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Astronomical question and answer 267


Frank L. Preuss


What is creation?


What is creation.

24. July 1952. B.D. NR. 5447.

What is creation ideas and thoughts came out of me; they took on form, and my love-will strengthened these forms; they became, as before still pure spiritual substance, hardened and compressed to something visible to matter, which is therefore in itself strengthened spiritual power, which starting place is I myself. But my ideas and thoughts did not flow purposelessly into infinity, but they were substantiated in my love and wisdom; they were so to speak the means recognized by me, to change a wrong state, of the spiritual once created by me, which had deserted me in free will.

No cause remains without effect. My created visible and invisible worlds were the effect produced from the cause the defection of the spiritual from me. In my wisdom I recognized a way, from which the fallen could again return to me. This way rose before my eyes as thoughts and ideas, and through my love-will I realized them, for my love is power, and what I wanted, that happened. I now saw the ideas in reality before me; they had taken shape, and I enlivened these forms with the spiritual; I therefore formed as it were the spiritual itself to creations, which now became visible reality as hardened substance.

The material creation is therefore the spiritual power compacted to form, which hardened for that reason, because it had got into certain inactivity through the refusal to take on power supply from me, which would have enabled it the activity, which was the purpose of the spiritual before the defection. The spiritual resisted me deliberately; it believed being able to exist without my power supply, and became as a result unable for every activity, what therefore resulted in the growing stiff of the spiritual substance or also: My will bound or consolidated the spiritual and let it as it were go the way, which aimed at a change of will. The course of the ascent development started in creation, with the aim of the return of the fallen spiritual to me.

Everything what arose through my will and my love-power, may it be the spiritual or the material creation, came out first as thought, but was at once already reality, because no time was needed, so wisdom and love once moved such thoughts in it, which were in accordance with my perfection and for that reason were capable of no improvement any more. The compacted or bound state of spiritual power was supposed to just be a temporary one, because it so to speak meant retrogression for the free created spiritual, but which could bring back the former freedom to the spiritual, which had voluntarily proceeded into powerlessness and must again reach the original properties to be happy. Moreover my perpetual power flowing out from me is also perpetually effective, what means as good as that it can only have positive success, because it is always building up, but never destructive. It is allowed to just find no resistance, which then indeed also excludes a negative effect, but abolishes the effect, according to law from eternity, so long, as this resistance - rejection of my love power exists. So long also the spiritual substance will remain in its solidification, for my love power alone redeems the hardened spiritual; my love power alone gives back life, which was once in it, and leads it again to that purpose, which it could fulfil at the very beginning. My love power dissolves hard matter and spiritualizes is again, and the thoughts and ideas gone out of me have proved themselves and have achieved that, what is meaning and purpose of every work of creation they have supplied the spiritual back to me again, which once went away from me voluntarily, but could never separate from me, because without me it cannot exist. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5447.



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