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Astronomical question and answer 271


Frank L. Preuss


What is engineering?


Engineering is the application of scientific principles for practical purposes.

An example would be the construction and development of means of transport.

To protect the climate is today a subject that does not just occur somewhere in the news, but becomes more and more a top political theme.

Now what would then be the role of an engineer, let us say of a civil engineer?

The prospects of a civil engineer are just great. There are masses of surface areas part of the surface of this planet earth, which are yet not covered with concrete and asphalt, like high ways for motor cars or runways for aeroplanes.

So this gives us an idea, what engineering still can do and what the practical application of science is good for.

Now if one wants to get rid of all this hard surfaces, what could one do there?

Here is the answer:

2Pe 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
2Pe 3:11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,
2Pe 3:12 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?

Now it looks very much, as if this melting away and this dissolving of the elements is going to take place this millennium.

Now here comes what takes place after this:

Remodeling of Earth. New Earth. Time law.

25. and 26. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2754.

In which way the remodeling of Earth will happen, that men of the present cannot grasp. And that is why it also appears to them as impossibility that men of this Earth are to inhabit the new Earth, even if the rapture of the believers is comprehensible to them. Men of this Earth only accept what is based on the laws of nature. But with the remodeling of the Earth surface divine will is active in a way, which is incomprehensible for man when he could experience it, i.e. could look at the process. It is so to speak a change, which is not bound to time and space, because the will, the power and might of God, is effective outside of law. It is certainly a progressive development, but which is carried out in a time, which would mean a speed for men, which would be incomprehensible to them. For space and time exist only for the still incomplete being and especially for the most developed one, however incomplete being, for man. But when man himself no longer is when the raptured as only living men are taken from Earth also the law of time is invalid, therefore God can immediately let his will become action when it is in accordance with his wisdom. He therefore can put his thoughts as creation into the world; he can banish the spiritual rebellious to him into creation, which is helpful for its further development, and he can have these creations come into existence in a moment because his will alone is enough for it. God himself is the law giver in his infinite creation, and his laws are the result of his superb wisdom. But the purpose of the legality is always the maturation of the spiritual and that is why it must submit to divine laws when it is to mature. But when a redemption period has found its conclusion with the last judgement, with the final separation of the spiritual that strives towards God and that rebels against God, then the latter is bound anew in form while the first can now leave form and only through the wisdom and the will of God still keeps the outer form for a time, for the establishment of a new generation of men. But the renewed binding into form needs no span of time because it does not happen before the eyes of men, who certainly will experience the destruction of the old Earth, but not the remodeling of it. But the concept of time is taken from them so that they are completely unclear about how much time has passed until they were again led towards the new Earth. The memory of the old Earth is not taken from them, and that is why they recognize the power and strength of God and his love and praise and magnify him and are devoted to him in deep thankfulness. Through their deep faith they grasp the miracles of the new creation, i.e., they know that with God nothing is impossible, and therefore take up everything with childlike matter-of-factness, because through love they also stand in the right relationship of a child to the father and acknowledge his rule and work. Their faith is so deep that they have an explanation for everything miraculous in the omnipotence, wisdom and love of God, and therefore nothing appears to them impossible; they do not doubt; they do not brood and think how the work of remodeling has happened and what time God has needed for it, but they consider everything as the will of God having become form, because through their faith and their love they have become knowing and they also look at the new creation as that what it is as the cover of the spiritual, which is still undeveloped and is to reach maturity. And who knows about this, for him nothing is miraculous, because in the purpose of creation he finds the explanation for every event. Amen. B.D. NR. 2754.

We have now repeatedly explained that real space travel is not space travel by the use of physical things like bodies and rockets, but by leaving the body behind and do it the easy way, and do it with speeds that are appropriate to great distances, with speeds of up to infinite kilometres per hour.

Now the best known scientist who has done this was Robert Monroe and he has done this even at a time, which is beyond our time, in future time, and at a time that is beyond this occurrence mentioned by Peter.

And he has submitted a report about this excursion.

So let us have a look at his report, which very nicely shows, that science, and the application of science, is not actually necessary, but harmful.

Here come the pages 205 to 227 from Robert A. Monroe's book "Far Journeys" of the year 1985. It is the 15th chapter called "Promised Plan". It gives information about the surface of our earth so about the time beyond the year 3000 after Christ. And it shows that life without science, and without the application of science, is much better than with it.

But before we read the actual 15th chapter, first some explanations from pages 77-78:

The following is a deliberately free translation of nonverbal communication. To compound the rendering, most if not all represents the transposing of non-time-space events and ambience into replicas of conscious human physical experience. Thus a "humanizing" process is used extensively in the retelling which may increase comprehension and simultaneously reduce accuracy.

To abet the method, a few specific words are utilized in a different context to provide a connotation not so totally unlike their common definition. You can't report "he said" or "he walked" or "she smiled" because it wasn't that way, the physical equipment wasn't available. Instead, here are parts of the "replica" vocabulary:

Time-Space Illusion (TSI): An anomaly among the "standard" energy systems, which includes the entire physical universe
M Band: Part of energy spectrum commonly used for thought, not electromagnetic, electrical, magnetic, nucleonic, etc. M Band noise is caused by uncontrolled thought.
Ident: Mental name or "address," i.e., energy pattern of item
Rote: Thought ball
      A "packet" of thought/mentation, total memory
Run the rote: To recall portions of Rote after receipt of total
Percept: Insight Intuition Understand
Open: Receptive
Closed: Tune down (or out) external stimuli
Flickered: Uncertain
CLICK!: Instantaneous change in consciousness
Blank: Don't understand
Turn in: Consider, think over
Vibrate: Show emotion
Smooth: Get it together, in charge of self
Dulled: Lost interest
Lighted: Happy, idea, enthusiasm
Rolled: Amused, laughed
Curl: Organized energy, usually intelligent, local slang
Plied: The way things are, goes with the territory

So now the 15th chapter:



15. Promised Plan

Time: 2:32 A.M.... awakened with full physical awareness, felt the familiar INSPEC signal, soft, not insistent, but there... feeling of relaxed confidence... went into short focusing routine, then unhooked from the physical, then the second . . much like doing two slow half-rolls in an airplane... homed in on the ident, and with very little sense of movement, I was with them at our usual point of meeting. I knew now that I would never go beyond this point again, into where they are, until I had fully released my physical body. Even with the compelling attraction that the knowledge of it evoked, I believed I could handle it, at least for now.

