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6. Der Standard (5) 27.01.2019


Frank L. Preuss


When one reads the now following extracts from an interview, then one becomes aware of the whole misery of science and of the scientists. Both, the lady who asks questions, and also the lady, who answers these questions, demonstrate very nicely their naivety, since both are hopeless materialists and cannot escape from heir ghetto thinking, the ghetto thinking of their sect, the sect of the materialists. But that is here just a by-product, for the lady, who answers here the questions, gives very nice insights in the stupidity of her colleagues, and these insights are quite interesting.

Extracts from an article follow, from derStandard.at dated 27.01.2019.


Has theoretical physics been caught in an impasse?


Tanja Traxler


The theoretical physicists have become slaves to "mad" models, says Sabine Hossenfelder, which bring no progress and devour much money.


Hossenfelder: In the bases of physics nothing much has happened in the past 40 years in the development of theory. The theories, which we use today, are still the same as in the 1970ties. The theoretical physicists produce without end always new theories. But that simply does not work. But instead of that one learns from that and seeks to use other methods, one does again and again the same thing.

Hossenfelder: It is interesting that very narrow-minded beauty ideals have become established in the bases of physics. The most important criterion of it is simplicity. The theories, which we have at the moment, are not simple enough for the physicists. In particle physics there are for example three different basic forces. It would be simpler, when there would be only one. That is why physicists seek for the great standardization, which is seen as beautiful.

Hossenfelder: It is simpler, when one belongs to a great community, as for example to the particle or the nuclear physics. When there are such great, self-confident groups, it is difficult to still judge the research projects objectively.

Hossenfelder: I have heard absolutely nothing from the people from the research areas, about which I write, absolutely nothing – they are keeping completely quiet. One tries there to completely ignore me. That happens in the hope to just carry on, as one does it for 40 years.

Hossenfelder: The physicists have created comfortable surroundings for themselves, in which they can publish many publications in an easy way. One tinkers the mathematics so together that one can publish the results quickly. There are indeed certain quality standards, but they are in my opinion completely insufficient. That is the reason, why masses of nonsense are also published in the specialist journals – one can publish it easily. When new quality standards are introduced, the publishing would become much more difficult. No-one would like that of course.

Hossenfelder: I think the physicists should now sit down once and think, what has gone wrong in the past, and learn from these mistakes. At the moment the opposite happens: Always new arguments of naturalness are thought up, with which one can substantiate, why one still needs a still larger accelerator. I have lost the hope that the community of physicists can still correct itself.

Hossenfelder: Now I have to consider, how I say it politely. I have tried long years to get money for subjects, of which I think, that they are promising. That did not go at all; all my applications have been rejected. Finally I have decided to apply for money for exactly the same, what all the others also do. That has been granted. In my present project it is about the description of certain liquids and about, what their behaviour has to do with gravitation. This field of research calls itself analogue gravitation. Before I have worked much for quantum gravitation; that was pure mathematics. Now I am glad that I am once concerned with really genuine things. In this sense it is an interesting subject, but one does not make the real breakthrough with it. The reason, why I work on it, is that I could get money for it.

Sabine Hossenfelder (42) is researcher at the Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies. 2018 she has published the book "Das hässliche Universum" (The ugly universe) (S.-Fischer-Verlag).



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