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Astronomical question and answer 277


Frank L. Preuss


What does quantum physics now actually tell us?


Quantum physics tells us that there is an uncertainty principle in all measurements of the motion of particles: the movement of a single particle simply could not be predicted because of a fundamental uncertainty in measuring simultaneously both its speed and its position, which means, in effect, that the future of any physical system at the subatomic level cannot be predicted.

And that means that we cannot predict the future.

And that means that we can indeed plan the future, and we can also possibly be successful with it, but that that, whereupon it is all about in life, namely coming across situations which can cause us, and should cause us, to improve the spiritual maturity of our soul, therefore puts us before decisions to choose the good and to not choose the bad, we cannot plan and determine.

And this shows us that the whole stage fashioning of our life history has been so arranged that we are to undergo an examination to ascertain, whether we really are so good as we would like to let others know, and above all, whether we are now suitable to become again gods, as we have once been.

Therefore every time, when such a test has taken place, a new scene is created on the stage of our life by the stage designers and stage workers, and a completely new situation arises, of which we do not know the starting point, which cannot be foretold, which is subject to the uncertainty principle of Werner Heisenberg.

We cannot avoid this thing. A move to the other side of the world for example is no problem for the shapers of the stage.

And this matter shows quite clearly that our whole life is planned and prepared and staged by the spiritual side. We cannot withdraw from this connexion of all things in the great One. All resistance merely produces a putting off of the final result and a lengthening of a state, which is anything else than satisfying.

Uncertainty principle, a principle in quantum mechanics formulated 1927 by Werner Heisenberg. According to this principle it is impossible to determine place and impulse of a particle – for example of an electron – simultaneously and with any exactness. The uncertainty principle expressed in a formula reads as follows:

Δx · Δpx ≥ h/2π.

It may be noted beforehand that the place in a space is mathematically determined through the three space coordinates x, y and z. The formula shown here therefore refers to the x-coordinate (or also x-direction). With it Δx corresponds to the inaccuracy of the place (referring to x-coordinate), Δpx to the inaccuracy of the impulse (referring to the x-coordinate) and h to Planck’s constant.

In detail Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle says that every more exact determination of a seize causes all the more so greater uncertainty in the measuring exactness of the other seize. The product of both uncertainties can then never be smaller than Planck’s constant. One can therefore either only measure the place or only the impulse of a particle exactly. A simultaneous exact determination of both seizes is not possible

We want to take another example.

A man is put to a test of faith. The principles are the following:

I alone will be able to help you, so every other help fails, because with God no thing is impossible.

But how do you then want to survive, so you do not already prepare yourselves for it, so no help can be brought to you on the part of the world, because I myself stop it?

B.D. NR. 4698.

The man is to learn to only rely on God. And now he is brought into a situation where it is shown to him that God can stop all help. And this again is to show him that God can also prevent at any time an attack upon this man by evil powers.

He is brought into a situation out of which he does not get out.

All attempts which he undertakes fail.

God stops every attempt; and that in order to show the man, that nothing goes, when God does not want it.

And that is to show him, show this man, that God can also completely prevent an attack on this man. That he stands under the full protection of God.

And that is to show him furthermore that only then a rescue from the situation can take place, when he is aware of this protection coming from the side of God, and stops bringing in worldly things to again gain his freedom. For example to stop calling for the police, because a policeman stands directly next to him, but he does not hear the calls for help of the man, because God has closed the ears of the policeman.

Only when the man begins to again practise the presence of God, therefore becomes aware that God is and can manage everything, redemption is suddenly there.

Also the smallest event can be directly directed by God. Every detail can completely depend on God. The spiritual side of Life is the side that determines everything.

