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4. Der Standard (3) 29.08.2018


Frank L. Preuss


Three extracts from an article of derStandard.at dated 29.08.2918 follow. Between the extracts and after them come some comments.


US astronomer Williams: "There must be life out there!"

Interview with video

Tanja Traxler, David Rennert

29. August 2018, 13:00

The search for extra-terrestrial life is the next challenge in astronomy, says the former Hubble boss Robert Williams

No other instrument has so shaped our present understanding of space as the Hubble space telescope. For 25 years it pursues its mission working. In this time the US astronomer Robert Williams was some years director of the Space Telescope Science Institute, by which he was also responsible for Hubble.

On the occasion of the 30th general meeting of the International Astronomic Union Robert Williams - together with 8000 astronomers – is at present in Vienna to discuss current results and future plans in astronomy.

STANDARD: 28 years ago the Hubble space telescope has been put into service; for 25 years it supplies useful data and is now at the high point of its mission. What were up to now the most important discoveries?


Williams: The discovery that the universe expands faster and faster, must be seen as the most important one. Also the Deep Field photos, through which we have discovered thousands of galaxies, were very important. The beautiful thing about astronomy is: When one looks into the universe, on looks back into time. Astronomy is the only science, which allows us a direct look into the past. When we see far enough, we can look as far as the Big Bang.


This was the first extract.

We are therefore not dealing here with a scientist, but with a pious believer. He believes in the Big Bang.

And now the second extract, a further part of his creed.

STANDARD: What comes after the Hubble space telescope?

Williams: On the one hand the James Webb space telescope. But new discoveries like gravitation waves show that we cannot know, what comes after the Hubble results. The exploration of other planets is the next challenge in astronomy. The question is, whether there is life out there.

STANDARD: What is your opinion?

Williams: I have a different view about it than most of my colleagues. When one asks the question, whether there is extra-terrestrial life, most astronomers would say: "The universe is incomprehensible large; there are probable more planets in the universe than stars. Therefore: Yes, life must exist out there!" So far I would agree. But regarding living beings, which are conscious of themselves – I would not be surprised, when something like us only exists one time; even so the universe is infinitely large. Many of my colleagues see that differently, and because we have no proof, we can just speculate.

STANDARD: How is your estimate, how long it will take until we find extra-terrestrial life? Decades or centuries?

Williams: I think that it will still take longer and we might possibly never find it. But it is not the finding decisive, but the seeking. Therefore I support the search for extra-terrestrial life. We will find then something about ourselves – and perhaps still something completely different.

And now the third extract.

Robert Williams (77) was from 1993 to 1998 director of the Space Telescope Science Institute. He is emeritus professor of astronomy at the University California Santa Cruz.


The second part of the creed of Mr Williams is therefore "The universe is incomprehensible large; there are probable more planets in the universe than stars. Therefore: Yes, life must exist out there!"

I now bring first links to webpages, which deal with this subject:

The great coming together

B.D. NR. 0254 – Celestial bodies. Laws of nature. Research in vain.

B.D. NR. 3495 – Spiritual and material creations.


"Barren" planets

Difference of heavenly bodies

Heavenly bodies and earthly bodies

Every star or planet is inhabited

Space travel


Now comes a link to one more website: The false doctrines of Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Hagin was a teacher, and taught, and Robert Williams was a teacher, and he also taught, as professor.

That these two have in common. And then they also have in common that both belong to a denomination.

Mr Williams belongs to the denomination of the materialists and the atheists, and Kenneth Hagin to a denomination, which is counted to the Christian denominations.

With Mr Williams it could even be that he belongs to two denominations, also still to a "Christian" denomination.

And now we come to the actual problem, which both have, a spiritual problem:

Divine revelations. False doctrine an obstacle.

29. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3237.

