human skeleton or parts of it then they often might think it is the remains of a human being but it might just be that of an animal. Have a look at webpages like
Difference between man and animal
Free will
Struggle for existence
The rocks
Pre-Adamites 9015
Time estimation not possible for men 9016


^ Note No. 2

So we have to distinguish between man and animal. But we also have to distinguish between men coming from Adam and Eve and men not coming from Adam and Eve. The Bible does not really say that God only created Adam and Eve and I here speak of this redemption period and of people who might still be living today and are not descendants of Adam and Eve. So there might be people who are not descendants of Adam and Eve. When I here speak of this redemption period then it reminds us of the fact that there are other redemption periods were men lived, see
Time estimation
and with this table of nations we only deal with men of this redemption period. So this should be a reminder to always keep the big picture in mind and see the creation of the material world in its entire context, see
Creation – Part 1
Creation – Part 2.

We should also never forget that the evolution applies to the soul, and not to the body, that the soul goes through all evolutionary stages from minerals, to plants, to animals and finally to men, and then it should leave the material plane entirely. The outer forms of these "things" are always special creations like Adam and Eve, they do not evolve. The purpose of the so-called scientific theory of evolution is to distract man of the main purpose in life, to develop his soul. It is devilish.


^ Note No. 3

Now a further distinguishing fact is that Noah’s Flood killed a lot of people, but it did not kill all, because the flood was not a worldwide flood. See
Why Noah’s Flood was not worldwide.

Most parts of the Americas were probably not affected by the flood, probably only some northern parts. Most parts of Africa were probably not affected by the flood, probably only some northern parts. Australia was probably not affected. So people living in such unaffected areas were not killed by the flood and therefore survived. And this means, in connection with our table of nations, that also the nations which did not come from the few people who stepped out of the arc, are and remain relevant. These are therefore nations who descended from Cain, the first son of Adam and Eve, possibly even from Abel, the second son, but also other nations who are descendants of Seth, a third son of Adam and Eve mentioned in the Bible. And then we cannot forget that Adam and Eve had other children. It says of Adam that he begat sons and daughters after Seth. So the black people of Africa for instance may not be descendants of Noah. And they are not because we have records of it.

For a discussion of some details coming from Genesis see Who is Gomer?


^ Note No. 4

Here a record about such people like the people of Africa. The source is Die Haushaltung Gotte (The household God), jl.hag3.116,01-06, by Jakob Lorber:

Also the children of the world in the depth, when they heard the news of the death of Adam, deeply mourned him and fasted for three days.

And Lamech, who at this time still lived long and loyally for a long time, sent messengers to all sides of Earth and had the death of Adam announced to all then accessible peoples.

And wherever the announcement arrived, soon deep mourning arose, and all lamented and cried about the loss of the patriarch.

But the standing of Eve just won all the more; because it then did not happen seldom that entire processions from all sides moved up to the height to see the patriarch mother and to greet her.

Even emissaries of Sihin (China) came up to the mountains of the children of God and visited Eve; because also these heard from the messengers of Lamech that the patriarch Adam had died.

But the Kahinites (Africa) and the Meduhedites (Japan) did not hear it; because these two peoples were then completely separated from the inhabitants of the mainland.


^ Note No. 5

The word "Kahinites" seems to refer directly to Cain. In Why Noah’s Flood was not worldwide we hear, About seven days later the water already flooded the highest mountains of this globe until the very highest Himalaya Mountains, which separates there the land of the Sihinites from the whole of the other Asia (jl.hag3.357,06). And this seems to indicate that China was then already inhabited by the Chinese and that China was not affected by the flood, that the Himalayas protected China and therefore also the Chinese, like the Japanese, did not experience the flood and therefore survived and are therefore not descendants of Noah. “Kahinites (Africa)” seems to concern only those descendants of Cain who finally came to Africa, because some other descendants of Cain remained in Hanoch and at one stage were persecuted by the priests of the world city Hanoch (jl.hag3.201,05) because they were a minority.



3. The Japanese

^ Note No. 6

In jl.hag1.030,08 we read for the first time something about Meduhed. There is the sentence: And one of them was however the greatest and strongest and is called Meduhed (that means ‘the strongest’). Meduhed is the leader of the first Japanese. He lived in Hanoch when Lamech ruled there, Genesis 4:18.

The Lamech of Genesis 4:18 became unauthorized ruler after Methusael by killing his brother, Hail, the rightful successor. This caused a group of 3000 men to investigate the occurrence. At this occasion Meduhed emerged as leader of this group. Seth, the son of Adam, informed them about what really had happened and also about the coming divine judgement, the flood. This caused Meduhed to turn to God. To escape from the dictatorship of Lamech and also from the flood, they decided to flee. The men returned home and fetched their families and met within two hours; in two hours everyone was ready for the journey, and they went east. The group consisted of 10000 male and 20000 female members and of just as many camels and large donkeys. This was the beginning of the Japanese nation. It happened at a time when Adam was still alive.

The circumstances of the change of government, as it is described in Genesis 4:18-24, therefore from Methusael to Lamech, produced the nation of the Japanese. It was the turning back of a group of people from ungodliness back to the creator under the leadership of Meduhed.

This change of government from Methusael to Lamech is also expressed in Genesis 4:23 where Lamech says: "Hear my voice; ye wives of Lamech, hearken unto my speech: for I have slain a man to my wounding, and a young man to my hurt." The man was Lamech’s older brother Johred and the young man was Lamech’s youngest brother Hail, the rightful king. And because Hail was now dead, the empire Hanoch became the haul of Lamech.

When we speak of Lamech here, then we should perhaps call him Lamech number one, who came from Cain, the first son of Adam (Genesis 4:18), to distinguish him from Lamech number two who came from Seth, another son of Adam (Genesis 5:25). This Lamech number two was the son of Methuselah and the father of Noah. He was "only" 777 years old, and not more than 900 years old, like his forefathers, and that was because he died shortly before Noah’s Flood, und this flood was probably to be spared for him.

This difference between the two Lamechs is nicely expressed in jl.hag1.038,20-21. There Adam is introduced to the two wives of Lamech number one, Adah and Zillah (Genesis 4:19). Adam was then 920 years old and Adah 110 and Zillah 100. And Adam becomes angry und claims, they are lying to him, because he assumes they are talking about Lamech number two. He is then told: "Don’t be cross, father Adam! Also from the bowels of Cain a Lamech has come into being in the damned depth; that one has murdered two brothers."

From this information it can be seen that Adah was born in the year 810 and Zillah in the year 820 after the creation of Adam.

