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Astronomical question and answer 265


Frank L. Preuss


How does one measure the speed of a pedestrian?


I wanted to know the speed of a pedestrian.

I thought about that he perhaps covers one metre in one second and that would then be in 3600 seconds, therefore in one hour, 3600 metres. And that would then be 3.6 kilometre per hour.

But I wanted in know it more accurately. I could have now walked myself a distance, of which the length is known and then measure this time. But I wanted to exclude the influence, which consciousness exerts being measured. I therefore wanted to measure somebody, who was not directly aware of this influence.

I looked out of the window and the fence between the piece of land and the street appeared suitable to me to serve as measuring distance. There were five equal distances between two fence poles and I measured the distance between two of them, and it was three metre.

As instrument of the time measurement I wanted to take a stop watch, but I did not have one. So I took a smartphone. It had a function called "Clock". But there I was deceived; this function had no clock. Every computer of mine has a time and date information at the right hand corner at the bottom of the screen, and when one clicks on it, then appears a proper clock with three hands, and also the day of the week, the time in written form and a calendar as well. And the hands really move and the written information accordingly.

One should now assume that such a clock should also be on a smartphone, for a wrist-watch is something, what a large percentage carries about, at least this was so in earlier times. To have a clock on a smartphone should be the first function there, for then one does not need to carry about two machines, a clock and a mobile phone. The only reason that this is not the case can actually only be that men are subject to a rapid spiritual decline.

What this function of "Clock" has, is four different functions:
but no clock. When one presses the button "Clock", nothing happens.

They do not even have the courtesy to clearly indicate, what is just text, and which text describes a button.

I have now pressed the button "STOPWATCH" and a picture appeared which had the button "START", and then waited for the first pedestrian to measure him.

But this picture disappeared constantly and I had to keep a finger on the screen to prevent it. But the spot where my finger was, had to be another one than the spot where it says "START". And that meant that I, when I now wanted to press this "START", had to look at the screen instead to the object I wanted to measure. And then in addition had to also still move the finger from one to another spot, therefore had to spend time which did not belong to my measurement.

That strengthened my opinion that there is much wrong, with the machine and the people behind it.

But when I now had successfully pressed "START" and now pressed again the finger at the end of the time of my measurement, there was no reaction with the "STOPWATCH". It just kept on running. The button "STOP" was on another place on the screen.

I now do not want to write down what I now thought.

I now took another smartphone, which was five years older. And it had a "START" which was so wide that one, when one pressed the left part of it, did not have to move ones finger in order to press "STOP".

One can therefore get directly a feeling for, with which speed the degeneration of mankind proceeds.

The spiritual background of this degeneration is the following: The more the smartphone gets man to tie him up the less man is in the situation to turn his thinking to God and be led by him.

I have then measured a couple of speeds of pedestrians, but have then soon given it up, for it was quite laborious. For I had to stand in order to be able to see the fence; if I would have been seated, the fence would not have been in my field of vision. But that was only the smaller problem; the bigger was that most of the people used a vehicle to move along, only few their legs. I therefore had to wait much too long until a pedestrian showed up. And then I had to again and again click on the screen, because when I just kept the finger on it, then it disappeared after a short time. Such a thing therefore has first of all no clock and the stopwatch is everything else than helpful.

The few measurements which I made produced results so between smaller than 2 and larger than 5 km/h.

The reason why I wanted to know how fast a pedestrian walks, was information I read about:

jl.ev06.245,13: 13] However, do not ask about the size and length of diameter of such a shellglobe! Since for man there hardly ever could be thought of a figure on this earth, through which the distance from this earth to the sun, which is 44 times thousand times thousand hours walking, when taken as a unit measure to determine the shell-globe diameter, then aeon times aeon of such distance would hardly be enough for a solar super universe, of which there nearly exist countless many. Thus I nevertheless have ascertained the concept of the nearly endless size of a shell-globe in you, and on this foundation we can build further.

In this statement from Jesus it is therefore about units of measurement, about a unit of length measurement. And then it is about orders of magnitude or numbers, which are so large that a man can hardly think them up. And then it is about shell globes. And then it is about to establish in us men an idea of almost infinite sizes, therefore about broadening our yet very limited powers of imagination.

And on this webpage it is also about dealing with things, which appear impossible at first glance. I have established this with myself, that I read something in spiritual writings and the first reaction it that it is wrong, and that makes the whole material, which is contained in that spiritual writing, untrustworthy. But when I then had once thought about it, and compared the information with other information, then this impossibility soon melted away. It is so that we have information about spiritual things, but that it is then often so that our background, which has been formed by our atheistic education system, jumps to the forefront, and portrays the thing as impossibility.