(We enjoy your human terms. Handle, as you use it, does not imply a point of grasp for your physical appendage, but capability to act properly. Therefore we do learn from you.)

I still found it hard to imagine their learning anything of significant value from me, but if THEY felt that way, fine.

(We learn much of importance from and through you, Ashaneen.)

I still remember the first time I became aware that I didn't have to form questions, how disconcerting it was that THEY perceived every thought that I had, including questions before I got a chance to ask. It all smoothed out when I accepted the fact that whatever I thought, believed, responded to emotionally, was just being human and no judgment was passed therefrom. What a joyous freedom!

(Yet you would not know of it as a freedom if you had not experienced the repression.)

Yes, the comparative factor seems always to apply. Without it, perhaps there can be no change or at least the awareness.

(At this point, we believe you are ready for another awareness. You may now appreciate the prospect of what you are attempting to perform in your present time. It is not to state that you alone may bring into earth reality



such prospect. Yours is but a small part of a whole that may come into being, aided and supported by many, many others who contribute their small parts, just as you are doing. However, with your effort in your present time, you can complete your portion and you can return home, only to return and share in the fruits of what you are propounding when they have matured. These fruits are what we are about to show you.)

Their use of the term "home" brought a surge of nostalgic yearning, and I turned inward and closed. Echoing through me came the fragments of the rote I could never totally express the serenity, complete feeling of belonging, to recall the vitality I had forgotten, the crisp, warming clarity of... and yet it was not quite right. Something was missing, too deeply hidden, or had I... I opened.

(We thought it might be important to you. We can show you this as an observer, not as a participant.)

Even as I vibrated, I blanked. If THEY planned it, it must be something big, but I couldn't read them as THEY did me. What...

(We can escort you to a physical earth possibility at a point in your time measurement beyond the year 3000. The principal inhabitants are what we call H-plus, humans-plus, to indicate modification from those in your present time. As you are now, you will be a visitor.)

Well! So that was it! I had made only a few visits into future time. I would never have the guts to try such a jump by myself, but with them...

(Close tightly. It will be better that way.)

My excitement was great and my vibrating reflected it, so I turned inward, folded it all back in a loop, and closed. This would be the real rote, not the projections and imaginings of those looking at the small trends which always...


We were high above the earth, much as one would perceive it from halfway to the moon, which was still there, behind us. The earth was the same blue-green color, with white covers of clouds partially obscuring the land below. We moved in steadily, and I was happy to see that the deep gray and brown rings were no longer there which meant the blockage



got cleaned up. Good! No more repeaters. But it was the new feature that pulled my focus and wouldn't let it go. Around the earth was a single flat ring, much like the ones around Saturn, and it was radiating and sparkling, not from the reflection of the sun, but from its own internal source.

(You will understand fully the meaning of the ring as we progress.)

As we moved around, not through, the sparkling ring and headed in-ward, I became aware of another change. The M Band was full of communication, but no noise. No noise! That could mean only one thing man had finally got it together. Further evidence was the lack of the haze M Band noise creates. No more random thought-clutter. This at least gave me a beginning percept of what I might expect.

We came into a low altitude, at about eight thousand feet, and began circling the earth over the northern hemisphere, east to west near a 28-degree latitude just a few miles off the coast of what appeared to be Japan. The seas were soft light green, and gentle swells some ten feet from trough to crest moved majestically over the surface. Deeper, I could perceive schools of fish leisurely weaving along, not too fast, their track matching neatly the contour of the distant coastline thousands of them, silver sides flashing as they made their quick changes in direction. There had indeed been changes if they schooled so closely to the shore, so many of them. It was familiar, yet there was a missing element. I scanned the ocean surface and knew immediately what it was.

No ships. I reached out along the horizon and far beyond. Not even a rowboat or dinghy. I scanned overhead across the sky with its streets of white cumulus clouds. No aircraft, just gulls and terns sweeping and searching among the heavy swells, and higher than that, beyond cloud base nothing. No jet contrails, no jets.

Then we had crossed the coastline and were over Japan. Off to the north was Fujiyama, a white cone glistening in the sun. Below us was a neat carpet of tidy fields in large checkerboard squares, each a subtle shade of green correction: much more than greens. Spotted among the green like a gigantic bouquet were clusters of fields each of a different color, one a mass of bright orange, another deep blue, whites, reds fields of blooming flowers, bushes, and evidently hybrids of the two, because no flower could be that large. It was a pattern that could be seen only from high



overhead, yet there were no aircraft and that began to give me another faint percept.

As we moved west, I became aware of other missing signs. There were no roads, not so much as a lane to service the fields. Also, no buildings, no houses, no barns, no sheds I scanned in all directions and there were none. No cities, no towns, no villages, no power lines, no cars and trucks, no bicycles all gone. The air was clear and clean, no smoke or smog.

Then I had a flashing percept. There were no people. That was what I actually was looking for men, women, children. What terrible catastrophe took them all away!

(They are there. They are fewer in number, but it was not an event that made it so. What you perceive is by design.)