This group of 3000 men which formed after Lamech had murdered his brothers to come to power, is described this way (jl.hag1.030,01): "Then the most reasonable and also somewhat more sensible out of the tribes and from all the people, about 3000 in numbers without their wives and children, who remained at home, came together." The nation of the Japanese, which emerged out of this group, therefore came into being out of people, who belonged to the more reasonable and also somewhat more sensible from Hanoch and the 10 cities belonging to it and its surroundings.

The exodus of the Japanese from Hanoch and their salvation is described in Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God) by Jakob Lober and is at least as dramatic and full of miracles as the one of the Israelites from Egypt.

The oldest nation was Cain’s first family, which gathered around the city Hanoch built by Cain in Genesis 4:17. But this family was killed by Noah’s Flood. The Japanese Nation emerged out of this nation of Cain, therefore separated from it, and survived the flood. Therefore the Japanese are the oldest still existing nation. This nation seems to have succeeded, particularly in comparison with Israel, having kept itself relatively free from domineering rulers, from domineering religionists and from foreign domination and exile and dispersion and persecution. So for example they did not get foreign rulers at the end of World War II, despite their defeat, and kept their emperor. He might have been a descendant of Meduhed.

The Japanese fled to the end of the world, which was the shore of the Pacific Ocean, built 52 boxes or rafts in 14 days, received a Sabbath from God, left their camels and donkeys behind, as a sign for the Lamechites that they had been there, and also as a sign that they had left the animal life of theirs behind, and had rescued the human and therefore also the divine only.

And now a quote from the speech of Meduhed, from jl.hag1.033,09:

Then you will see them throwing stones into the water; but none of them will reach us. Because the right hand of God will quickly lead us out of their hyena face and will guide us to a great and far away country, which is 30 days and 30 nights away from all mainland and is almost in the middle of the great body of water and called 'Ihypon' (that is: 'a safe garden', Japan), and this country will remain ours, as long the world will exist, according to the will from above; but we will recognize it, that already from far away we will see a high, burning mountain full of flames of the love of God. (Fujiama, 378O m, on the island Hondo in Japan)

In jl.hag1.034,01-03 we hear something about Japan:

But we turn towards Ihypon (nowadays 'Japon', also 'Japan') and expect there the approaching Meduhedites and want to still stay with them a short time.

After 30 days and nights the Meduhedites therefore arrived under my favourable winds on small detours because of the calmness of the see on the aforementioned great land island happily and safe and well under loud rejoicing, exulting and praising of my name, and that at the most wide mouth of a calmly flowing river out of the interior of the country, on which calm and quite wide back they were lifted up in their boxes to the interior of the country through a quite strong, serviceable wind.

When they now were completely in the middle, there Meduhed fell down on his face, completely seized by the wonderful beauty of the country, and thanked me in the quiet depth of his heart nearly one hour, and all eyes and ears were directed towards him.


^ Note No. 7

Here something about the Japanese Meduhed from jl.ev07.159,11-12:

Said the Upper Egyptian: »When your spirit and your soul will be one – what all of you chosen ones will soon have to experience -, then you will realize that already very clearly; but the soul, which is still strongly tied to its body cannot realize and fathom that.

But I not only know that what is written in your books, but I also know the old writings of the Egyptians, of the Parses, Gebers, Indians, Sinese and the writings of the old Meduhed with the Ihyponese. For short, what is on Earth from the north pole to the south pole and exists, is so clearly known to me as for you at home your fishing hut near the town of Capernaum, in which the Lord has already worked so many miracles, - and still only few believe in him, because they are blind grocers, brokers and money usurers. Therefore, what the Earth bears, contains and holds, that is well known to me; but above the Earth I just see weakly.


^ Note No. 8
Here something about Meduhed‘s origin, from jl.hag1.036,15:
He punished the brother murderer Cain with an over fertile country because he has cried over his misdeed, and still liberated him moreover out of the claws of his son Hanoch und gave him the sea and all the land in it; so also Meduhed with his great people; and now his infinite love again proves itself anew with you, and his heart is not even closed before the greatest criminal Lamech!



4. The Chinese

^ Note No. 9

The coming into being of the people of the Chinese follows directly the coming into being of the people of the Japanese. When the Japanese under Meduhed’s leadership left the shore of the Pacific Ocean, their pursuers arrived at this coast and still saw the Japanese and their boxes, or their rafts, and even tried to still fight them by hurling stones in their direction. This army pursuing the Japanese consisted of people of the dictator Lamech and were led by Tatahar. Now follows a report of God about the situation after the Lamechites had chased after the Meduhedites unsuccessfully. (jl.hag1.033,19-20):

But I had the Lamechites being pursued by the always growing floods of the sea to the mountains, where they were torn to pieces and consumed by the thousands by the hyenas, tigers, lions, bears and wolfs and snakes; because the column of the pursuers consisted 7000 male and 7000 female heads. And of them not more than seven youth and 7 young ladies came back to Hanoch and there testified what had happened there, and brought the animals unscathed back, which were left by the Meduhedites, in number 35000 camels and as many donkeys, and handed these over to Lamech and told him everything what they had seen, - how namely a bright lightning had come out of the cloudless sky between them and the refugees and carried them with great speed at the end of the world, where there is a great immeasurable stretch of water, far out on it. But then the waters started to grow and had driven them up high into the mountains, and immense hordes of the known rapacious animals had come over them and had torn them to pieces and eaten, all of them except them, they themselves only escaped because they fled under the great amount of camels and donkeys. And – Lamech might well consider what had happened there and it appeared to them as if a great king lives under the stars, with whom men should never dare to fight, and should rather worship him and honour him highly because of his incomprehensible power, because even the sea, the winds, lightening and all the rapacious animals would obey him, - what they had seen with their own eyes and heard a great voice, which had commanded the animals like a thunder and had also talked so with the great elements like a great storm out of the heights of the stars.

And see, as Lamech had heard such, he got angry in his inside and decided to take his revenge on me.

Lamech ordered the youth who had come back, they are to go out, because they know where one can talk to God, and command him what he, Lamech, demands. There the youth went away and discussed with each other what could be done there. They had experienced the power of God, and now they were no longer impressed by the power of Lamech. God had overcome Tatahar and his following and now Lamech was powerless, and Lamech is just a mosquito against Tatahar and his entire following. These seven are now still his entire power and they have experienced the incomprehensible power of God. And the seven decided to do that what they want and to go out instead to threaten God they want to bring glory to him and praise his great power and strength. He might perhaps receive them like he had received Meduhed.

And this decision was then the actual coming into being of the Chinese nation.

And as they had wisely decided, they also carried out their decision pleasing to God, took women and camels and donkeys, well loaded with fruit, and hurried out where they saw the stretch of water and rested at the shore of the great world ocean.