But we want now first remain with this unit measurement for lengths, before we go over to shell globes.

Jesus says, "be thought of a figure on this earth, through which the distance from this earth to the sun, which is 44 times thousand times thousand hours walking, when taken as a unit measure to determine the shell-globe diameter."

It is therefore about the distance of 44 million hours walking and that, from us to the sun.

The distance from earth to the sun is one Astronomic Unit, one AU, and that is 149,000,000 km.

And the pedestrian has then a speed of 149,600,000 km / 44,000,000 h = 3.4 km/h.

The unit of length measurement is therefore 3.4 km.

The normal pedestrian therefore covers a distance of 3.4 km in one hour.

The unit of measurement of length of 3.4 km, which Jesus gives us here, therefore looks quite acceptable.

Now Jesus gives us another unit of measurement of length, and that is also a measurement of length, which, at least in astronomy, is quite normal, and that is the distance, which light covers in one year. And that is 9,460,000,000,000 km or 9.46E+12 km.

jl.nson.007,04] Now consider the diameter of a central sun being such that in a straight line it would even take light, over a trillion years to cover the distance; the size or volume of such a body would be of a phenomenal order from the natural aspect. And if such a body were endlessly colossal for your concepts, would not such endless bulk of matter towards its mid-point, exert an inconceivable pressure from every side?

How long is now this line?

A trillion is 10E+18.

And a trillion light years is then 10E+18 times 9.46E+12 km and that is 9.46E+30 km. And that is not the diameter of a shell globe, but only the diameter of the central sun of it.

When I compare this with distances, which astronomers handle, then there is for example the distance from us to the most distant known galaxy, and that is 130E+21 km.

Now we want to add a name to such a central sun.

jl.ev06.247,08 Regulus

   08] There, look through the open window, and you see just now the Regulus in the Leo! See, this is the very primordial sun in this shell-globe! Its incalculable large distance from here, has compressed it to a point. How many such Reguluses could you imagine next to each other? I say to you: countless, - just as your spirit next to the large cosmic man, started to imagine more of them in endless space! And with such pure divine abilities equipped in the spirit, you say that a person is a nothing of nothingness?! Indeed, your body as matter is of course nothing; therefore the great and immortal man should not provide for his temporary and material nothingness, but for his spiritual everything, and in future he cannot say, that he is a nothing of nothingness, but in and with Me everything in everything!

And so that we can also really imagine this, now comes also still a diagram, which makes it possible to find this Regulus.


And then we are not allowed to forget that when we start from the other side, therefore from that, what includes everything, therefore from God, then there is the world man, and within this world man a shell globe is something very tiny and a central sun in such a shell globes is still much smaller.

Orion as pointer and

When you have problems with seizes and orders of magnitude, then have a look at the night sky to Regulus, in the constellation Leo, or at least at this little map above and there look for Regulus.

What is therefore the most important, what we should do all the time? To return with our thoughts constantly to God.

When we do that, then we start to see everything from the right perspective.

God is great.

There exists a statement about the size of a central sun in a Galaxy.

jl.ev06.245,05] The earth is surely not such a small world body, and the sun is about a thousand times thousand times larger than the whole earth; but already the next central sun is more than ten times hundred-thousand times bigger than this sun, which illuminates this earth and soon will rise, and has more body content then all the thousand times thousand times thousand planetary suns including all their earths and moons and comets, which all, in for you unthinkable wide stretched circles, move with their attachments with great speed around such a central sun, and still, especially the most distant, often require thousand times thousand earth years, to only complete only one wide orbit and arrive back again at the old spot.

Such a central sun has therefore a seize, and it is here about volume, not about diameter, which is one million times as large as the sun.

The sun has a volume of 1392700^3*3.14/6 = 1.4136E+18 cubic kilometre.

From this results a volume of the central sun of 1.4136E+24 cubic kilometre.

And from this results a diameter of the central sun of (1.4136E+24*6/3.14)^(1/3) = 139,270,000 km. And that is 1.39E+08 km.

That would be the diameter of the central sun of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Regulus as central sun of the fourth kind has a diameter of 9.5E+30 km.

Interpolation results in a diameter of the central sun of the second kind of 4.9E+15 km and of the third kind of 2.2E+23 km.

These seizes therefore are within reasonable bounds with each other and make it relatively easy to accept the seize of Regulus.

And such a system of galaxies with orders also exists with the astronomers, only perhaps not exactly with 4 orders. Here a picture how they imagine this.


The difference exist most of all that there is no central sun with the astronomers around which the galaxies orbit, and that is not very plausible.



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