A direct revelation of God is marked through the direct word of the father to his child, and this word is to be believed when the receiver of the word is a man who stands in faith and in love, who therefore strives for God. The pre-condition is however not always given that wisdoms can be offered to a man, may it be that he does not listen persistently enough inwards or he is also imprisoned by teachings, which are not completely in accordance with truth, so that he would consider every correcting teaching as work of the opponent of God. And that is why the divine revelations only apply to personal admonitions and warnings, but nevertheless must be acknowledged as such. The desire of a man to stand in personal connection with God, and the belief that this is possible, are the first pre-requisites that God reveals himself fatherly. In what way now that depends on man’s powers of comprehension and willingness to receive and also on the task, which is given to him for his earth life. Is he supposed to be again active in teaching and makes himself available for this office to God, then the divine revelations will take place like an instruction and therefore also contain deepest wisdoms because man must himself first have knowledge before he can spread such. Complete lack of resistance however belongs to this, i.e., the spirit of God, the giver of truth, is never allowed to come across resistance, when it imparts truth to man. But resistance is every false doctrine when it is not given away unconditionally and makes place for truth. But a man can now be deeply believing and fully convinced to stand in truth, also his life walk is in accordance with the will of God – but he is not able to spread pure truth as servant of God because he does not own it himself – because he does not ask and desires answers and expects them, but thinks himself to be the bearer of truth, and therefore erroneous thinking cannot be corrected. He now certainly can hear the voice of God because he loves him and a loving heart is able to receive the divine spirit, but the spirit of God gives man in accordance of his desire – comforting, admonishing, warning or educational father words, which announce his love towards the earth child, or also instructions full of wisdom and deepest knowledge to that man, who is open-minded for that and makes himself worthy of it. The desire of man decides, and that is why everyone is so given how he desires. Fatherly exhortation is enough for one, and he ends his listening inwards, while the other listens to every word in thirst for knowledge, which divine love gives to him. God does not limit his gifts; he gives, as long as it is desired; but man himself sets the boundaries because as soon as his desire flags, as soon as his will is no longer active, he therefore ends his listening inwards, also the inner voice no longer sounds, the supply is interrupted and can only then again take place when man through listening inwards declares himself willing to receive the divine gift. And that is why man himself determines the measure of knowledge and also the way in which it is offered. A man interpenetrated by spiritual knowledge will mature extremely fast, and that is why it is definitely more advantageous to let God himself provide this knowledge than to appropriate it through study, because latter does not necessarily need to be truth, because men are transmitters and these are never free of error. But who clings to this spiritual material taken over from men and not even considers the thought that also error can have been imparted to him, to him deep knowledge cannot be given because he would not let it be regarded as truth, but infers to erroneous givers, when it does not agree with his old knowledge. And for that reason only such men are to be trained to bearers of pure truth who are completely free of erroneous spiritual material and who therefore all the time desire to be instructed by God himself to be very certain to receive pure truth because God can also give to them in all fullness and make them his representatives on earth, and these are they who are now to teach and pass on the deep knowledge to fellowmen, because they are able to do it and have the firm will to help their fellowmen. These will be abundantly provided with knowledge; the divine master teacher himself instructs them, and he trains them so that they can now teach in his name, always and everywhere, where men are open-minded to pure truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3237.

Here we therefore have the problem of Mr Williams:

But who clings to this spiritual material taken over from men and not even considers the thought that also error can have been imparted to him, to him deep knowledge cannot be given because he would not let it be regarded as truth, but infers to erroneous givers, when it does not agree with his old knowledge.

When one reads this statement, then the thing sounds quite simple and logical, and then one can just be surprised, why a normal person does not act accordingly, and when it is then even about a professor, then it is difficult, not to come to the conclusion: Stupidity.

Now follows a quote from The scientists and their Big Bang:

[10] If space started from one point that expanded in all directions unto infinity, then firstly it was as little as infinite as the great Cosmic Man. Secondly, the question arises out of itself: what was that which undoubtedly surrounded that point endlessly far in all imaginable directions from which later the infinite space of creation expanded. Was it the ether without light, or was it the heathenish chaos, or was it a complete firm substance, or was it the air or water or fire?

[11] If it was one of those named things, then how did that point in space have the power in itself to drive such endless large quantities of substances out of itself endless times into the infinite. And where did those substances end up if the eternal endless space came from this original point? Then there is no other possibility except that they have to be outside of the endless space, just like in the beginning when they were also outside of that point out of which the endless space would have come forth. However, if this could be somehow imaginable, then the space of creation would again be limited, and even if it would expand eternally farther and farther, then it still could never be infinite.

