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Astronomical question and answer 287


Frank L. Preuss


What is the disadvantage when one does not label the stupidity of scientists as such?


I am now bringing an extract from a book, which contains lectures of Rudolf Steiner.

The title of the book is "Die Offenbarungen des Karma" (The revelations of carma) and Rudolf Steiner is given as author.

The subtitle is then "Ein Vortragszyklus in Hambug vom 16. bis 28. Mai 1910" (A lecture cycle in Hamburg from 16. to 28. May 1910)).

The quote comes from "NEUNTER VORTRAG – Hamburg, 26.Mai 1910" (Ninth lecture – Hamburg, 26. May 1910) and from page 186 of the book.

Now the quote:

To study these things will only be possible, when people again go into that a little, what spiritual research has to say. Before one does not go into that, the outer science, which stops at the outer facts with the appearance of the senses, will indeed produce very beautiful facts; but everything, what men are able to think under such assumptions about such facts, that will never be authoritative for reality. Therefore everything, what is theoretical science today, is a fantastic object, which has come into being as a result that one combined the outer facts according to outer appearance. With some areas the outer facts really press for it to interpret in the right way, but through todays opinions, one does not get round to do it.

This is now an example for it, how one can formulate our subject so, that it is expressed rather acceptable for the reader and does not immediately offend.

Rudolf Steiner therefore says that today’s theoretical science is a fantastic object.

And when one now on the other hand has a look at expressions, where the talk is about stupid scientists, then something like that does sound too good.

The disadvantage is only that, when the situation is not expressed in relatively drastic words, then the right effect is not achieved.

And that is important, when in a decisive point in life it depends on reacting right. When the scientist, the medical man, announces to one that one has an incurable disease and that life will have ended in just a few months. Then it will be decisive, whether one sees in this man a scientist, or a man who is full of stupidity, and is so stupid that he does not know that he has taken over the role of a witch doctor. Only that contrary to a true witch doctor he understands almost nothing about healing and anyway also does not know that he acts as witch doctor.



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