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Astronomical question and answer 289


Frank L. Preuss


What is matter? What is soul?


To these two questions, What is matter? What is soul? Rudolf Steiner gives an answer.

His answer comes from his lecture, which he held on 27. May 1910 and which is the tenth of a lecture cycle in Hamburg from 16. to 28. May 1910 and which is contained in the book "Die Offenbarungen des Karma" (The revelations of karma).

Here no his answer, from pages 192-193:


For clairvoyant research there is really a reachable state of resolution of all matter, where all matter shows itself in one thing equal then; only that that what appears there is no longer matter, but something, what lies beyond of all specialized matters, which surround us. And every individual matter presents itself then as appearing from this basic matter it is indeed no longer matter something condensed, compressed, whether you have gold, silver or whatever kind of matter. There is a basic nature of our material earth existence, of which everything material has only come into being through compression. And to the question: What kind of basic matter is our earth existence? spiritual science answers: Every matter on earth is condensed light! There is nothing in material existence, what would be something else than light compressed in some form. Therefore you see that for the person, who knows the fact, there is no theory to be substantiated like for example the vibration hypothesis of the 19th century, in which one tried to present light with means, which themselves are coarser than light. Light is not to be attributed to something else in our material existence. Where you grasp there and touch a matter, there you have everywhere condensed, squeezed light. Matter is, according to its nature, light.

Thus we have from the spiritual scientific point of view referred to the one side of the matter. We therefore have to see in light that, on which all material existence is based. And when we look at the material human body, so it is also, insofar it is material, nothing else than something woven from light. Insofar as man is a material being, he is also woven from light.

Henceforth we take the other question: What is the nature of the soul? When we would research that what is substantial, the real basic nature of the soul, in a similar way with spiritual scientific means, so we would be presented so as all material


is just squeezed light -, that all no matter how different appearances of the soul on earth result for us as modifications, as diverse transformation of that, what must be called, when we really grasp the basic meaning of this word: Love. Every stirring of the soul, no matter where it appears, is in some way modified love. And when we have the inner and the outer with men as it were put together, have moulded together, so we have his outer body woven from light, its inner soul we have woven in a spiritualized way from love. Love and light are in fact in all appearances of our earth existence somehow woven together. And who has to grasp the things spiritual scientifically, he asks in the very first priority: How are love and light in some degree woven together?

Love and light are the two elements, the two components, which intersperse all earth existence: Love as soul existence of earth, light as outer material existence of earth.

And now still something from page 202:

Matter is woven light, soul is in some way thinned down love.



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