We began to move more rapidly, westward, across the unending array of colored bouquets set in green, some so large they appeared to be many miles in width, and soon we were again over water, the Sea of Japan, as I remembered it, and still no ships on what once was such an important transportation route. Back over land again the Korean peninsula? and the pattern was different. In every direction were tall and stately trees with close upward-turned branches, of a species unfamiliar to me... but again no sign of human artifact to indicate Kilroy had been anywhere near the place.

(Your percept is how do you call it? obsolete.)

Before I had a chance to turn inward on that one, we were over water again, moving even faster, and back over land. This would have to be China. Surely with its teeming millions, some had to be visible. Evidently they didn't have to be at all. We swept over mile after mile of deep green forests broken only by occasional grassy clearings and wide rivers and streams. Where are the rice paddies so vital to human sustenance?

(There are a few, but for a different purpose. Bird sanctuaries)

The land below became more rugged, and soon we were skimming between the ranges and peaks of very mountainous terrain. Vegetation was sparse, and snowcaps flashed by as we passed at what seemed Mach 2 speed, or greater. I would be more comfortable with a little safer altitude; my old half-bold pilot experience was coming out. Being half-bold had let me grow old but not gracefully. The sheer snow-laden rocky side of a high ridge came rushing at us.



(You can move through it and out the other side. It is no different now)

The ridge was almost upon us. I closed tightly just as we were about to crash. There was a slight change in the texture around me momentarily, and it was gone. I opened, and scanned behind us. The high range was fading in the distance. Passing through physical matter is not yet my habit! Quickly, the earth below was beginning to level out again, the color of the forest changed into lighter greens, and the cleared areas became larger. I tried to remember my geography we were over the Middle East, I thought... yes, there they were coming up, still the rolling, sandy, near-desert areas, where the oil came from. I scanned in all directions, and saw very symmetrical clusters of trees, but no tanks, no pipelines, no pumping wellheads, nothing to indicate man had ever set foot in the area. Either the oil fields were pumped dry or there was no longer a need for oil.

(Both percepts are accurate.)

We moved out over water again Mediterranean Sea? and higher, faster, a scrap of land blinked by underneath which I could not identify and more water, heavy waves, this must be the Atlantic... land again, a sudden slowing and we landed gently in a field of grass amid rolling hills. I looked around me, wondering why we had stopped at this particular place. It was very faintly familiar. I was standing on a knoll, in a field of rich green grass whose blades were so even they must have been recently mowed... no, not cut, they were growing evenly. The edge of a woods of oak trees, limbs spreading broadly, rose behind me. In the far distance, a series of ascending green-blue ridges formed giant stair steps upward... Why stop here, why at this place?

(It is their wish. They are expecting you.)

The INSPEC energy faded and I was alone. I seemed very physical as I stood there. I could feel the sun on my face. Light, cool breezes ruffled my hair. Hair? I wasn't supposed to have... They were expecting me? I scanned in all directions, but with no ident, no, no, there is one, and it's very, very familiar... over in the woods. I turned and walked... walked?... that inferred legs. I looked down and I did indeed have legs, very normal and very human, bare legs and bare feet, and I could feel the grass in my toes as I walked. I touched the rest of me as I headed for the large oaks, my body was physically real and warm under my fingers. I glanced down, and it was my body as a bean pole twenty-two years old



. . . hah! No clothes! That's some kind of progress. Now I could feel the soft wind against my body, the air in my lungs as I breathed. It was the first time that I could remember that I experienced a fully operational physical body in this state of consciousness. But I don't see why I had to go all the way back to a skinny six-foot, one-thirty-seven-pounder... I reached the edge of the woods and started to enter, when I ran into a barrier, something that threw me back into the field. I stopped and looked, but my percept showed nothing. The familiar ident I couldn't associate with anything was behind the barrier, so I tried again. It gave a little, but no more and the invisible force itself was familiar yet I couldn't connect the ident and the barrier. Something was missing.

(You can stay in the grass and we will join you there.)

No sound, it was NVC! We made it! Humans did it! We made the quantum jump from monkey chatter and all it implied! I was eager to meet the welcoming committee, whoever they were. I didn't have to wait but a moment. A man and a woman came out from under the trees and stood in front of me. At least that nice polarity hadn't changed. Both appeared to be in their late twenties, attractive, well formed, skin a suntan color, the man's hair light brown, the woman's dark. They smiled as I inspected them.

I opened. (Well, I guess we haven't changed as much as I thought we would. Not physically, anyway.)

(Sorry about the mix-up, RAM) The man rolled. (Your host forgot about the barrier, so we're taking his place.)

I blanked. (You must know me with that RAM stuff)

The man warmed. (Yeh!)

(And you're sure a familiar one to me. The ident is fuzzy. The way it comes out I know it's not right.)

The man vibrated and rolled. (Not in a thousand years would you believe it! It's more than a thousand, so now you better believe it!)

I had a bright flashing percept, and I didn't believe it. (BB!)

BB rolled. (Who else!)

I turned inward and found the rotes that had percepts on the barrier, where it had repelled me before, and I knew who my host was to have been. (That's AA back in the trees.)



BB opened wide. (He was sure eager to meet you in person. He was so eager he forgot about the barrier. But he's getting percepts.)

(Does he know what the barrier is?)

BB smoothed. (Yeh, he knows. But he told me you have to find out for yourself)

I turned to the woman, no longer able to resist the enormous pull she knowingly or unknowingly was exerting upon me... her smile told me it was the former, but she was closed tightly and I respected the signal. Like BB's, her ident was strong, far stronger... but it was fuzzy. How could I forget such a vital, important...

Her smile was mischievous. (You don't.)

(Well, what do you want to know first?) BB cut in. (I could run you my rote but it might not be what you want.)

I turned to BB. (Exactly what year is it?)

(Year? Oh... time. They gave up that kind of measuring somewhere after they reached the 3000 mark. Didn't need it anymore. What next?)