Planck’s constant, which is described with the sign h and was set up 1900 by Max Planck. Up to then one saw all kinds of electromagnetic radiation only as waves. But Planck found out that there are certain deviations from the wave theory, and indeed with the radiation of black bodies which completely absorb electromagnetic radiation. He came to the conclusion that electromagnetic radiation is emitted in certain units of energy, the so called quants. This was the origin of the quantum theory. According to the postulate of Planck the energy of a light quant is equal to the product of its frequency and a certain constant, of the constant h today named after him. The quantum theory, which has again and again been confirmed experimentally, led to that end that the view of light and of matter changed. To both properties of waves as well as features of particles can be attributed. The Plank constant became a decisive seize for the description of particles of matter as also of light quants (photons). 1916 the American physicist Robert Millikan could for the first time determine the value of the constant experimentally. The value valid today is h = 6.626 × 10–34 J s (Joule seconds).

To matter both properties of waves as well as features of particles can be attributed.

When one has a closer look at matter, then there is just energy, therefore spiritual. Matter is just a special form of the spiritual, and became only necessary as a result that fallen gods, therefore we, came into being, and must again be formed back to gods.

When one considers electromagnetic radiation as waves, then one has the spiritual side of electromagnetic waves, and when then this electromagnetic radiation becomes matter, or has become matter, then one has the material side of electromagnetic radiation.

And exactly in-between, when therefore from something spiritual something material emerges, when creation takes place, then the thing is or can be completely undetermined. Then the spiritual side has the possibility, to do a decisive intervention there, to arrange a small detail so that the situation arises, which is beneficial for the person concerned, beneficial for his soul.

Quantum theory, generally the name for the theory about micro physical phenomena. Core statement of quantum theory is that processes in nature do not take place steadily, but disjointedly. Further these processes are not exactly predictable discretionally before, but only statements about the probability of the occurrence of certain events are possible.

And everything happens disjointedly, in accordance with the decision, which had been made at the preceding event.

And everything is not predictable. We do not know what happens next.

The beings on the spiritual side have the opportunity to fashion that, what they want to achieve at that moment.

Probabilities are many, and they pick exactly those, which are the right ones for that, what they want to achieve.

The head of state is on the boulevard of the capital of the country and he is the centre of a great ceremony on the national holiday and before him stands a man, whom he now decorates with a high medal, because this man has rendered outstanding services to the freedom of the country.

The assassin has waited for this opportunity and has prepared himself for it and has the head of the head of state in his cross-hairs and pulls the trigger of his rifle.

The light being, looking after the head of state, causes the man who confers the medal, to be touched by love for the receiver of the medal, and bends down to him, and kisses him on his forehead.

The bullet goes exactly there, where the head of the head of state is not.

From many possible probabilities one was chosen.

When you think about how God protects you, then remember Heisenberg. God is in control of every situation and can change any situation so, as he wants it. And he also does not depend on time and space and therefore sees the future exactly as clearly as the presence and as the past. God and his light beings see exactly, what will happen the next moment. And not only that, but also all possible probabilities of this and can choose that, what is the optimum for the spiritual progress of the individual.

When you are in a situation, where you want to receive God’s protection, then make use of the name of Jesus Christ.

Practise the presence of God. The more you get into the habit of doing this the greater is the probability that you do the right thing in the decisive situation, express the name of Jesus.

Planck's law (Phys.). Basis of quantum theory, that the energy of electromagnetic waves is confined in indivisible packets or quanta, each of which has to be radiated or absorbed as a whole, the magnitude being proportional to frequency. If E is the value of the quantum expressed in energy units and v is the frequency of the radiation, then E = hv, where h is known as Planck's constant and has dimensions of energy x time, i.e. action. Present accepted value is 6.626 x 10-34 J s.

So it is action.

When balls fall down a board of nails, then they form a curve of frequency at the bottom, which one can predict quite exactly. The curve of frequency shows how the balls are distributed at the bottom. It is a kind of bell shaped curve; in the middle is the highest point and from there it gets smaller und goes towards zero.

How and where the individual balls fall cannot be predicted. Every time a ball falls upon a nail one cannot foretell, whether the ball falls to the left or to the right. The whole course of the ball from the top to the bottom is completely undetermined.



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