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Astronomical question and answer 286


Frank L. Preuss


What is meaning and purpose of the universe?


It is quite senseless to get busy with astronomy, when the meaning and the purpose of the universe is unknown.

It is a waste of time, because the things investigated will not be understood. The relationships between things are not grasped and everything remains a mystery.

Here comes an explanation from the creator.


Works of creation are consolidated thoughts of God.

3. and 4. September 1952. B.D. NR. 5479.

In every smallest living being, in every little plant, in every little grain of sand I am present, and there is nothing, which is not animated by me; there is nothing, which is not flooded through by my power, which proves me myself. For nothing could be without me; nothing could remain existing, because only my power secures the existence of that, what came out of me. My power and my will has called into life, what arose as thought in me. My will consolidated all thoughts, and they became form, which has existence so long, until my will withdraws and the spiritual substance, the power out of me, is brought into a new form. The form can change, but the power in it never ever, it can only increase and let always more powerful forms become effective. Everything is power out of me, but in different degrees the power can become effective, and this depends on the purpose, which my wisdom has recognized as appropriate. For nothing is without meaning and purpose, what I let come into being, and where a purpose is to be achieved, my love and wisdom determines every process, which serves the achieving of the purpose. I always work and create in view of this aim, for before my eyes all phases appear like lightning from the beginning to the end. And my will and my power carry out, what love and wisdom recognizes as appropriate. Nothing is created arbitrarily, whatever exists in the universe; in deepest wisdom my plan is arranged, and my will of creation will never let up; persistently new creations will arise, because my immeasurable power wants to confirm itself and will always only busy itself so that an aim is achieved in positive meaning. For the power flowing out of me is love something unspeakably making happy, building up and promoting, which can never let things come into being, which have a negative effect, even so a negative success is recognized apparently, but which, seen in the right light of cognition, still is and remains positive. For there is nothing, by which my power would be uninvolved, only a negative will can use this power wrong, what I allow, but also only then with the sure aim of spiritual return in future from me out of free will. For to change the negative will, everything is arisen; every visible work of creation has the purpose, to contribute, to turn negative will into a positive will. And for this purpose I also dissolve material forms, when they have followed their purpose, and form again new ones according to my will, but which must all serve in my will in a positive way to lead the spiritual, which is of wrong directed will, towards the last aim, a complete change of will. (4.9.1952) But creations can also get dissolved against my will, and indeed by man, who, as dwelling in the last stage of development, is in possession of free will, therefore can now act both in my will but also against my will. The spiritual in man then does this under bad influence; it subordinates itself to the will of the counter power, which as itself of wrong directed will would like to have a destructive effect there, where my power has a building up effect. Such destructed creations release the spiritual bound in it prematurely, but which now again needs new forms to be able to continue its course of development. And now my will is again at work, to create these forms for it, directly or also indirectly, by men, who bear my will in them, busying themselves creating and fashioning according to their ability. The ability of being able to create and fashion proves the original power slumbering in them; it proves the start from me. But the original purpose of the creatures having once come from me, was another one, and this original purpose they must irrevocably fulfil, and no matter if it also takes eternities, until they have reached the aim. So has therefore everything been brought into being by me, but not all enjoys life; it seeks death, but cannot pass for ever, just remain in a so to speak dead state, but which is to be changed to life. But I am also in the apparent dead, in most solid matter, because it would not be visible for you, when my power would not be in it, only its effectiveness is so small, that this matter lets no change recognize for a long time; but since my power is never completely without effect, so it still manages to bring about a change, even so only in endless long time. In cases of letting up of resistance of the wrong directed will, my will also intervenes with increased power, so that therefore destructions wanted by God through natural powers give freedom to the spiritual in shortest time, which then continues its course of development in new forms of lighter kind. My will is always determining, and the coming into being and the passing of my works of creation is always based on a certain order, and all power over works of creation is taken from my opponent. But I gave free will to man. It can just as well be turned towards my opponent as to me. And for that reason my opponent uses his influence over man, by him seeking to determine him to destroy that, over which he has no power. And he wants to destroy it, because the spiritual in it matures and gets lost for him, who once pulled it into the deep, out of which I want to fetch it up again, so that it follows its original purpose, so that an extreme measure of power can flow through it and it is now unimaginably happy. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5479.



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