I flickered. (Where are we? I know from the way we traveled on our approach that we're just inside the United States near the coastline.)

BB smoothed. (AA thought this would be where you would like to come first. Not the United States any longer. No states or countries anywhere. Don't need them. But you ought to get a percept on this particular place.)

I turned and scanned around me. It was familiar. The knoll where we were standing, the rising tiers of blue-tinted ridges to the west... Blue ridges! The percept was total. How many times before had I stood on this very knoll and looked to the west, had made the stairway of rounded hills my launching chute, the flood of living human experience I had attached to this spot, this site... the houses, fences, buildings, roads, all were gone. The lake. The lake was still there. And trees, so many more trees and of varieties I had never seen before, and to the east, there was . . water. Water where once was a four-lane highway, water stretching off into the horizon.

(We call it Virginia Bay for old times' sake. Part of the ocean.) BB was very smooth. (You always yelled about the law of change. Some of us hibe here also for old times' sake.)

I blanked. (Hibe?)



The woman opened ever so slightly. (We store our favorite human bodies here under the oak trees until we need them.)

(Which is not too often,) BB added.

I turned inward. Hibe... hibernation. Sure, why not? Simply a vast improvement on the old OOBE pattern. But to leave it lying around under an oak tree...

(We put a super Reball around it,) the woman responded, smiling. (It's so tight not even a virus can get through, so certainly it won't be bothered by ticks, mosquitoes, or anything larger)

The rote was building fast. "Reball," short for resonant energy balloon, which we were clumsily trying to generate, with mixed success, an energy field around the body to shield and protect, back when. And there are still ticks, mosquitoes, viruses, and bears no doubt.

BB grinned. (No doubt at all.)

I looked at him. (What did you mean, not too often?)

BB swung to the woman. (You tell him.)

The woman opened somewhat wider, and I could feel the attractive radiation diminish, and I knew it was deliberate. I also was sure she knew I would not attempt any further percept of her, if that was the way she wanted it. At least that hadn't changed either. Women still like to be mysterious.

(Not too often is about twice a week, more or less.) She smoothed, watching my reaction.

She got one. I blanked.

(All three of us here in human physical on the same day is quite un-usual,) she went on, enjoying every moment. (We did it just to meet you.)

I smiled. (I appreciate it, believe me.)

(Remember how you used to say...) She laughed, then started again. (You were always saying we are more than our physical bodies. Now it's the other way around. You, I mean we keep telling the new ones they are more than their energy selves.)

I turned inward. This was more than I had ever contemplated, but one thing hadn't changed. One answer led to a hundred other questions. I needed to start at...

(You want your usual baseline. Well, we are still human beings, or beings being human. I guess?) She looked at BB, who simply shrugged. That was



unusual. AA must have instructed him to let the woman do the talking correction: communicating.

I tried another direction. (On the way in, I didn't see a single house or building, no roads, nothing to show that man was here or ever had been, no cities, factories, aircraft, cars. How come?)

BB laughed. (You didn't look very hard.)

The woman glowed. (Isn't it beautiful?)

I was smoothing more. (I can understand how you can sleep under the trees in weather like this, but how about winter? You still have to keep warm.)

(The Reball takes care of that,) she answered. (It keeps an air tempera-ture layer all around the physical, just whatever you want it to be.)

(How about food? You have to eat.)

She held out her arms in front of her body, level with her shoulders, palms upward. She closed her eyes and stood quietly. After a few moments, she lowered her arms, opened her eyes again.

(That gives this body enough energy for at least a week.) She sighed contentedly.

I flickered. (You mean you don't get to taste food anymore, real food?)

(Oh, that. Sure.) BB got into the act again. He reached down, scooped up a handful of red loam from between the grass roots. (What'll you have? Wild rice? That's my favorite.)

I watched, fascinated... decided to go with the game. (No, uh... Silver Queen.)

BB blanked. (Silver Queen? What kind of...)

(Here, I'll do it.) The woman took the dirt from BB, cupped it in her right hand, and stared at it intently. The dirt began to bubble and boil, changing color, re-formed into a small full-kerneled mature ear of white corn.

She handed it to me and I took it. It was hot to the touch. I carefully put it up to my mouth, took a bite. It was Silver Queen, the sweetest corn I ever tasted, with the freshness of just being picked. It even had melted butter, no, oleo dripping from it. I looked at the woman as I chewed avidly. She smiled knowingly. If she kept leaking percepts, I'd have her ident whether I wanted to or not and she wouldn't have her secret. I handed her the corn, and she bit into it. We both chewed and tasted.



I swallowed, wondering where the corn went when I did so. It didn't matter, so I smoothed. (All right, you've convinced me. What about no roads, no transportation? Suppose we wanted to go to Japan. That's not within walking distance.)

BB grinned. (Why, we just pull a skip, that's all. Short version, of course. Why Japan?)

(I noticed some very unusual patterns of growing things there when we came in.)

The woman smiled. (It's very lovely, isn't it?)

(First stop, Japan.) BB turned toward the woods, and the woman followed. (We'll be right back)

I watched as they disappeared into the grove of oaks. I stood there waiting, mulling over the strange mixture of physical and other energies that was now earth life. I found I was unable to determine where one began and the other left off. There was no longer a sharp dividing line. Was it all like this?

(All ready?) I turned and there was BB and the woman standing beside me. They seemed different, lighter. (We had to drop off the bodies.)

I suddenly remembered. (No tricks, BB.)

BB rolled. (No chance. She's handling the ident. You and I just play follow-the-leader after her.)

I focused intently on BB, and stretched.


We were hovering over a rolling landscape, at about ten thousand feet. Directly below us was what seemed to be the center of a lotus blossom, the outermost petals in magnificent glowing colors spreading out in all directions for five or six miles. Beyond these were descending tones of green, from the very light of a fresh new leaf to the rich dark of the lower tropical rain forest. She and BB were beside me.