But one, who was the speaker, called upon God to also guide them to a secure place. And now also Abel starts to become a guardian angel for this group and he does it by using wild animals to speak to them.

The reasons why Abel uses wild animals to talk to them brings a wolf (jl.hag1.035,33):

To your great humiliation and inexpressible shame eternal love just awakened us, the most despised and feared beasts, to preach to you firstly obedience in all gentleness and humility, and secondly to show it to you blind people through our action and walk, as now also through the word of our loosened tongue, powerfully and insistently the will of God by you men supposed to be and become immortal.

So it was about making again god-fearing beings out of these depraved men from Hanoch.

So Abel starts with renewing the thinking of this group. It is about Romans 12:2: And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

These 14 persons learnt equal rights of mankind, neighbourly love, obedience and so also recognizing God again and to trust God.

Now follows a quote from the speech of Abel, which tells us something about the spiritual state of the 14 and also about the length of their journey from Hanoch to the shores of the Pacific Ocean, that it is a journey which normally takes 120 days (jl.hag1.036,24):

Because you were and still are the youngest who necessarily had had to unite with the snakes army of Tatahar against their somewhat better knowledge, so the boundless love of God has taken pity and had you recognize for the time being the infinite crime of Lamech, the God denier, in his over haughty domineering fury. Then it led you here in a wonderful way in a short time such a long distance, which a normal walk of a man would have covered in hardly 120 days, after it had rescued you above all out of the claws of the deadly beasts, where the infamous Tatahar found his judgement, and showed you then through death your death itself and sent me now to you, who is already long through and through alive, to awaken you from sleep of death and to show you life in humility and in continued voluntary obedience against the most holy will of God and to guide you into a country which the eternal love of God has prepared for you. And when you will have recognized yourselves completely in love towards him in all humility, only then will you also recognize through the added favour the true, holy, greatest value of life in you and only out of this the most holy and most greatest in eternal love of the holy, almighty creator of all things and most loving father of all angels and men not only of this Earth, but of all countless other worlds, of which you up to now never have had an idea; because to know that, is only given to children and the angels of God.

And now the end of Abel’s speech and the journey to China and their arrival there (jl.hag1.036,40-46):

   40] And here every one of you also take a blindfold and blindfold with it his eyes, so that no-one feels dizzy there before the abysses, over which I will lead you and when we are at the determined place and location, then you are to let the light of your eyes again free range and there see your pre-homeland well pleased, delightfully furnished by the over great love of the over good and over holy father. There you are to refresh yourselves with blessed foot of the earth and eat out of the hands of two big children of God, who are awaiting you there already, a man and a woman, for the eternal life strengthening of your spirit. Now follow me after the most holy will of God! Amen.«
   41] And see, so my dear Ahbel quickly guided them seven days and nights to the determined location, a distance still over 30 days long, and that without rest and without food; because at that time they were my guests, and the fried birds flew into their mouth – as you are used to say – that means: I fed them in the meantime spiritually; but the spirit strengthens the soul, and the soul powers the body; and so they could persevere already quite well with this, my true food of heaven.
   42] And when they now had arrived so quite well kept at the determined place and location, there soon came the two children of God or children of my love, who expected them here, Ahujel and his wife Aza (,son of heaven' and his wife as ,silent righteous desire'), as grandchildren of Adam before Seth and took their blindfolds from the eyes and welcomed them most kindly. There these 14 small ones astonished mightily before the two big children of my love, who had the righteous measures of a man, namely 666 inch the man and 66 inch less the woman, while the rescued hardly had your measure of 60 inch.
   43] And when they now were again in the full use of their eyes and ears, there the angel again started to talk and said: »Children, here is the place of your purpose, and these two big children of God consider as your parents given to you by God and follow them in everything; because that is the will of God, which I had to conceal at my first address to you!
   44] These will tell you all the time confirming what God will say in your heart, and will awaken you all the time when your spirit will be approached by sleep, and will teach you many useful things, which will be of use to you, bodily as well as spiritually. And you are to recognize yourself sexually not earlier until these now your parents will bless you according to the most holy will of God; and when you then also have been blessed then all whoredom is to be just still far from you, but chastity may be prominently displayed like an evergreen on your forehead, and discord, anger, envy, meanness and sexual offence is never to make unholy the holy fathering of your children, but moderation in everything and the love of God over everything is to be the rule, When you will do this, your life of the body will be long and your parting from Earth will be in the great light of the infinite favour of the eternal holy father, because the true wages wait for you as eternal life in the wide lap of the most holy, most loving father in the high heaven there over the stars and once, oh once in his loving heart itself!
   45] But your parents will announce to you further tidings of this, who are well informed of God and do not need my instruction before your eyes! – May God’s love bless you, and may his favour shine and make you holy and lead you to life. Amen, amen, amen.«
   46] And now see, that is the foundation of Sina or China, which country escaped the flood and is still nowadays on the whole many times better than other countries of the Earth except for some crazy worsening, which have been carried off there only later through becoming known with other people of the wicked world. A person who is not born again shall never dare to preach my Gospel there! Amen!

Now still the first 6 verses of the next chapter as conclusion of this note about the coming into being of China (jl.hag1.037,01-06):

   01] Before we will now hike back to Hanoch, I must still necessarily tell you some further information of the inhabitants of China. Now notice and see what for the time being concerns the size of the big children of my love out of Adam, so is your imagination wrong, when you imagine there a bodily size, but 666 inches are there a full number of my love in man. But inches indicate the measure of good out of love towards me; out of it 600 are directed towards me, then 60 to the neighbour and finally 6 to oneself. And the measure of the woman is equal to the divine measure in man; but neighbourly love and self-love of the woman is a difference of 66 and the woman has to obey the man absolutely in all things related to this. Because she is formed out of man as self-love, so she also can only love herself in man, when his love is to be righteous; and as she is near the man, so also his neighbourly love is near in the man, and hence the difference.
   02] By the way these two were, as also all children of Adam, also bodily considerably bigger than the very weakened children of Cain and much more powerful, vigorous and stronger in all muscles, veins and entrails.
   03] (NB. The similarity of the number of man with the number of my opponent is just due to him being exactly the opposite case, to be the most detestable being before my eyes.)
   04] Now look, as Sihin was the first who turned his heart towards me, so was he also the most obedient son of these parents and also led the others quite carefully in obedience; that is why Ahujel, blessing him first in my name, said in the presence of Aza and all others:
   05] »Sihin, I bless you in the name of my and your God! The country shall be called as your name. Take your most beautiful sister as wife, and father with her in most blessed discipline children equal to the children of God, and call them ‘sons if heaven’ and ‘daughters of earth’; and when my great family will be taken away from Earth by the love of God then your descendants are to be loving, wise leaders of the descendants of your brothers!
   06] Seek love, and wisdom will be given to you, and your tribe will not die until the end of all times; because the Lord will make many lines of your tribe, so that your name may live until the end of all times.


