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Astronomical question and answer 268


Frank L. Preuss


Why should real science seek for spiritual reality only?


Here one could at once have the objection that, when no research for material things is done, there would be no progress in medical sciences.

This objection is immediately refuted, so one is aware that there is no illness, which does not come about through spiritual problems.

But it is to be shown here that Jesus has explained this situation.

When Jesus left the land Judaea, and departed again into Galilee, he had to travel through Samaria.

Then cometh he to a city of Samaria, which is called Sychar, near to the parcel of ground that Jacob gave to his son Joseph. Now Jacob's well was there. Jesus therefore, being wearied with his journey, sat thus on the well: and it was about the sixth hour. There cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water: Jesus saith unto her, Give me to drink. (For his disciples were gone away unto the city to buy meat.) Then saith the woman of Samaria unto him, How is it that thou, being a Jew, askest drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria? for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans. John 4:3-9.

This woman of Samaria, this woman of the Jacob’s well, was called Irhael, jl.ev01.036,14, and she had a boyfriend, and he was called Joram, and he was a physician, and now comes, what Jesus said to the two, from jl.ev01.036,13:

13] And you, My dear Joram, from now on shall be a perfect physician! On whoever you shall lay your hands in My name shall get better immediately regardless of how sick he may be. But at the same time however you should enter together upon a perfect and indissoluble matrimony, since with your present togetherness you would be an offence to the blind who regard only externals and have no idea about the within.

And this was not the only medical advice, which Jesus gave Joram.

And at the Sea of Galilee was the place Nazareth, where Jesus came from, and that was not that place Nazareth, which is mentioned today as the hometown of Jesus, and there was the physician Borus, who was Greek from birth, jl.ev01.228,03.

Here now a report about the two best physicians of the world, jl.ev02.046,06-16:

   06] Here Borus stepped over to me again with Sarah, asking Me what he really ought to do to show himself more thankful than has been the case until this overjoyous moment for the exceedingly great grace.
   07] Say I: "Tell Me, My friend and brother, where is the person who from their childhood would have been more favourably disposed towards Me than yourself? As a boy you were My daily companion and did for Me whatever you saw in My eyes that it would please Me. When you went annually with your parents to their properties in Greece, returning a few weeks later, then I was always the first you visited, bringing all sorts of good and often quite costly and beautiful things as presents, and were not cross with Me for smashing the silver Diana Temple you gave Me with a hammer, forbidding you to ever give Me such present again!
   08] After I became a youth and hardly anyone took note of Me, you were the only one who remained steady; and just as you have always been so you shall also remain. Hence I did no more for you here than as a friend overduly reciprocate after many years. Hence make no big fuss about it. For sure have you received the most love worthy and beautiful and spiritually awoken wife, - and Sarah in yourself the best, most faithful and in every sense the wealthiest and most highly regarded man. You shall not eternally on My part be lacking My blessing in every good respect, and besides that you shall remain the best physician not only in this country but the entire world. And therewith you two shall I presume be able to live quite well!?
   09] Notwithstanding this never forget the poor and not charge either money, or through any services or grain or cattle any poor citizen and even less any servant for your skill in healing all sicknesses, which is not achievable to any other person in the world.
   10] But charge your skill to the big gold-owners, brokers, moneychangers, merchants and big landlords for whatever is justly due; for he who has and wants to live should make an offering for his life every now and then! There shall afterwards be no shortage of the poor to whom you can pass on that for which a man of property buys his life.
   11] A physician like yourself sells men life, which especially for worldly men is the greatest possession. Whence they should also have to buy it for good money and goods and besides that there should be a person upon earth from whom one can buy life.
   12] For I say unto you: That is truly an extreme great and very first skill in the world, which no world man can ever learn: to heal in one moment through the word, through the will and only sometimes through the laying on of hands all illnesses, from the worst possession - including all kinds of plague - down to the slight cold, and to clean all lepers, to make the blind seeing, deaf persons hearing, the lame walking and the cripple straight - and in addition still give tidings to the poor about the kingdom of God! Friend, go into the whole world and seek, whether you find one, who is compeltley like you! I tell you, there is no-one except you and me!
   13] At Sychar too I awakened a physician so that he can effect quite noteworthy healings; but since he was not quite able to let go of his herbal fluids, he trails you by a long way.
   14] My disciples shall catch up with you in a few short years as well, yet not all whom you see here.
   15] But My most beloved Sarah also shall gain a skill, and namely that of a midwife; because this is a most worthy service before God - to always stand by women in great pain. And thus you two are provided for like no royal couple ever was before you!
   16] But I also advise you as follows: When someone sick comes to you or you are called away to one, then always ask him earnestly: "Do you believe that I can heal you in the name of Jesus the Saviour from the heavens"? If the sick says convincingly thereto "Yes, I believe", then heal him; but if he doubts then do not heal him until he believes that you can heal him in My name. - But now a word with you Jairus."

And here now therefore the comparison of two physicians, therefore of the second best physician, the physician Borus in Nazareth, with another physician, the physician Joram in Sychar:

   13] At Sychar too I awakened a physician so that he can effect quite noteworthy healings; but since he was not quite able to let go of his herbal fluids, he trails you by a long way.

So it not only works without science, but even also without medicine, without drugs, medicaments, muti, and fluids.

And today’s medical science also knows this. The knowledge of placebo is quite advanced and even so one also gives a placebo pill to a man and tells him that it is just a placebo pill, and no real medicine, it restores the man to health, and that shows that in reality it just depends on the will of the man, whether he wants to get healed or not.

The whole science is therefore actually not really necessary.

One could now perhaps say that the fact that I can here read your webpages on a computer via the internet proves after all the usefulness of science.

But that what Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde have received, can indeed actually also every other person receive. It is exactly the influence of the atheistic education system shaped by science, which prevents us doing so – to listen to God and receive from him all that, what we need for life.

Exactly the smartphone is the up to now most effective means to prevent man from communicating with God.

I now want to show you, what this atheistic education system means. A man goes to a physician and wants him to treat him against cancer. The doctor tells him, he must read chapter 28 of Deuteronomy and shape his life accordingly and then write a report, in his own words, how he understands that, what he has read there, and all the things he has done, what he has been told there, and then he is to come back after 14 days, and bring this report to him. It will not take a long time and the medical profession will have kicked him out and he will no longer be able to make his living. They are all no scientists, but exactly the opposite, witch doctors.



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