The woman vibrated. (This is one of the nicest.)

I could see why. I opened. (Who did this?)

(A group who wanted the area to give a percept of the beauty that began here. It was in existence when I came. Now others just take care of it.)



I got a clean, clear percept. (The rest of the world, the earth, is it all like this?)

(It has been restored to its original ecological balance, the way it was before humans upset it so severely. It's all back together again, every tree, every plant, every animal... all of it.)

(Plus a few improvements,) BB put in.

(But it's not all laid out in huge gardens such as this.) I focused on the woman.

(Only a small part,) she came back. (The rest is made up of forests, woodlands, pastures, and prairies. Even the desert areas haw been re-stored.)

My percept had been quite clear. Humans had taken over Mother Nature's work with a few improvements. I didn't need to ask the hows of it. The rote of the woman converting dirt into an ear of fresh sweet corn said it all. If a human could do that... I had to complete it. I was sure of the answer before I asked.

(Suppose we wanted to walk around down there. I mean in a physical body.) I smoothed carefully. (How could we do it?)

The woman vibrated. (I'm sure there are any number of bodies under those beautiful cherry blossoms.)

I pressed. (We each could take over one, just like that?)

(Yes, of course.)

I had to know. (Suppose they all were already occupied... so to speak)

BB couldn't stay out of it. (We 'd make some new ones. Doesn't take long. You want to go down?)

I flickered. (No, no, not yet anyway. But what about the physical bodies you left under the oak trees? Can just anyone occupy those if they want to?)

BB rolled. (Sure, why not?)

Why not? That took some fast adjustment. Then I pulled out the rote from back when, where others had occupied the physical bodies of our volunteers in the laboratory, communicated verbally, activated other portions of said body, including playing the piano... all without any wear and tear, or concern... why not!

The woman was smoothed at BB. (I don't get the percept he's ready.)



(Sure he is,) BB came back. (He's a big boy now. It would give him the whole rote in one gulp. Have so much fun it would blow him away!)

(Let's go back to the dorm first, as AA planned,) she came back easily. (Then maybe go from there.)

I opened. (Do I have a choice in this?)

She rolled. (Of course you do.)

I smoothed, holding back the vibration. (Let's do what she indicates. I've had too much experience with your fun, BB. No offense.)

BB rolled. (Sure, sure)

The woman turned to me. (Close tightly.)

I did.


We were floating amid thousands upon thousands of white sparkling forms, each animated and vibrating. At first, the brightness and radiation was so overwhelming I was sure I would have to push the panic button or scream for my INSPEC friend. Then it lessened, and I felt the warm sense of understanding entering from all external points of me. I knew the forms had deliberately diverted their radiation, whatever it was, away from me so it conformed to my level of tolerance. I wondered how I must ident to them... probably a dull gray piece of fog.

(Welcome to the dorm of the renovated super-human school of compressed learning!) The ident was BB, no mistaking that. (AA decided "dorm" was the best term to use. I have no percept what a dorm is.)

I caught the smooth yet vague ident of the woman on the other side of me. She was bright and sparkling exactly as all the others. I knew she was human or did I? so must be all of the other sparkling forms.

I opened as much as I could. (What's this place?)

(You passed it when you entered earth.) As she sent it to me, I immediately got the flash of the sparkling ring. (This is our reference point until we decide to...)

She trailed off and closed. I tried to smooth. (Decide to do what?)

She opened slightly. (I, uh... graduate.)

I let that one rest for the moment. (What do you do in the meantime?) She rolled lightly. (Well, for one, we make and gather... what did



you call it?... loosh. Like honeybees. Or Guernsey cows. Only now we know what we're doing and why, and we're happy to do it.)

I turned inward and closed. This one I did understand, but the vastness of the change was near-unbelievable. But I was here, and the evidence was all around me. The interstate to freedom.

I opened again. (What else do you do?)

She lighted smoothly. (Experience Earth Consciousness. Not just in physical human form remember we could only feel part of it, just a part? Now we go through it completely, from the smallest unicellular life up, millions of different life cycles, most of which we were unaware of as only physical humans. Even the physical earth itself has an active consciousness.)

I let that one go by, too, because I couldn't resist the follow-up. (The natural food chain process, it still exists and you experience it? From beginning to end?)

She came back gently. (It's an important part of the learning process. We couldn't make loosh without it)

(Hey, RAM!) BB could stay out of it no longer. (Some change, huh? No more haze, no more M Band noise, no more locked-in rings! Want me to show you around?)

I turned to the woman, but she didn't respond, so I took that to mean it was all right. Also, she had closed. Evidently she wanted to keep her secret, and with a little more of her ident leaking, she wouldn't have any secret.

I followed BB. (Lead on, old buddy.)

We moved easily through the sparkling forms, and I hooked on to BB's ident to keep from getting lost. I could feel the radiation ease back in front of me, providing a pathway, so to speak, of low-level energy that I could tolerate. I was surprised when, passing various forms, a spark would fly out and touch me. In the sparks were spoken words that I heard very clearly... Hello, Bob. Hi, Robert... But I couldn't get an ident on any of them. Finally, BB stopped. In front of us was the First Entry Station. It appeared much the same. There was a large cluster of gray forms hovering around it.

(Lot of changes.) BB smoothed. (But you wouldn't notice them if you didn't know better.)



I ventured, (Such as?)

(Heavy cutback on the survival imprint, for one.) BB rolled. (You remember that lecture you gave me, complete with living illustrations in the old rings? You'd be amazed at the difference that one change made)

I opened. (I am.)

BB blanked, then went on. (Yeh, well, another thing is a solid pre-briefing and training before entry, especially as to continuing contact during physical sleep cycles.)

I blanked. (But you don't even sleep here, do you?)