^ Note No. 10

Here something about the tribes, which come from Adam and Eve but did not belong to Hanoch, from jl.hag3.079,07 (dated 17.07.1843), from an address of God to Lamech, the leader of Hanoch: "Only three tribes I have carried off, - you do not have to take care of these, and these are Kahin, Meduhed and Sihin."

And jl.hag3.079,08: "But do not worry at all about the three carried off tribes; because also for them I have set wise and righteous leaders, who are to lead their peoples to the threshold of the eternal, holy house, in which I use to live all the time for ever in all power and strength of my love!"

The tribe Kahlin, the tribe Meduhed, therefore the Japanese, and the tribe Sihin, therefore the Chinese, are therefore descendants of Adam and Eve and did not belong to Hanoch at the time of the flood and escaped the flood. They were carried off and rescued through this.

The tribe Kahin came into being out of the family of Cain, with which Cain fled from his son Enoch and with which he then turned back to God – he then started to pray to God again (jl.hag1.024,01).

It is that family of Cain, which then inhabited the islands and Africa and Australia and America.

It is the second family of Cain. The irst family of Cain were the descendants, which he left behind in Hanoch and which were killed by Noah’s Flood. So the second family of Cain was rescued from the flood.


^ Note No. 11
And now a confirmation that Noah’s Flood did not reach the people in China, from jl.hag1.036,46:
And now see, that is the foundation of Sina or China, which country escaped the flood and is still nowadays on the whole many times better than other countries of the Earth except for some crazy worsening, which have been carried off there only later through becoming known with other people of the wicked world. A person who is not born again shall never dare to preach my Gospel there! Amen!


^ Note No. 12
And now information about the influence of Hanoch and China, the empire of the children of Sihin, in Asia from jl.hag3.137,01 (dated 11.10.1843 after Christ):
Aristocracy formed more and more. The lords of Hanoch always became more powerful. The empire extended always. They established new colonies, built new cities everywhere and with the exception of the empire of the children of Sihin soon the whole of Asia was populated.



5. Africa, America and Australia

^ Note No. 13
And now information about the pre-Adamites from jl.ev08.073,01-03:
(Jesus:) »At the times of Adam, with whom the sixth period begins, the Earth had to pass again partly greater revolutions through fire and through water, and there at this occasion the described pre-Adamite family, including their domestic animals, came almost completely to an end, so also the many forests and its other animals, which are not to be reckoned to the domestic animals; only some kinds of the birds remained, like also the animals of the mountains and the waters of the Earth.
The described pre-men certainly still survived here and there, but highly few with the Adamites until into the times of Noah in Asia; but they went into a decline gradually, because they no longer found corresponding food in right sufficiency. But in some deep areas of southern Africa and on some greater islands of the wide Earth are still some descendants out of the fifth period to be found. But they are still quite wild; but here and there they have acquired a somewhat greater culture from the descendants of Cain. They can be trained to do different works, but basically can invent nothing out of themselves. A part stands a bit better, because it emerged out of the mixture of Kainites and later also of the Lamechites; but also this part is not suitable for a higher and deeper spirit education.
But this kind of men will remain in existence everywhere, where it is now, and reproduce and little by little also still accept more education from the Adamites, but in the process still never become a great people. – There you now have the pre-Adamites out of the fifth Earth pre-forming period.


^ Note No. 14
Now follow two details about the extent of Noah’s Flood:
out of the time of Noah, as it has already been announced to you a little bit – the great water flood, which then almost went over three quarter parts of Asia and the whole of Europe and over the northern half of Africa.
Behind the great waterfall of the Nile there is a very fertile an great mountain area, and has the name hAbi ie sin (that is hAbi’s son). This hAbi is a descendant of Cain and not Noah; because the highland, as still several countries of the Earth escaped the great flood at the times of Noah.


^ Note No. 15
Now follows a detail about the inhabitants of Australia, from jl.erde.003,1-2:
Beside these African wild people hordes there are also the same races, as you are used to say, on the, counted by you, fifth part of the world called Australia. This part of the world, or rather this greatest island of the Earth, still has, particularly in the interior, an important amount of tribes whom still almost no ray of human education has reached;
there are still, as you are used to say, pure nature men, but there is just nothing malicious about them. They are extremely peaceful; they know nothing about a war, although they fear death not in the slightest, on the contrary they not seldom have a great longing towards it.
Also bodily pain they can bear with an indifference, which is hardly understandable for you; that is why they can also bear the greatest strain of life with greatest equanimity.
Fights with rapacious wild beasts are an entertaining play thing for them; they are also greatest masters in the catching of snakes, and also always go with the greatest desire on this catch, because these animals are for them the most delicious delicacies.
When they see strange newcomers somewhere, then they normally make a dash for it, less out of fear than out of a kind of detestation, which they get before the clothed Europeans, also Asians; because nothing is more revolting and annoyingly than a clothed man.
They are also Kainites, but of the best kind, and have a dark idea of primeval times and of a highest being.

^ Note No. 16
Now follow details about Cain, from jl.hag: Cain is remorseful after he has killed his brother. His now dead brother Abel forgives him and becomes something like his guardian angel. One of his sons, Enoch, Genesis 4:17 and jl.hag1.022,01, Cain appoints to be leader of the tribe. In Genesis 4:17 we read: “And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.” This city Hanoch, or Enoch, is situated in that valley in which the Caspian Sea is situated today. The city of Hanoch became the centre of mankind before the flood. In Genesis 4:18-22 we then read: “And unto Enoch was born Irad: and Irad begat Mehujael: and Mehujael begat Methusael: and Methusael begat Lamech. And Lamech took unto him two wives: the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other Zillah. And Adah bare Jabal: he was the father of such as dwell in tents, and of such as have cattle. And his brother's name was Jubal: he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ. And Zillah, she also bare Tubalcain, an instructer of every artificer in brass and iron: and the sister of Tubalcain was Naamah.” In these verses, Genesis 4:17-22, we have a part of the Table of Nations, which shortly expresses something about the people, which come from Cain, and these peoples are described by Jakob Lorber in detail. Tubalcain for example is described in detail by Jakob Lorber as metal specialist. The chapter jl.hag1.025, therefore chapter 25 of the first volume of Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God) not only gives us information about the peoples of Africa and Australia, but also about the peoples of America. Cain received a new name, Atheope. Now follows jl.hag1.025,01-02:

And see, there Abel disappeared, and Atheope ate of the fruit, completely happy for the first time in his life, and did exactly as it was commanded him. And so his last tribe populated up to the times of today all small lands in the waters and after the great snake brood extermination through the floods from the heavens also the great main lands, which you call nowadays ‘Africa’, ‘America’ and ‘Australia’. And his tribe has not been killed by the floods and is still the same until this hour of this last time as a testimony of the atrocities at that time and at the time now of my and Hanoch’s children.

