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5. Der Standard (4) 23.11.2018


Frank L. Preuss


An extract follows from an article of derStandard.at dated 23.11.2018. After the extract come a few remarks and further extracts.


STANDARD: In your own contribution you have analysed, with two colleagues, 73 of his election campaign speeches. What has come out by that?

Lamont: These analyses show above all, how skilful Trump has addressed the white workers. Trump is brilliant in some things particularly with marketing. And he has very much experience with television. His emotional maturity on the other hand is rather according to that of a child, and he is an extreme narcissistic personality.

STANDARD: What role do the media play for his success?

Lamont: About this I have recently spoken to a prominent journalist of "New York Times" and reproached him for that every belch of the president is reported on page 1. He thought that the paper has no other choice, because all others also report about it and it is about the numbers of readers. I was very disappointed, because at least serious papers also have a certain moral obligation, according to my view.

Here we have the whole truth about the "New York Times" and that directly out of their own mouth, out of the mouth of one of their prominent journalists.

And here we also have the assessment of "New York Times" and that out of the mouth of one of their readers and followers, of a scientist.

It is, with the "New York Times", about numbers of readers. It is about money. It is about material things, about money. It is about matter. It is about matter and mainly about the god of matter, the god of this world. That it is, what is really worshiped

And the "New York Times" is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole press in the rest of the world follows, also "Der Standard".

And the assessment is also clear: immorality.

Since Trump took over, the "New York Times" can no longer report about the atrocities of Obama, about his wars, his destruction of the east west peace, which, unfortunately thanks to Obama, only lasted two decades, about the destruction of the idea of Europe, of a Europe, where the individual countries no longer wage war against each other, which has been destroyed by Obama with his hatching of the war between the Ukraine and Russia, with the hatching of regime change in every country, which did not worship Obama. Libya is one of many sad examples. The creation of the Islamic State, for which Obama is directly to blame for, with his withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and the refugee crisis, which still continuous and which the Europeans have created for themselves, though their support for Obama.

Since Trump took over, the "New York Times" can no longer report about the atrocities of Obama, because they instantaneously stopped. Now the belches of the president are reported on the first page, in the "New York Times" and in "Der Standard".

And "Der Standard" and the "New York Times" are annoyed about the critic of Trump about the press, but they themselves are the ones, who are the representatives of immorality.

That is exactly, what annoys the atheists mostly about Trump, that he now no longer, like Obama, provides an example for them, that he no longer sets a good example for them, and shows them, how atrocities are done, so that they can then follow this good example.

I now bring a further quote from the article;

STANDARD: You were president of the American Sociological Society, when Donald Trump was chosen as US president. Did you as sociologist think this election victory being possible?

Lamont: Not really. For all of us that was a gigantic shock. I had at the election evening a small party with me at home. There were also some prominent political scientists there. For them that was a still greater fiasco.

The scientists were shocked that their turning to evil, now considered already secured, received an interruption.

And now they are foaming at the mouth.

Their emotional maturity is according to that of a child.

The assessment, immorality, now comes from a scientist and she sees and speaks out, what she sees, and in her stupidity she reveals herself immediately too. She carries on too, with the atheists and with the materialists, and is prevented by her stupidity to make an about turn, and turn to truth, of which she indeed claims to serve it.

And she is not just a normal scientist, but a leading one.

Some more extracts follow.

Harvard sociologist: "Trump is in some things brilliant"

Interview Klaus Taschwer 23. November 2018, 08:00

Michèle Lamont about causes and results of the election of Donald Trump, committed science and identity politics

Michèle Lamont is one of the most influential sociology scientists of the USA. In more than ten books the sociologist, who is also at the Harvard University professor for African and African American Studies as well as European Studies, has researched social inequalities just as racisms and stigmatizations, but also the cognition production of her own subject. Last week Lamont was in Vienna to make one of the two main speeches at the symposium "100 Years Social Sciences as Society Shaping" organized by the Institute for Science of Man (IWM), by the Institute for Higher Studies (IHS) and by the University Vienna.