(No, don't need to.) Then he lighted. (Oh, yeh, that's the other point. These first-timers go back before the changes as their first entry point, some of them almost back when humans first began being human. They take one human physical life cycle and one only, and come back here and join in. No repeaters, just one-timers.)

I turned inward, then opened. (Is this one-timer pattern going on back where I came from?)

BB lighted. (Oh, sure.)

I flickered. (I haven't had a percept on that taking place)

BB smoothed. (Sure, you have.)

I blanked. (How?)

(That last outer ring, remember? Didn't come near the repeater department? Just went up and faded out?)

I flickered again. (But they were the ones going home.)

BB vibrated triumphantly. (Well?)

I turned inward and closed. The whole thing was getting out of hand, or better, out of my mind-set, beyond my ability to absorb and understand instantly. And BB was pulling at me.

(Come on, RAM.) He vibrated. (Let's live it up, let's have some fun.)

I flickered. (Fun? Well, I don't know, your idea of fun . . )

(Just usual stuff I guarantee it. Things we do every day down there. Also, I got a hard rote from, uh, AA as to what to show you and what not to.)

I scanned beyond the gray forms around the Entry Station and into the sparkling lights beyond. (Where is AA now? I never get a good ident on him.)

BB indicated behind us. (He's back there. That barrier thing won't let



him come closer. But I'll bet he's going to follow us. You ready? Just short skips, that's all.)

I felt much more confident, with that small percept. I reached out and stretched, holding on his ident.


I'm floating over a wide brown field, just about three thousand feet up... I'm flat on the bottom and strong life energy is pouring up at me from below... I'm getting larger and larger and I eagerly convert the energy into being me... I'm a whirling vortex and my action takes water out of the energy and helps me get bigger, and I become more conscious, more aware... as I get bigger, I'm able to know more... I'm like a round puffball on top, and I feel myself growing upward more than outward... now there's much of my life energy flowing in me, building up... (Wait, that's... electricity!)... if I can keep growing enough before the water leaks out, if the energy from below lasts long enough, I'll get strong, really strong... but I'm drifting away from the energy shaft and I can't stop the drift, so I'm not getting enough to, enough to...


We were floating over the earth, over a heavy forest. The brown field in the near distance was familiar. BB hovered in front of me.

He vibrated. (Fun, huh?)

I flickered. (What was that!)

He indicated behind me. I turned. It was a medium-sized cumulus cloud, white on the side where the rays of the sun touched it, gray on the back, with a dark flat bottom. Clouds have consciousness? The basis for life? Waters, minute bits of chemicals... and electricity! All the ingredients. What would a thunderhead be? Or a tornado, a hurricane, weather lows and highs!

BB cut in. (Ready to go again?)

I reached out and stretched, following.




I am in green water... it is lighter above me and darker below... my mouth is opening and closing automatically, taking in water, which flows through my head and out my ears... no, not ears. Gills... I'm a fish, a very big fish!... I can feel my stabilizing fins waving gently to keep me in place, my vision is split, I can't see exactly straight in front of me... behind me is almost a blind spot, but my peripheral seeing is tremendous, detail is exquisite, but not many colors, only one or two... I try moving, just thinking about it, and I speed forward very rapidly, turn right, left, roll, steep climb, then dive... wait, something on the surface when I climbed, gotta go back, grab it, hungry, hungry... I shoot uncontrolled through the surface, mouth open, gulping in something as I do... then out of the air and back into the water, diving with a great sense of satisfaction and something wiggling and crunching in the back of my mouth... a bug?... deeper, but it's not dark as I thought, I can still see wonderfully... I am aware of another fish diving with me, tail and back of the body sculling, sculling strongly... am I doing that, too?... I am!... it just takes care of itself... I just think and it works, like walking or running in a physical human body... I stop. Ahead of me is another fish, it is coming at me... no, it's gigantic, the water is deceptive, it's incredibly bigger than I am... it has hunger signals radiating... go, go, it's after me, swim, swim fast, it's coming after me... up to the top, up, up faster... signal in from my sides, another fish swimming violently beside me... signal from the stripes on my sides...

(RAM, when you're in the air, skip! Skip!)

I broke through the surface into the air, reached out, and stretched.


I was just above the water, and I saw the body of my fish, with a second one alongside it, arch through the air and reenter the water with the smallest of splashes... but immediately there was a rushing, a swirling under the surface.

(Fun, huh?) It was BB beside me. I couldn't reply, I was shaking so



hard, so he went on. (I guaranteed AA I wouldn't let you go through the end of it. He had a percept you weren't ready and he was right. But you asked her about the food chain...) I vibrated. (All right, all right!)

BB smoothed. (You always want it the way it is, don't you?) I smoothed also. (Caught me by surprise, that's all.) (Well, this next adventure is quiet, nice and quiet. Ready?) Everything is relative, including BB's idea of quiet. I reached and stretched...


I am waving gently up and down and bending, flexing... coursing into me from the smallest part of me, which is long and narrow with many tubes running through it, comes my share of the glorious life force, coming from the Whole, the family of which I am a part... and I know how much the Whole needs me and I gladly, joyously serve... as the energy that makes me waver and flex flows past my flat sides... (Wait, that's just air, wind!)... I take from it the parts needed by the Whole and send it back through the narrow tubes because it is needed... I do this so easily I don't think of it as work, it's breathing... it's what I'm for, to breathe for the Whole as I take ashes from the Whole and spread it out into the energy... my happy exchange... and the other, oh so important, my special shape... my profile, configuration... receives a special signal that the Whole understands, needs, and uses... all I do is receive it and send it on... and I'm happy, supremely happy... with a total knowledge of belonging, performing as I was designed to do... beautiful balance, giving... receiving... security and strength of the Whole...


BB was beside me. (Gets to you, doesn't it?) I flickered. (Where was that!)