The whole logic of the Big Bang can probably hardly be called anything else than stupid, but what is still more stupid, is to make it out as existing fact and not to know and to recognize, that it is just an idea, a theory.

When one has a look at natural sciences, one inevitably comes across the expression electromagnetic radiation. And there the so-called scientists claim that a certain bandwidth is visible light. But that light is not visible, exactly as the rest of electromagnetic radiation, can simply be "seen" that the night sky is black. But these so-called scientists, like this Mr Williams, are too stupid, to recognize this, despite him being an astronomer, even a professor of astronomy.

Particularly this last thought is such a simple fact that one can actually nothing but call such people fools.

Now comes a webpage, which illuminates the importance of scientists, also that of true scientists, all together for once, The importance of sciences:

On this website scientific subjects are often dealt with and discussed and already often it was pointed out that scientists often exclude a very important area of human experience and that this non-observance leads to scientists actually behaving quite unscientifically because they avoid the heart of science and move in circles.

The heart of science is man himself in his multiple being and only a research of this multiplicity of being of man can advance science. In quantum physics this becomes most clear where all activity depends on the observation of the researcher.

Today I read something which well expresses this.

Here an extract from a work of Jakob Lorber, Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God), Volume 1, Chapters 55 and 56 (jl.hag1.055,11- jl.hag1.056,06):


^   jl.hag1.055,11
But out of reverence Enoch rose soon and spoke: »O Fathers, so hear! The stars take their course and soon gleam more, soon less, and also the winds blow soon from one place and soon again from another place and rushing they go their ways far-off and often carry light little clouds, often entire masses on their swaying wings, and so the dew falls and the rain, and the grass fans, and the trees swing with trembling leaves, and nowhere do we know the reason for this and would like to crush the heads about it; but when the harvest comes in the end, there we say: ‘The Lord has guided his elements wisely, because the harvest turned out so well!’, and then we no longer worry about where the winds have carried the clouds.

^   jl.hag1.055,12
See, that is also the best interpretation! Because what the Lord does, that is done wisely; but we then do best when we leave everything carefree to the Lord and do not want to interpret his ways, but for it rather seek ourselves and life in us.

^   jl.hag1.055,13
See, that is the best interpretation, in which all secrets are hidden! But on the way more about it! Amen! «

^   jl.hag1.056,01
But when Enoch had finished his abridged interpretation, see, then Seth jumped up full of joy, embraced Enoch and spoke: »O father Adam, how short is but the word of love on the bright paths of its wisdom and how but so full of clarity, life, power and effect!

^   jl.hag1.056,02
But when the heavy intellect of man counts all the stars laboriously, heavy doubtingly investigates the path of the winds, gapes at the course of the clouds, wants to startle the sleeping fogs in the valleys from their blessed rest, weightily examines the drops of dew and should almost crazily and dim-wittedly ask the grass, the plants, the shrubberies and all the trees, how they have rested the night at best, to finally scoop a just as weighty judgement after all these empty enquiries, from which one then would like to conclude the future harvest, at most with a guessed half-certainty, whether it will turn out good, middle, or bad, and that still with it always based on a long lasting consultation, - there such an interpretation of Enoch is indeed purely from heaven, which relieves us of all such furthermore quite senseless and worthless observations, now according to my cognition they matter just as much as the time, which has already passed hundred years ago without trace.

^   jl.hag1.056,03
Oh you dear Enoch you, you continue to interpret the signs of life in us, and I am convinced that such interpretation of signs will be of use for all of us infinitely more than when we would be able to have a dialogue with all the stars, suns and moons, but would understand nothing of that what still is the reason of all of our stirrings, and all that what our sensations and feelings tell us, and in what way eternal love perhaps announces and well reveals its identity in us, and eternal life through it!

^   jl.hag1.056,04
Oh children, that stands infinitely higher than all harvest fields and fruit trees on which we are not able to bring one apple or any other fruit despite all our observations and pre-Sabbath interpretations, and despite all our unnecessary worries the Lord still only does what is in accordance with his love, wisdom and holiness!