Enoch becomes imperious and Cain gets liberated out of the claws of his son Enoch and God “gives him the sea and all land in it; so also Meduhed with his great people", jl.hag1.036,15.


^ Note No. 17
Now follows information about Cain: Cain still lives today. Cain is also called Atheope. From jl.hag1.025,03-08:

And see, so this Atheope still lives today naturally and spiritually until this hour hidden on a small land in the middle of the great waters that will never be found by a mortal, as constant observer of your doings and pursuits.
And see, he ate and drank fruit of all kind and still fathered seven hundred children still thousand years long. But then he was renewed by me and ate and drank no longer because he was filled with my love for eternity, which there is the best food. Because who is filled with it, he will not see, taste and feel death for ever, and he will then never be hungry for food, nor be thirsty for a drink. And his dying will be a living leaving from life to life in life of life of the living through the living one, who is I myself.
And so filled, Atheope still lives up to the hour bodily as the first son of man in the wide face of the Earth and can see all men’s doings and goings on and is therefore an old witness of all my deeds until you.
He knew Noah, Abraham, Mose, all prophets and Mechisedek, the high priest.
And he was witness of my birth and my new creation through the greatest of all my works, namely through the work of redemption. And so he will also remain kept until to the full coming down of my holy city, what just now starts to happen, where he will also be fully accepted as loyal gate keeper; because except me no-one knows the serpent so through and through as him, to whom it has caused most trouble.
And now see, that is the story of Cain, given to you now for careful consideration about yourselves, so that you might find yourselves the sooner and the easier through this and recognize your evil at the fibre of the root and destroy it in the deepest foundations, to then find the already long lost paradise again and to finally become the true, loyal citizens of my new, great, holy city, as I am your most loyal, holiest and best father from all eternities of eternities. Amen.

And now still a quotation from jl.hag1.036,23:

Children of Cain, of my brother who has been bad, who still lives and will live further through all Earth times, rules until the end of all times bodily, unreachable for all mortals until the speedy end of all evil, where to the late descendants after the great time of times the almighty will announce through a small seer great things and will mention your bad ancient father (what happens just now and has already happened), consider well, what I will tell you here and announce to you after the holiest will of God, the almighty, eternal creator, as also the most loving father of all angels and fathers and men!

And now still a quote from jl.hag1.024,15-16:

And now step nearer, you Cain!« And see, there Cain stepped to the flame brother Abel, and Abel hugged him, and so he became black like coal, and his hair became frizzy like a fur. And it also happened to all the rest of the five.
And then Abel said: »Now, brother Atheope, you are free from all guilt, which has remained at home with Enoch, and so now do according to the will of the Lord.«

^ Note No. 18
Now follows an information about Cain’s descendants, from jl.ev04.091,03:
Still nowadays we have on this Earth, and in the main on their islands, tribes, which inhabit its islands quite undisturbed since the times of Adam; they are the descendants of Cain, which still today stand on the same level of civilisation on which they stood 2000 years ago.

Cain had many descendants; but with his wife and with four children he separated from this people and that was then his second family. Here jl.hag1.024,01-16 and jl.hag1.025,01-08:

^   jl.hag1.024,01
And now see, there Cain started to cry and moved away with his wife and four children, two males and two females, and after 40 days came to the shores of the sea and got a fright there at the sight of the great waters, because he seriously believed having reached the end of the world. And he thought: When Enoch now pursues me where to will I there flee?

^   jl.hag1.024,02
Before me is the end of the world and to the left and to the right are high mountains, which I am not allowed to enter, and the gracious eye and the ear of the Lord are closed for me. I also see here nothing but strange, unblessed fruit; who will dare to eat such. And our supply, which we took along, is now eaten! – What shall I do now?

^   jl.hag1.024,03
I will then still once again try to direct a great shouting to the Lord; he either will yield to me, or he will let us go under, and so in the end it will still at least go according to his will, which we certainly have not recognized the entire, long time in our great blindness.

^   jl.hag1.024,04
And see, there Cain started again, after a time of 77 years, to pray to me for three days, day and night, without stopping, and cried continuously: »Lord, you righteous one, you most loving one, look graciously down upon your great debtor and do to me according to your holy will!« And he repeated these words thousand and thousand times.

^   jl.hag1.024,05
And I felt sorry for him, because he cried so very powerfully and infinite miserably. See, there I sent Abel to him in a fire flame, who directed words out of me to him and said: »Cain, get up from the ground, and look in my face, and then tell me whether you still recognize me!«

^   jl.hag1.024,06
There Cain stood up and looked at the flame and did not recognize it, neither by the voice nor by the figure, and then asked it, shaking of too great a fear: »Who are you then, strange being, in this flame?'

^   jl.hag1.024,07
And Abel answered him: »I, your brother Abel, am the one in the flame of divine love before you! What then do you want that it happens to you?« - »O brother", said Cain, »when it is you, - see, I no longer have a will! My son Enoch has taken everything from me, also my will; now I no longer have a will, and see, as we are now there, we are all completely will-less! Therefore I can say nothing than: To me and to us all may it happen according to the holy will of the Lord!«

^   jl.hag1.024,08
There Abel said: »Now so listen then! That is the will of the Lord, of my father and your God, that you are to eat of all fruit, which you might find here, without fear and shyness; because the serpent has driven you out here and has stayed home with the children in the city of Hanoch with all its poison and will no longer have anything to do with you. Because when man has given up his will, there is no longer anything to do for the evil brood; but who has subjugated his will to the serpent, he is a prisoner of it, and the end of his work has arrived.

^   jl.hag1.024,09
But who has fled out of its slings, which have now become strong, and so has rescued the last drop of his will and the same laid down upon the earth in the face of Jehovah, to him he will give a new will out of him, so that he then might act in future as a tool of the Lord. And so is also for you the will of the Lord to act in future according to his will; and when some day the descendants of Enoch might find you and the ones who belong to you, then they will not recognize you and the ones who belong to you, because the love of the Lord will burn you completely black lastingly.