He indicated, and I turned. Very close to me was a leaf, an oak leaf. It was attached by a long stem to a branch. Beyond the branch was the



massive tree trunk, solidly dug into the earth. To have passed such knowing without awareness... I understood more this new Human school.

(Ready to go again? This is my favorite.)

I flickered. (Well, uh, I'm not so sure. Maybe we ought to...)

(This one we designed ourselves,) BB cut in. (If you don't like it, give me a signal and we'll pull a quick skip.)

Reluctantly, I reached and stretched, followed.


I am lying down in soft thick grasses, lying on my side . . I open my eyes... tall trees surround me on all sides, their leaf-laden branches form a canopy far overhead, sunlight filters through to provide good but not overbearing luminescence... a large tan-colored panther is standing over me, staring at me intently.

(Come on, RAM... let's play!)

I roll over and stand up... stand up! . . I have four legs! How sure and stable it feels!... my head is out in front of my body, now I have to turn to look at my back and hips... fur-covered, sleek... what's that waving behind me?... it's a tail, I have a tail... I think about moving it, and it jerks... back and forth, back and forth, how about that!... but it goes up and down just a little bit, more down than up... a scent gets my attention... smells, smells, I didn't know so many different smells existed... know instantly if they're near or far... the signal input is as good as or better than my seeing... and hearing, I could know everything just from listening... I flex my legs, pull in my claws... yes! I have claws! I feel great! Watch out, world, here I come... such a glorious sense of being alive... totally alive, I want to run, jump, climb...

(Well, come on, then!)

The tan panther lopes off through the trees, and I follow... faster, now into a gallop... now running all out, dodging through the trees, easily avoiding low branches... the exhilarating flow of smells passing my nose and I sample them all... my eyes and ears picking up, identifying and sorting a myriad of signals, all familiar... a large tree is dead ahead and the tan panther runs right up the side of it and I follow, digging



in claws, pulling up, and digging in claws. It is waiting for me, sitting casually on a thick branch... I pull up beside it, sit back... he waves his tail... and I wave mine in reply.

(Pretty good for a beginner, RAM.)

I am too stimulated to reply. I am remembering the great sense of power in my muscles, sorting out the massive input that had come through my senses... how could humans have ignored and distorted such profound perceptions... have picked up so little of it when a lower animal... lower?... picked up so much.

(Have to go down now.)

The tan panther stands up, turns, and walks down the tree to the ground... walks down! I didn't know cats could do that, they always back down... I stand up, and slowly back down, jumping the last eight feet easily.

(Just lie down under the tree, near the trunk. Then pull a short skip, very short.)

I lie down in the tall grass, and very reluctantly reach and stretch.


We were hovering just above the ground, and I looked down. Below us, breathing shallowly and slowly, lying in the grass, was the body of the tan panther... and another panther body, a darker brown one, which I had occupied.

Beside me, BB rolled. (Liked it, huh?)

I vibrated. (Wonderful!)

(Well, we got one more for you to sample. This one, Na... , uh, she picked out. She was sure it was your kind of stuff. You'll be alone, but she said you would know what to do. I'll just guide you there. Ready?)

Wondering what she would pick, I reached and stretched.


I am floating high over a rugged, snowcapped mountain range, and I can see for hundreds of miles in every direction... and I can see down, down on the ground... beautiful focus, in the most minute detail...



the leaves on trees, small animals as they move over the rocks... and I am moving slowly, making a wide easy turn, the standing wave from the mountain ridge offering solid and steady lift under my wings... wings! I turn my head. Extending out from my shoulder is a broad arching wing tapering to a round point, feathers ruffling in the slight turbulence. I roll my head to the left, there is one to match from the other shoulder... I'm not floating, I'm soaring... as a bird, am a bird!... a super sailplane that does exactly what I think! I break the turn, and the feathers on the trailing edge bend down on one side, up on the other, instant ailerons... let's reach for maximum lift... there it is, more under the left wing than the right, turn into the lift... feel the lift getting stronger and stronger... it's peaking out, turn and circle... tighten the turn, highest point of lift... must have a fifty-to-one glide ratio... spiral up, tighter and faster... perfect control... air is thinner... keep higher airspeed... wonder where the stall point is... nose, no, head up more, higher angle of attack, more, hey, that's pretty good!... would never think a bird body could... oops! it does stall... easy to pick up speed again... Yeah! Just fold the wings and doooooown we go!

(Hey, uh, RAM)

And I bet these wings can take a big G load coming out of a dive if you open them slowly... let's see... we'll just dive a little faster...

(RAM, you know what you're doing?)

That's about fast enough... now to open the wings a little at a time... slowly... now back on the stick... uh, tail feathers up a little at a time... there! All back to normal, back to cruising speed... what a... hah! What a bird! Must be a condor... wonder what a quick sparrow would...

(RAM, just pull a short skip. Now!)

I sigh... reach and stretch...


I was back in among the sparkling forms, and I closed tightly. The radiation was making me break out in waves exquisitely familiar. After a



moment, the radiation lessened and I opened. I had ident immediately on BB, and the vague ident of the woman.

BB rolled. (That big old bird must be wondering how his wings got bent.) I rolled with him (Oh no. There wasn't one strained tendon or muscle, not one feather out of line when I left. I guarantee it.)

BB turned to the woman, a sparkling form I already had ident as her. (He's your problem. I'll check with, uh, AA, and see you at the site.)

I turned to the woman. (The site?)

(That's where we first greeted you.)

I turned inward. There were so many points left unanswered, and I had a percept that my visit was growing short. Get to the key items, those first.

I focused, completely open so nothing would be distorted. (The first-timers, when they come back...)

(One-timers,) she corrected.

I went on. (If you have that constant input, you must have an output to keep the flow, the movement active.)

