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1. Der Standard (1) 25.08.2018


Frank L. Preuss

This is an article from derStandard.at dated 25.08.2018; it is interrupted by commentaries.


The flaw in one’s reasoning, which conspiracy theoreticians and creationists share

Klaus Taschwer

25. August 2018, 09:00

Psychologists discover a common wrong deduction through questionings and correlation analyses

It has taken long enough until Alex Jones has been blocked, at least temporarily, from the news in the brief service Twitter. What extreme right wing US American conspiracy theoretician fabricates on his actual main medium "Infowars" of disgraceful lies, smear campaign reports and insults, belongs to the sad drawbacks of the freedom to express one’s own opinion.

To just mention some of the more harmless examples for Jones’ dangerous nonsense production: The global warming the trash talker thinks to be a myth, which was invented by the elites. In the presidential campaign 2016 he early put himself behind Trump, since behind Obama (for Jones a Muslim born in Kenya) and Hillary Clinton – of course – would stand an international conspiracy.


Immediately at the beginning of this article the name Obama emerges. This name is the symbol of their god, the god of the so-called scientists.

And every opposition to their religion is immediately accused of heresy.

When someone dares not following the demands of their god, then he is branded as the evil of the world.

When the Russian president refused to follow the demand of Obama to extradite Edward Snowden, that was the signal to open the hunt on him. And this hunt goes on.

Only that then something worse happened. Suddenly there was a man, who not only refused to do what Obama told him to do, but this man even attacked Obama, he dared to do the absolutely worst thing and stood up to their god.

When the American people realized that there was a man, who described Obama as the one, who had caused the Islamic State, it was clear to them, for the majority, that this man was an opponent of Obama, and they had just waited for this, and they immediately chose him as their leader, and were therefore delivered from this evil.

The Americans had, in the 8 years before, brought themselves to become the tyrants of the world and committed evil in a grand style. They had stolen from all citizens of the world private data, committed the biggest theft of all times; in all countries, which did not worship Obama, they advanced regime change, and created failed states.

There is the Ukraine. There is Libya, a tragedy. And a state like Syria, which resisted Obama, seems to have war without end.

Obama is the symbol for "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy."

The stealing Edward Snowden proved to him. The killing and the destroying the just mentioned political terror activities and his drone murders.

But all these are not denounced by the so-called scientists and their supporters and propagandists; what is denounced is now that there is now somebody who does not continue it.

We now carry on with the article.


In this connexion he also spread the rumour that in the cellar of a Washington Pizzeria sexual child abuse had taken place on a massive scale, in which also Clinton was involved. This idiotic lie sure enough brought people on to the scene wanting to cause order in this pizzeria.

Who is susceptible to conspiracy theories?

But why find types like this living fake news sling a public in the first place?


That is of course a means to camouflage oneself as fake news sling, by accusing others to be one.

There these propagandists do the same, what their god Obama does. When Edward Snowden exposed Obama as the greatest thief of all times, there Obama shouted, "Stop thief!" and that was, what the fake news slings wanted to hear and they hurled.

The slings are here first the scientists, the so-called scientist, and then that one, who writes this article, and then the organization, which publishes the whole thing.

It is a reporting, which propagates the evil of the world, which fights the good, and consequently reveals that the information, which comes from it, is completely untrustworthy, and merely serves to spread their religious, negative religious, intends.

Such a publication can only be condemned.

But that is only a relative small problem. The real problem is that almost all publications do exactly the same.

All news, which report good things, is not brought, and all propaganda of evil things alone is publicized.

And the central organ for this situation in the world is the New York Times.

For the New York Times there only exists Obama worship and Trump bashing.


Psychologists about Sebastian Dieguez (University Freiburg in Switzerland) looked into this question empirically. And the answer, which the Swiss French team discovered after several surveys and correlation analyses, brought a surprising connexion to light: The answer namely illuminates at the same time also one of the reasons, why somebody tends towards creationism, therefore thinks nothing of evolution, but believes in a creation of the world through God.


Here it now becomes really clear, what the direction is.

The fake news slings think something of evolution and do not believe in God as creator. They believe the spawn of stupidity of the scientists and reject God, because they do not want to take responsibility for their evil deeds.

The spiritual principle on which the stupidity of the so-called scientists is based, is known and documented for millenniums. The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

When therefore the talk is here about stupid scientists, then that is actually not a complete statement. Strictly speaking there should still something be added, that they are also corrupt and that they have done abominable works and that there is none that doeth good.


This explanation, which for the first time establishes a connexion between conspiracy theory and creationism, is simply called "teleological thinking". With other words: Men, who are susceptible to ideas of conspiracy or creationism, take, according to Dieguez and colleagues, as their starting point that everything happens for a reason and has a higher purpose.

Everything in the world has a higher purpose


That is what they fight against. Against God and against the fact that they will face a situation, where they are made aware of their life and can deny nothing.

When everything has no purpose, then they can indeed steal, kill and destroy, and dedicate their life to the god of this world.

Evolution gives them the perfect reason to behave like devils.

Everyone has now found something that allows him to play the Stalin or the Hitler.


Such persons would for example agree with the two statements that the sun rises for that reason to give light to us, or that the purpose of bees is to guarantee the pollination of plants. This kind of thinking is regarded in science, especially in the evolution theory, as strictly scorned and already got mockery from the enlightener Voltaire, by him letting his character Pangloss assume that noses had been made for the wearing of glasses.


Here we have the thing. Science is equated by them with the evolution teaching.

They think science to be something, what comes from the stupid scientists, the so-called scientists. It suits their attitude of mind.

When one really lets this statement touch one’s heart, then one realizes that one deals here with people, to whom the claim applies that they have a head so that there is something for the barber to do.


Nevertheless also in science teleological rest stock still was found for a long time, for example in classic Lamarckism, which regarded certain features of living beings as result of purpose orientated adaptation of the environment and not as result of selection of the best adapted "by chance".

Conspiratorial and creationistic common features

Dieguez and his colleagues had already observed in earlier works that followers of conspiracy theories have difficulties to perceive the world as accidental and complex. Thanks to further questioning and analyses it was a confirmation of the assumption shown first that teleological thinking is widely spread with conspiracy followers – and as the result that this wrong inference is also an important foundation of creationist thought systems.


This barber material therefore sees accidentally the world as accidental.

The word chance exists. That is no chance.

The existence of the word chance is reality. The existence of chance one can compare with the existence of God. One can deny the existence of God; but one cannot prove it that God does not exist. One can believe in the existence of chance, but one cannot prove that chance exists.

That chance really exists, one could prove with the existence of random event generators. But exactly these random event generators have proven the opposite. The scientists, the genuine ones, have proven that the products of these machines can be influenced through the will of a man. They have even proven that the will of a man can influence data, which these machines have produced in the past. Man can therefore even impose his will on the past.

See Have Dominion.

It is a feature of wise men that when they write about having come across something by chance, they put these words by chance in quotation marks. Something like chance does not exist. That is wishful thinking of stupid scientists and blind believers in science.


As the researchers in the special magazine "Current Biology" write, they hope having named a central thinking mistake with their discoveries, which more or less stands at the root of the evil of our "post real age." This discovery is to particularly help science teachers and science communicators to do aim orientated enlightenment work to avoid wrong teleological wrong inferences, to be later less susceptible to "fake news" – no matter whether it is about the denial of man-made climate change or the rejection of multiple vaccinations, which – nona – also Alex Jones makes responsible for autism. (tasch, 25.8.2018)


Wrong inferences is nice. The whole article, including the works of these so-called scientists is a wrong inference.

Here we have an example of fake news of best kind.



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