^   jl.hag1.024,10
And the name ‚Cain‘ will be taken from you, and another name will be given to you, and this is called ‚Atheope, that means ‘the will-less according to the will of God’. And shaped like this you must weave with the ones that are yours out of reeds a very large basket, seven lengths of a man long, three lengths of a man wide and one length of a man high, very firm, and coat with pitch, resin, and all kinds of pitch. And when you will have performed this with all diligence, then you must put it to the great water and are to gather fruit for 40 days long; and when you will have done this, then put the fruit into the basket and finally climb all of you into it!

^   jl.hag1.024,11
And then the Lord will let a great flood come from the great waters, which will lift the basket with you, and carry you to a faraway country in the middle of these great waters, where you will be completely safe from all pursuit of Enoch.

^   jl.hag1.024,12
And there will be near, for miles around, little countries in these great waters and when there will become too many of you in one country, then seek the next ones, and so forth and forth, and so gradually populate all little countries in the great waters according to the will of the Lord.

^   jl.hag1.024,13
And when you will not forget the Lord, then he will once give you to inhabit a great, firm country, where you will remain until the end of the world, when it first before is cleaned from the curse through floods, which will soon pour down, which will suffocate and kill the descendants of Hanoch and also very many children of God, which let themselves being caught by the beautiful daughters of Hanoch.

^   jl.hag1.024,14
The currents of these floods shall however not reach you will-less, because the will of the Lord has put you upon the waters of his great mercy. – And when you will be in need of anything, then you know indeed already, where the great giver is, who will not leave you, when you will not leave him in your hearts.

^   jl.hag1.024,15
And now step nearer, you Cain!« And see, there Cain stepped to the flame brother Abel, and Abel hugged him, and so he became black like coal, and his hair became frizzy like a fur. And it also happened to all the rest of the five.

^   jl.hag1.024,16
And then Abel said: »Now, brother Atheope, you are free from every guilt, which has remained at home with Enoch, and so now do according to the will of the Lord.«

^   jl.hag1.025,01
And see, then Abel disappeared, and Atheope ate from the fruit, happy for the first time in his life, and did exactly as he was commanded.

^   jl.hag1.025,02
And so his last tribe then populated until today’s time all small countries in the waters and after the great serpent brood destruction through the floods from the heavens also the great main lands, which you call nowadays ‘Africa’, ‘America’ and ‘Australia’. And his tribe was not killed through the floods and is still the same until the hour of this last time as a witness of the atrocities of the then and of the present time of my and Hanoch’s children.

^   jl.hag1.025,03
And see, so this Atheope still lives naturally and spiritually until the hour hidden on a small country in the middle of the great waters, which a mortal will never find, as constant observer of your doings and goings-on.

^   jl.hag1.025,04
And see, he ate and drank fruit of all kind and still fathered 700 children still for thousand years. But then he was renewed by me and ate and drank no longer because he was filled with my love for eternity, which there is the best food. Because who is filled with it, he will not see, taste and feel death for ever, and he will the never be hungry for food, nor be thirsty for a drink. And his dying will be a living leaving from life to life in life of life of the living through the living one, who is I myself

^   jl.hag1.025,05
And so filled, Atheope still lives up to the hour bodily as the first son of man in the wide face of the Earth and can see all men’s doings and goings-on and is therefore a witness of all my deeds until you.

^   jl.hag1.025,06
He knew Noah, Abraham, Mose, all prophets and Mechisedek, the high priest.

^   jl.hag1.025,07
And he was witness of my birth and my new creation through the greatest of all my works, namely through the work of redemption. And so he will also remain kept until the full coming down of my holy city, what just now starts to happen, where he will also be fully accepted as loyal gate keeper; because except me no-one knows the serpent so through and through as him, to whom it has caused most trouble.

^   jl.hag1.025,08
And now see, that is the story of Cain, given to you now for careful consideration about yourselves, so that you might find yourselves the sooner and the easier through this and recognize your evil at the fibre of the root and destroy it in the deepest foundations, to then find the already long lost paradise again and to finally become the true, loyal citizens of my new, great, holy city, as I am your most loyal, holiest and best father from all eternities of eternities. Amen.

This was the story of Cain and Cain was called the first son of man and that means that Cain was the first person who was born of men, of a woman. And that again means that he was not created, like his father Adam and his mother Eve. Now Jesus also called himself a son of man. Jesus was God who visited his children on Earth. But this was certainly not the first time God visited his children. Particularly in Jakob Lorber's work Die Haushaltung Gottes we find many visits God paid to his creatures. When Adam was 920 years old, a great revival took place around Adam and around the people of the city of Hanoch and the entire empire of Hanoch. But all these visits were done by God without him going through the process of being born by a woman. He just assumed the form of a man and appeared to men, as it was also done by angels, and is done by angels. He might have even stayed for several days, but these visits were always short visits. And that is the importance of the special visit of God when he came to Earth as the man Jesus. At this most important visit he came as a son of man.

In jl.hag1.025,05 we just read: “And so filled, Atheope still lives up to the hour bodily as the first son of man in the wide face of the Earth and can see all men’s doings and goings-on and is therefore a witness of all my deeds until you.” He can see all men’s doings and goings-on and this is an indication of his spiritual state of consciousness, which is a much higher, than the normal one and is well described in the now following statement:

^   jl.ev07.058,22
When they were again completely back in their natural state, Nicodemus said: "O Lord, that is surely wonderful above wonderful! We were here, saw exactly you and all the others, but still we saw also everything most accurately and clearly what we described and I myself have now experienced in a most real manner how indescribably brighter the seeing of the free soul is than it is in connection with the body. Not only did we see everything brighter that was nearby as well as in the greatest distance, but also heard everything. And when we saw a tree or a house or a ship on the sea or also a man or an animal, we saw it completely according to the natural outer form; but we also saw everything through and through, though the object was not transparent.

So Cain still lives today somewhere on this Earth and has a state of consciousness which makes it possible for him to perceive everything what happens anywhere, to have access to all information, being able to see everything what exists and that means that he not only sees outer forms, but also all inner parts, and even the non-material ones. To imagine his consciousness abilities helps us to appreciate the importance which states of consciousness have in the life of men and this also refers to science, because as long as our scientists exclude the research of states of consciousness from their work, so long will they continue moving around in circles and achieve no progress.

It is simply important for us to realize that our present state of consciousness is a very limited one and that is due to our fallen state. Originally this was not so and also our final state of consciousness will again be a complete one.


^ Note No. 19

Here a detail about the influence of Madagascar upon Africa, jl.erde081,01-02:

After the island Ceylon comes the larger island Madagascar, which belongs to Africa.