She waited quietly... politely?... or had she percept of both questions and answers. I went on. (So humans do graduate from here, the dorm. Question: What happens to the graduates?)

She flickered. (I... I don't have a percept of that. They just click out.)

(One at a time or as a group?)

She smoothed. (Usually several at once. Every so often, one goes alone.)

(And they never return?)

(No. They don't.)

(Any communication with them? After they leave?)

She flickered. (Not in a way that we can understand.)

I wanted to follow up on that one, but I was sure it would come out. (Any indications or symptoms they are about to graduate?)

She smoothed again. (Oh yes. They no longer need to experience earth, so they begin to go physical less and less. Finally, they stop completely.)

(Is that all?)

(No, their... uh, radiation begins to change. And they begin to close. After that, they click out.)

I had the percept she was beginning to vibrate. (I don't want to act like an inquisitor, but...)

She opened more. (Go on. We expected you to ask just what you are.)



I took another direction. (I need as much of a rote as I can get. I may not get another chance.)

She smoothed neatly, but there was a little roll in her response. (Oh, I'm sure you will.)

(In time-space,) I went on, (are there many other growth patterns in consciousness similar to humans and earth?)

She rolled. (You can't count them if you wanted to, there's that many. And new ones coming on line constantly.)

I flickered. (On line?) She rolled stronger. (AA knew you would like it if I used that phrase.)

I went with it. (I would like to meet this AA face to face sometime. He knows more about me than I do myself)

She didn't respond, just rolled more strongly. I didn't think it was that funny. (But are humans now in communication with other such, uh, civilizations?)

She smoothed out. (Not very much. There is some exchange, but it doesn't seem necessary or important.)

(What about other, nonphysical energy systems?)

She lighted. (Oh, those! We visit them as often as we can.)

I threw a high hard one. (To gather loosh?)

She turned inward, then opened carefully. (No. To sow it, to plant the seeds. That lets the, uh, ray have an ident to focus on.)

Now I was the one who turned inward and closed. Her simple statement implied so much knowledge that made everything else no more than sophisticated monkey chatter. There was much monkey left in me, too much. But I had a sudden percept, and I knew I had to verify it.

I ran it smooth. (Are you about to graduate?)

She flickered. (Yes.)

(How do you know this?)

She vibrated. (He told me you would ask the question, but you didn't ask it right. So I can't answer it.)

I didn't have to ask who the "he" was. (But you gave me you didn't have a percept what happened to graduates.)

She smoothed nicely. (I don't. But you do.)

I blanked completely. Did she or INSPECS have it that I was to do the



informing? A boy to do a man's job? I was so closed I almost missed the rest of it.

She was vibrating warmly. (We've been expecting this, uh, an event to take place. Then we can leave!)

I was ready to ask about who the "we" was, and the event, but I felt the familiar INSPEC signal and began to respond... and so did she! So did she! A great flood of percept ran through me and I had all the answers... I thought.

(We have to go back to the site now.) She was smooth, yet vibrating. (Are you ready?)

I closed... ident the knoll... reached and stretched.


I was over the knoll... about a hundred feet up... the ridges were off to the west, so I turned, looking past the fences... fences! And there were the Center buildings beyond, with their dark red roofs... the gravel road showed a cloud of dust as a car rolled past. I had made the wrong ident, back to 1982. A strange mixture of emotions surged through me, and I knew it would take much to sort them out, if I could at all. I had even returned to the second body without direction, which was unusual. It was old stuff to home in on the physical, slip in... open my eyes and move my arms and legs. I looked at the clock. Time: 2:40 A.M. Eight minutes! Only eight minutes?



We have come to the end of this 15th chapter, "Promised Plan", of Robert Monroe's book "Far Journeys" and I want to draw the reader's attention to something, what Robert Monroe calls "monkey chatter" and which should get replaced by NVC, which is "nonverbal communication".

"No sound, it was NVC! We made it! Humans did it! We made the quantum jump from monkey chatter and all it implied!"

Now this is important and should be our life plan, and that in order to prepare ourselves for life on the other side, because there all our worldly belongings, including our way to talk and to think, is more or less useless and only the spiritual way to communicate and live counts and is effective.

Now Robert Monroe has given a list of the abbreviations he uses and this list I have brought already above, but bring it here again, because it is an excellent means to meditate and think about ways to practise nonverbal communication (NVC).

Here now this list again from pages 77-78:

The following is a deliberately free translation of nonverbal communication. To compound the rendering, most if not all represents the transposing of non-time-space events and ambience into replicas of conscious human physical experience. Thus a "humanizing" process is used extensively in the retelling which may increase comprehension and simultaneously reduce accuracy.

To abet the method, a few specific words are utilized in a different context to provide a connotation not so totally unlike their common definition. You can't report "he said" or "he walked" or "she smiled" because it wasn't that way, the physical equipment wasn't available. Instead, here are parts of the "replica" vocabulary:

Time-Space Illusion (TSI): An anomaly among the "standard" energy systems, which includes the entire physical universe
M Band: Part of energy spectrum commonly used for thought, not electromagnetic, electrical, magnetic, nucleonic, etc. M Band noise is caused by uncontrolled thought.
Ident: Mental name or "address," i.e., energy pattern of item
Rote: Thought ball
      A "packet" of thought/mentation, total memory
Run the rote: To recall portions of Rote after receipt of total
Percept: Insight Intuition Understand
Open: Receptive
Closed: Tune down (or out) external stimuli
Flickered: Uncertain
CLICK!: Instantaneous change in consciousness
Blank: Don't understand
Turn in: Consider, think over
Vibrate: Show emotion
Smooth: Get it together, in charge of self
Dulled: Lost interest
Lighted: Happy, idea, enthusiasm
Rolled: Amused, laughed
Curl: Organized energy, usually intelligent, local slang
Plied: The way things are, goes with the territory



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