A further extract follows:

Michèle Lamont (60) is a Canadian by birth and gained a doctorate at the Sorbonne in Paris. Her further career led her among others to Stanford, Princeton and 2002 to Harvard University, where she since then is professor. For her work she received 2017 the Erasmus prize, one of the highest international honouring for artists and social scientists.

Now what about Lamont? She is directly responsible for all the atrocities committed by Obama, because she voted for him.

So with the voting out of Obama and Clinton the whole international terror of the Americans stopped quite suddenly. But there still was something else, what also stopped; and that is the pressure on the African nations to become as perverted as Obama and Clinton and the European leaders.

There were men like Obama, the American, and a woman like Clinton, the American woman, and Cameron, the Brit, and the international Ban Ki-moon.

And they wanted to force their perversity on Africa.

They put pressure on the Africans, people of a continent, who have by far not taken part in the degeneration of the rest of the world.

Have a look at this webpage:

There it says:

The head of government of Great Britain and the foreign minister of the United States of America and the secretary general of the United Nations want to force Sodom and Gomorrah upon Africa.

I want to explain to you, what it is all about. I quote from a letter:

"Therefore God gave them over in their sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie; and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator who is forever praised. Amen.

Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed for lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with one another and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion."

This is the situation of the so-called Christian western world and their leaders. They are full of sinful desires, sexual impurity, the lie, shameful lusts, indecent acts, and perversion.

And after this quote from Romans 1:24-27 now still another extract from the interview:

STANDARD: What are the other results of the by now two years under President Trump?

Lamont: As cultural sociologist I observe among others increased differentiations and exclusions, of which Afro Americans are affected and just so immigrants, ethnic minorities or LGBTIQ persons (Abbreviation for Lesbian, gay, bi, trans, inter and queer, note).

That it is what our scientists, quite ahead Ms Lamont and her colleagues, propagate: sinful desires, sexual impurity, the lie, shameful lusts, indecent acts, and perversion.

That is the present state of our sciences and our scientists: Their social sciences as society shaping are Sodom and Gomorrah.

And the leading propaganda organ for this perversity and fornication is the New York Times.

At the latest since the coming up of quantum mechanics it is known that scientific investigations are depending on the consciousness of the investigator. When therefore the investigator longs for a certain event, then the result will be accordingly. And when an investigator does not approach the thing in a neutral and sober and impartial state, then little science will come out of the matter.

Now says Ms Lamont, "For all of us that was a gigantic shock."

She has observed a process and wanted to investigate it scientifically, and this process was nothing new; it was a normal event in a normal democracy, which exists for centuries, and it was a gigantic shock for her. Of understanding of democracy one cannot speak with this woman. Her emotional maturity is according to that of a child. This sentence alone shows, that nothing of science exists there, that there just exists religious fanaticism and that one can pulp all her books and forget them.

And still worse is that not even the attempt is made to show any objectivity. The rule of the atheists has by now become so obvious for them that they have dropped all pretext of neutrality. Science, with only few exceptions, has become a pure propaganda instrument.

When such an interview with Ms Lamont can be published, and she is then not immediately relieved of her office as professor at Harvard, then that is proof that this university has become a concentration of fools and has lost its claim as scientific institution.

And Harvard is about the most respected university of the world, the élite university, and therefore now supplies the proof that today's science, so-called science, has no longer much to do with science.

And the greatest stupidity, which they commit, is that they all, including Ms Lamont, follow Antichrist into the abyss.

They have completely lost track of everything and all of their social and political analyses is a fiasco.

Here we have those two places in the world, where evil is concentrated; once The New York Times in New Work and then Harvard University in Massachusetts.

And this journalist was now successful pulling away the mask in front of the face of Ms Lamont and to expose everything, what is really behind it.

The New York Times is a contemptible crowd of dishonest, greedy and sectarian men, of fake news producers of top quality.

The prominent political scientists are men, whose emotional maturity is that of a child. The announcement of an election result ends with them in an emotional fiasco.

Ms Lemont is, exactly as her prominent political scientists, no scientist, but an emotional being, which is like a child, who reacts with a gigantic shock, when a scientific investigation results in that, what contradicts its fanatical religious faith in atheism.



This is the end of "5. Der Standard (4) 23.11.2018".
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