This island is inhabited by a very peculiar people, which has settled itself here in ancient times from Asia. But one must not think that this people for example has inhabited this island over from Africa, but certainly the opposite is the case; southern Africa was populated mostly from this island.


^ ^ Note No. 20

Here an information about the first inhabitants of Egypt, a group of people, which separated from the city of Hanoch: jl.hag3.153,12-15:

And our councillors as intellectual victors moved away, without being stopped at all in the slightest; because no-one dared to ask them, where to they were moving.

But they took such a direction that they came to today’s Egypt and settled in the upper part, in the area of Elephantine, of this country, building at once a little city there and lived there.

And that were the first inhabitants of this country.

The terrors of this country necessitated them to again turn to God; and so this land soon was a rich one and powerful.

The two details “in the upper part” and “necessitated them to again turn to God” are indications that these first men of Egypt could have escaped the flood. The inhabitants of Egypt changed over the course of time and in above table this group is therefore mentioned and then also Mizraim as the founder of a group which also inhabited Egypt. Mizraim was a son of Ham, and Ham was the second son of Noah. They perhaps lived, so after the flood, in the lower part, that part, that was affected by the flood.

Elephantine is an area of the first cataract of the Nile river and areas may have existed there, which were positioned above the flood line of Noah’s Flood.

Today Elephantine is a part of the city of Aswan and close to the Tropic of Cancer. Aswan is about 100 m above sea level and the surroundings are therefore higher than 100 m above sea level, because Aswan is situated in the Nile river valley.

The emigrants from the city of Hanoch lived perhaps in the upper part of Egypt and, after the flood, the descendants of Noah in the lower part.


^ Note Nr. 21

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6. After the Flood

^ Note No. 22

Now follows information about the time after the flood. First some information about the words occurring there. The mountain Ararat is situated in the East of today’s Turkey, near the border with Armenia. Today it is 5165 m high. The capital of Armenia is Yerevan. This city is a little bit to the East of Mount Ararat. Armenia is situated close to the East shore of the Caspian Sea. The cities Sidon and Tyre are in today’s Lebanon.

So now to the quotes:

^   jl.hag3.360,06
Only after this time the water started to subside, and only on the 17th day of the 7th month (17th of July) the ark ran aground and sat down on the very spacious top of the mountain Ararat, guided there by the spirit of Mahal through the power of the Lord.

^   jl.hag3.362,07
After this testament speech the Lord lead Noah into a very fertile area, and that was, by name, the same, which today is called Yerevan.

^   jl.hag3.363,06
After these words the messenger left Noah, and Noah soon accomplished everything with his sons, who were called Shem, Ham and Japheth; and so Noah had a good and firm home 7 years after the flood and many fields, meadows and a quite beautiful vineyard, but which according to the will of the Lord only started to bear fruit after 10 years.

^   jl.hag3.363,09
When now Ham, Canaan’s father (Canaan was born in the second year after the flood), came into the open hut, guided by Canaan, and saw Noah’s genitals, there he went to the brothers and told them this outside.

^   jl.hag3.364,08
But this instructive speech annoyed Ham, that on that account he took wife and children and a number of cows, oxen and sheep and went away up into the area of today’s Sidon and Tyre and called the country after his son and said there:

^   jl.hag3.364,17
And so the Hamites and the Canaanites lived until the times of Abraham undisturbed in this country, because Ham had blessed those who had given him the curse.

^   jl.hag3.365,01-02
But Ham’s children increased very much still at the life-span of Noah; because Noah still lived after the deluge 350 years, and his entire age was 950 years.
Ham had a son, who was called Cush, and he already fathered the mighty hunter Nimrod, who found the city Babel. This one was a giant and measured 12 shoes and was the greatest under the children of Cush, who all were of gigantic size.

^   jl.hag3.365,10
Two years after the deluge Shem had fathered Arphaxad, as you Canaan; but you already fathered at once the twins Cush and Mizraim and in the second year Phut and Canaan und wanted to distinguish yourself before your brothers.

^   jl.hag3.365,12-13
To Arphaxad he gave Salah; to Salah Eber; to Eber Pelek; to Pelek Reu, who was born today; but to Reu he will give Serug; to him he will give Nahor; to him Terah; only out of him will emerge Abraham and his brothers Nahor and Haran!
And see, only Abraham will be appointed to be the actual father of the children of God.

^   jl.hag3.365,17-18
After that the messenger left again Ham, who lived in Zidon. (Sidon, nowadays Saida.) Ham was satisfied with this information and let completely go his selfishness about the powerfulness of his descendants.
And that was my housekeeping up to Abraham, of which mentioning and purpose happened at the beginning of this work!

Chapter jl.hag3.365 is the last chapter of the book Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God). So Jakob Lorber’s work Die Haushaltung Gottes extends over the events from Adam to Abraham.


^ Note No. 23

From the above we see that there are three events regarding Africa. The first is Cain’s separation from his son Enoch and his escape out of Hanoch. That was probably during the first half of the first millennium after the creation of Adam. Cain with his second family left Asia and some of these descendants went to Madagascar and from there populated southern Africa. The second event is the separation of the 650 councillors and their emigration from Hanoch to Elephantine, Upper Egypt. That was during the first half of the second millennium after the creation of Adam, before Noah’s Flood. The third event is the move of Mizraim to Egypt. That was after Noah’s Flood. Mizraim was a son of Ham and a grandson of Noah. So Mizraim’s family was probably the tribe that first populated lower Egypt and that was probably not long after the deluge.



7. Reflection

^ Note No. 24

When we have a look at the peoples of the Japanese, the Chinese and those in Africa, America and Australia, then they all came into being out of refugee situations. They fled from an evil society. They created a separation between themselves and between those, with whom they no longer wanted to live; they no longer wanted to take part in the wrong life. They were the descendants of Cain and Cain’s son Enoch took the wrong road and out of this resulted situations, where groups of people fled from this civilisation and found back to God during this fleeing. That they had in common that these peoples suddenly found themselves before completely new circumstances in this fleeing situation, were addressed by God and reacted positive upon this wakening of their spirit. And so they also had in common that they escaped Noah’s Flood.

The peoples that stayed behind were destroyed by the flood. This also applies to the majority of the descendants of the patriarchs, only the family of Noah escaped. Also the families of the patriarchs, therefore the line that led to Noah, turned in its majority against God and that after a relative short time. In the year 920 after Adam it came to a revival, which did not just contain the people around the patriarchs, but also the people of the first family of Cain. Round the year 1656 after Adam, the year of the flood, therefore after 736 years, all this had almost vanished and people had again turned their backs on God. But this was not the case with the people who escaped the flood.

