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Astronomical question and answer 290


Frank L. Preuss


What are the spiritual principles, which control our system of education?


God gives an answer to this question: It is the power from below.

His answer comes from B.D. Nr. 5514..

Here now his answer:

Call to God for power. Power from below.

23. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5514.

And you will again and again experience it that you are able to do nothing without me, unless you call him, who is my opponent and your enemy, but who gives you power to ruin you. With my help you will be able to overcome everything, but you are not allowed to rely on your own power, for then you are already in the net of Satan, who lets the feeling of your own strength come up in you, to push you away from me. In earthly troubles you often have to rely on you alone; no help comes from the side of fellowmen, and you yourselves feel too weak. Then you are to call upon me, and you can firmly rely on it that you are again led out of the trouble, so you believe in my love and my power. But it is utterly wrong, instead of this call, to spur on your powers to the utmost, in the belief to then being able to manage it, to be able to then become master of the earthly trouble. Also your own power you have from me; and it can certainly do much after an intimate call for help. For I mostly help in a natural way that it does not have an effect like a miracle, and nevertheless it is my help which is sent to you. But if the call to me has gone first, then everything is certainly also good, what you yourselves now undertake, for I steer your thoughts, so as it is beneficial for you. Many men certainly do extraordinary things, without having asked me for blessings and help. Their attitude can still be good, and according to this attitude my power is now active or refuses to give itself. But man can have entered the relationship with me unconsciously through his love will then I will also support him in earthly trouble, but always only in a way that also he will learn to recognize me, so he thinks about the obvious help. But who is already my opponent through his attitude, who rejects me consciously or unconsciously, who does not believe to need me, so his own power is not enough, he is given power, which comes from below. And he will be recognizable in the utilization of that, what he has acquired earthly. No serving neighbourly love will speak from his thinking and acting, from all his works. His earthly successes will always become larger and larger, for my opponent provides him with power in the extreme, to completely win him for himself, by chaining him firmly to matter, by him suffocating every good stirring in him in the desire for earthy goods, for wealth, honour and fame. But no blessing will rest on his work; he will also not be able to become master of his fate, which is imposed upon him by me. For again and again I try in this way to direct his thoughts to him, who alone is powerful in heaven and on earth; again and again I show him his own weakness, so that he leans against me and requests power and strength from me, as indeed also my opponent will constantly besiege him. Without me you are able to do nothing; but with me and my power everything. But do not let yourselves be deceived by the counter power, which certainly amply supplies you with the earthly, but wants to take from you the life of the soul; who wants to make you completely powerless for eternity. For he does nothing for free; he harms you, where he just can, and every supply of power from below you must pay, for he does not want your happiness, but your ruin. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5514.



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