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Astronomical question and answer 285


Frank L. Preuss


What is the Kilimanjaro event?

I now bring a thought model, which is to help to imagine, which parts of the moon are seen from which parts of earth.

The moon was found, in a strongly decreased form, in a position on Mount Kilimanjaro and is now the great event in Kenya and Tanzania and surroundings, but also in the rest of the world, but the people there have the advantage that they are already there, where the great sensation is and do not have to travel to get there.

The people in the city of Nairobi are in great agitation and admire the moon.

It is evening and the sun is before setting and people in Nairobi, since they are north of the mountain, have a half-moon in front of them, which is in accordance with that half-moon, which one can see on the northern hemisphere. Half of the moon, which is full of sunshine, is to the right, and the dark part is to the left.

A man, who is to the east of Nairobi, and also north east to the mountain, has a crescent in front of him, where the fourth part of the moon, the lit one, in on the right hand side. The rest of the moon, three quarters of it, is dark and to the left. The second great sensation, which gets around in next to no time, is the fact, that the moon has the extremely mysterious property, to turn its face to every man, who consciously looks at the moon. The man therefore sees the full moon-face, to the left the right ear of the moon-face and to the right the left ear of the moon-face, only the one, seen from him, to the right is very well illuminated, not the one on the left.

A man is in Malindi, a town in Kenya, at the east coast, at the Indian Ocean, east of the mountain, and he, with his team, gets on a plane and tells the pilot he is to fly so high that he gets into the shadow of the moon. From there now all kinds of observations and measurements, photos and videos are now made, and then they fly in direction west, and the moon disc gets bigger and bigger and the sun disc remains all the time the same size. Then the moon disc gets as big as the sun and then larger than the sun and the man already looks forward to the analysis of all his gathered information. Then they turn and fly towards north and soon a picture of the moon arises, which changes, from the new moon, the theoretical new moon, to a practical new moon, where the actual new crescent moon suddenly becomes visible. And this crescent moon is the right hand part of the moon and the left ear of the man in the moon is seen, well lit.

The team paid particular attention to the fact that they can now investigate the moon scientifically under conditions, which are unique, especially under the condition that the moon is now in the atmosphere of the earth.

The man has also ordered one of his people, who is to the west of the mountain, to let a balloon rise, and which is to take photos of the back of the moon, for he is of the opinion that the camera has no consciousness, and that the moon will not turn to the balloon because of the camera.

And the picture should come out particularly well, since the moon if completely illuminated, no matter whether it is the back side or the front side of the moon, and is practically a close-up.

And the plane now turns back, flies towards the south and comes into the southern area of Mount Kilimanjaro and now the team experiences a moonrise, where one can see the other side of the moon face. The right hand ear of the man in the moon can be seen very well and that is completely on the left side of the moon disc and they have a new moon in front of them, which is completely different than that, which they had seen just before.

And a man in Tanzania, south of Mount Kilimanjaro, looks at the moon, and also to him the moon has paid his full attention, and shows him his face normally turned towards earth. He has a half-moon in front of him, as it is typical for the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere. The illuminated part of the moon is to the left. And this man is now busy to scan the moon surface, whether he can discover the moon inhabitants, and that particularly there, where the illuminated part of the moon turns into the non-illuminated part of the moon, for there the climate is now tolerable at the surface, no extreme great heat and no intolerable cold, and allows the moon inhabitants to come out from their underground caves, and carry on agriculture. But he also has so his doubts, whether he, with his consciousness, that of earth, can detect life there, or whether he must first switch over, to the consciousness of the moon, and to practise that, he still has not really succeeded. But he still works on it. His dealings with ancestors helps him, to adapt himself to other states of consciousness, and he as Sangoma will also manage to do that.

And he now plans that with his next out of body experience he will now visit the moon, and that part of the moon, which is just between day and night, and will try there to make friends with its inhabitants and hear something about their agricultural activities.

And then there is a man, who stands to the west of the foot of the mountain and looks towards the mountain and then looks underneath the mood and has now a picture of the moon, where the moon disk, the upper, is illuminated, and the lower is not. Then this man turns round, orientates himself towards the west, and now looks once again up to the moon and now the upper part of the moon is dark and the lower bright.

And another man stands to the east of the foot of the mountain and looks towards the mountain and then up and he has a picture of the moon face in front of him, where the upper part is dark and the lower is illuminated. And when he now turns round to the east, then the moon looks from below so that it is bright on top and dark below. And now he makes a quarter turn, the man, towards the left, and is now orientated towards the north, and he looks up and the moon is bright on the left and dark on the right, and after that he makes a full about-turn and is now orientated towards the south and now he looks up and the moon disk is now bright on the right and dark on the left.

And the last two men see the moon so, as men in the tropics see the moon.

That the moon gives the collective consciousness of mankind its attention, and turns its face to it, would indeed still be comprehensible, but that it now can also do this to different men at different places and that at the same time, that is now really too much.

That the sun is in the west above the horizon does not last too long and after it has disappeared, there is a situation, where the moon there on the mountain is no longer to be seen, and that also for that reason, because there is now no moonshine, for it is not in the sky, but on the mountain, and now there is a situation, which is according to that one, where the moon, whether it is now seen during the day or during night, is exactly no longer to be seen. And now men can for once think about this event.

But on the next morning the sun rises and illuminates the moon on the mountain. And now men around the mountain have the second part of the month.

Yesterday the inhabitants of Nairobi had the waxing half-moon before their eyes and now, the next morning, the waning half-moon. And the man to the north east of the mountain had yesterday a crescent moon, which was so between new moon and waxing half-moon, the crescent was the right hand part of the moon. And today the moon shows itself so in the phase between full moon and waning half-moon. The left hand part of the moon is fully illuminated and the right hand only half.



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