And after the flood this difference came even more to the fore. The descendants of Noah soon left God again, the revivals through Abraham, through Moses and through Jesus always seemed to have been short-lived and seemed to last with relative few people over longer times.

Today we have a situation where the majority of the descendants of Noah, therefore particularly the people of the western world, have progressed most in the increase of worldliness and influence with this also the rest of the world.

But the peoples, which are not the descendants of Noah, therefore the Japanese, the Chinese, and the original peoples in Africa, America and Australia, seem to have kept considerably more of that what was given to them with the setting up of their nations.

But the most important thing with our review is that all spiritual teachings of all nations, which are the descendants of Noah, and also all those who are the descendants of Cain, therefore of all existing nations, are based on the same foundations. All of them come directly from God and are the same. All of them started on the highest standard.

With the Christian communities is this decline of the pure teaching particularly distinct. Orthodoxy came basically into being at the same time when the first real communities were formed and has practically forced the true church into the underground already at the end of the first century after Christ. Compared with that the nations of the rest of the world managed to keep the original teaching considerably longer. With the Japanese the original teaching lasted almost 2000 years. Now follow jl.hag1.034,30-31:

   30] And see, when Meduhed now ended his speech, there all the people bowed before him, fell once again without order from Meduhed down to the earth and thanked me for such a salutary teaching, then raised themselves up again and reverently ate the food, then camped on the earth and rested and prayed now and then, for three days. Then they rose, took their tools and first constructed the bridge, but then went under the blessing of Meduhed on their further purpose in all directions of the country and praised me everywhere. And then there, as it is easy to understand, many of them became wise after the nature of Meduhed and lived so as a happy nation roughly 1900 years, almost until the times of Abraham, and were not taken by the flood of Noah.
   31] But later they little by little started to forget me, where I had made them the most educated and richest nation of the Earth, and liked all kind of carvings and through this fell completely into black idolatry and whoredom of all kind.

The Japanese lived as a happy nation roughly 1900 years and that is a long time. A comparison with the history of the children of Israel would point this out in particular. Now follows a recipe for such a success of a nation. It is message from Bertha Dudde:


World-view with Jesus Christ.

16. April 1942. B.D. NR. 2304.

Only a world-view which approves of Jesus Christ and consequently builds up on divine love teaching will be a blessing to a nation and guarantee a blossoming and flourishing both spiritually and also earthly. Because a nation, which adopts such a world-view, remains deeply united with the announcer of divine love teaching; it will mature spiritually and earthly it will not be exposed to so great hardship because it makes an effort to live according to the will of God, and therefore also requires no great suffering, which is to change it. A nation, which takes the divine redeemer as a model, which acknowledges him and therefore adapts itself approvingly towards him, does not only live a worldly life and will consequently have not just material interests, but it also strives for spiritual goods; it leads an inner life and strives up, because through its faith it is also more knowledgeable because faith demands love effort from it and this wins it knowledge. And knowledgeable people live their life consciously with God, i.e., they will never turn away from him and never pay their tribute to the world. They therefore have already become overcomers of matter, because they, caught by the love of God, see their aim in life in the unification with him. A nation, which therefore has liberated itself from matter, stands on a high degree of maturity; but it will never try to assert itself against other nations. It is peaceful and helpful; it does not seek to increase its power or to show its advantage; it lives quietly for itself and in seclusion, will therefore have little standing in the world, but stand in high reputation with God. Such a nation will also never be able to understand that another view can pave the way, which negates everything what is of divine origin, which therefore also switches off the divine love teaching and wants to replace it through human teachings. But the latter will have no continued existence, and the nation will get out of hand, which adhered to it, because nothing survives what is not of divine origin, to which also a world-view without Jesus Christ has to be counted. And no matter if people will wage war against him, his teaching, divine love teaching, they will never be able to destroy, and a world-view without Christ will disintegrate in itself, so as also a nation, which adopts this view, heads for decline in longer or shorter time. Amen. B.D. NR. 2304.


Here a quote:

Japan stands before a decisive break. If it goes according to Shinzo Abe, who could just notch up a further victory for his Liberal Democrats at the election to the upper house, then the country gives up its pacifistic basic attitude. Then it overturns the famous article 9 of the basic law, which forbids Japan every militarisation. Abe still lacks the two third majority in the upper house (he already has the one in the lower house) to achieve his intention. But his aim is clear: In the face of Chinese armament and the North Korean nuclear potential Japan is to carry no fetters any longer.

Indeed article 9 is unambiguous. It lays down to Japan to refrain for ever from war as sovereign right of the nation: “The right of the state to wage war”, it says there, “is not acknowledged.”

The basic law comes from the year 1947. Just two years after the end of the Second World War the hope was connected with this for a future without war. A world community under the leadership of the UN was supposed to end the imperialistic age.

An age, into which Japan had first entered only reluctantly. For a long time the country had closed itself to the outer world and so preserved peace. But this politics of isolation could no longer be maintained in the 19th century. 1853 the US navy emerged under the commando of Matthew Perry with four steam ships in the bay of Edo, today’s Tokyo. In the name of his government Perry demanded the opening of Japan for trade. The Americans openly threatened with their canons. Japan gave in and concluded a trade contract; one of those “unequal contracts”, as they were typical for imperialistic politics.

Japan grasped the lecture. Through radical social reforms and a forced industrialization the country made up the distance to the western powers within a few decades. Already soon it also showed the outside what it had learned. So 1876 it enforced the diplomatic opening of the empire Korea and now concluded unequal contracts for its part. Only a few years later, in February 1904, Japan declared war on Russia and gained victory at several fronts.

“Through radical social reforms and a forced industrialization the country made up the distance to the western powers within a few decades.” Japan made up the distance to the degeneration of other nations. The most educated and richest Nation of the world declined.

But for 1900 years Japan lived as a happy nation and that is actually something exceptional. How exceptional that is we can see when we look at the relative short times when the children of Israel lived as a happy nation. Even when we look at our future, the time following the times of the end, we talk of the 1000 years where people will live and reign with Christ. But the Japanese did this for almost double the time.

With “World-view with Jesus Christ”, B.D. NR. 2304, which we read above, we have a description, how a nation can really live and be happy and live and reign with Christ. And such a way of living might look at our time very much like something that is nearly impossible to achieve here and now, but when the end is really near, then it might happen quite soon and we will live in a spiritually satisfying world and the physical conditions will correspond to this because all the modern structures, buildings, paved areas like roads, railroads, airports, and cars, trucks, trains, planes and ships will have disappeared because all the elements melted with fervent heat and the earth also and the works that are therein were burned up.

^ Note No. 25

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The webpage
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