^   jl.hag1.056,05
Oh Enoch, you just carry on to speak and interpret so that soon our wood, which has become stiff, and our twigs according to Cainan would soon like to bring beneficial fruit of eternal, immortal life! Amen.«

^   jl.hag1.056,06
But after that Adam rose and said: »Amen, may you be blessed, my beloved Ahbel-Seth, and highly blessed the living tongue of Enoch and blessed all my children who are of a good and devout heart!


Man must seek himself and life in him. When he does this then he has the best interpretation in which all secrets are hidden .

See    222    223    224

How does it now happen that scientists do not observe this rule to seek themselves and life in them to find all secrets?

Because they are no true scientists. They exclude the spiritual side of life from their considerations and therefore are no true knowers, but only so-called scientists.

Quantum physicists for example like to refer to philosophers and say it is their job to interpret the results of the research regarding quantum mechanics.

But philosophers have exactly the same problem, also they do not acknowledge the spiritual side of life, also they think to be able to research life with the intellect only. They are also just so-called philosophers, so-called seekers of truth.

Today nobody any longer gets the idea to refer to the spiritual-ones, to ministers, to clergymen, to priests, the so-called minister; one does not expect anything from them and they are also too busy to fend off accusations of raping children.

And consequently they go round in circles and quantum physics is almost known for one century and since Heisenberg and Bohr not much has happened.

Everything points to the spiritual side of life, but they consider it as non-existing.

Mankind has this rule to seek itself for millennia, but our scientists, our so-called scientists, know it better and stand before the gate and do not get in. They always hope for the great breakthrough, but for decades hardly anything is happening.

When we stick to this rule, when we seek ourselves, when we seek life in us, then we will be able to interpret all secret. And then also the, so-called, scientific progress will lose its importance and we will overcome the inclination and urge towards matter and manage quite comfortably without it.

And the problems with the space researchers are no different, they still want to investigate space physically, and send men and machines to other celestial bodies. They cannot even imagine the existence of other beings here on this earth, let alone getting into contact with them, but want to do this on other heavenly bodies and think to achieve something there with the Earth consciousness they take with them from this Earth. All celestial bodies are inhabited by beings, and our so-called researchers think they all have to have the same state of consciousness which they have themselves.

Robert Monroe has showed all this to them, how to put oneself in other states of consciousness and how one travels in space, has described it very nicely in his books, has called the Monroe Institute into being, where real scientists can experience how something like this works, but our so-called scientists know nothing about all this.

One can travel today in space with high-tech, as it was developed by Robert Monroe, but traveling in space has always been done, also already in very ancient times. Here what the sangoma Credo Mutwa has to say to this:

These creatures took away from men their great abilities: The power to only speak through the spirit, the power to move things through the spirit only, the power to see the future and the past and the power to travel spiritually in different worlds.

Already for millennia men have the power to travel spiritually in different worlds.

2012 Nov 01 – Tokoloshes, the power of language and paradise
2012 Nov 12 (2) – Scientist proves mankind’s decline

Robert Monroe was just mentioned here, and he is a compatriot of Mr Williams and also speaks his language and has written his books at a time, in which Mr Williams has lived, and they do not need to be translated into his language, but Mr Williams does not know these books, and that also not, despite the fact that they can be read in the internet, free of charge, books, which deal exactly with that, from which he so studied speaks.

But this studied man speaks of things, of which he obviously knows very little.

Only few mouse clicks away is the material of Robert Monroe and already it appears on the screen.

But the main problem of Mr Williams is that he has grown up in a culture, which is completely dominated by atheists, may it be the training system or the published opinions, and that he is not aware of this fact and also makes no move to once examine this his state imposed on him.

Finally still a question. How does it come that journalist can be quite great critics of politicians, and often come along with great polemic, but when it comes scientists, then something like that is verboten, and no critical comment is allowed?

The answer is quite simple. Because both, the journalist and the scientist belong to the same sect, the sect of the atheists and the materialists.



This is the end of "4. Der Standard (3) 29.08.2018".
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