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Astronomical question and answer 291


Frank L. Preuss


What is light?


Light is something, which scientists call electromagnetic waves.

One area of frequency of electromagnetic radiation they call visible light.

And that means that the rest is just also light, only just not visible light, but invisible light.

Only that it is so that all light in invisible, also that, what they call visible light.

And this fact alone, that they call visible light visible light, but the most simple thoughts prove that visible light is not visible, shows that they do not understand light fundamentally and that consequently all their knowledge about it is fundamentally questionable.

All electromagnetic waves are not perceptible with our outer senses. One cannot smell them, cannot touch, cannot taste, cannot hear and definitely also cannot see them.

One can collect a lot of information about them and one can develop technical things in this way, but that does not say that one is really in control of them.

And the reason simply is that scientists can approach light only by means that they use material things to investigate light.

But light is not something material, it is something spiritual.

And when one investigates something spiritual with material things, then that is for instance so as when an animal now starts to investigate the thinking and wanting and acting of a man.

The dubious nature of the knowledge of scientists regarding light makes it there clear, where one measures astronomical distances.

The more the physical of a heavenly body is measured, the more realistic such a measurement will be, the more the measurement merely refers to light, the more questionable such a measuring will be, exactly because the properties of light are not controlled by scientists.

Just refer a scientist to the black night sky, which proves to him that light is not visible, and he will not be able than to react otherwise than to recognize all his knowledge about scientific cognition as questionable.

What all electromagnetic waves have in common is that they all have the same propagation speed. It is the so-called speed of light. This word for instance also says that all electromagnetic radiation is light. Scientist can for example not establish, whether a certain kind of electromagnetic radiation has a different speed than the speed of light. They even do not believe that something like this exists. And there might exist innumerable kinds of "speed of light".

And every kind of "speed of light" may mean a different state of consciousness, another universe of many.

One can also express it so: Scientists deal with something, what belongs to another state of consciousness, but do not know that they are not in this state of consciousness.

It always amounts to the same thing. For one century scientists know from their quantum mechanics that everything is about consciousness, but they want to know nothing about this, and want to remain with their matter, and still act so as if the spiritual side of life does not exist.



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