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Astronomical question and answer 264


Frank L. Preuss


What is then now cosmic radiation actually?


Power diversion process.

16. and 17. July 1952. B.D. NR. 5440.

What takes place in the universe, that you men on earth cannot judge, for an exchange occurs persistently, a supply of the power current from God into the innumerable creations of earthly and spiritual kind. Everywhere are as it were power stations, i.e. spiritual beings full of light, which can receive and accept power from God in excess, to now pass these on again there, where light and power is needed. It is an uninterrupted flowing out of power from God and an uninterrupted distributing of it into his creations. But since nothing happens senselessly and pointlessly, the diversion process takes place in a law-governed order, and the will of God, of the law giver from eternity, is working in his light beings exactly like in God himself, but it is handed over to them, to execute the divine will. Therefore the existence of the whole spiritual and earthly creation has been handed over to his light beings, which stand in highest perfection, because the uninterrupted power reception also drives these beings to uninterrupted activity and this their activity exists again in the arranging and supply of that, what has to rely on power supply from God, to be again able to be active in the will of God. The perpetual power supply and diversion produces perpetual life, but as it also proves life, for no standstill occurs, which would be equal to death. There is nothing lifeless in the whole universe, as long as it is fed by the all enlivening power of God; but there is also no cutting out of the power supply; there is no toning down of power, only the power is passed on in different strength, what also means more or less pulsating life why also the creations in the universe are of different kind beginning from the still completely material to the completely spiritualized creations. But nothing is completely without power supply, so that life becomes apparent everywhere, even so now and then hardly recognizable. The power current from God therefore touches his children in fullest power effect, i.e. the spiritual creatures having gained highest perfection, which receive his love radiation directly and use this power in their love drive to bless the spirit world full of light, to persistently share and therefore to start the diversion process, which is to again bring the repatriation of the power from God to himself in the form of beings having gained last perfection, which again are allowed to receive his love power as children of God. (17.7.1952) In the whole universe light beings, therefore receivers of the power from God, now rule their office, by them also securing the life of that, what has been handed over to them for care. It is simply said: The light beings secure the existence of it it means so much, as that those light beings are creatively active; that they utilize as power stations in infinity this power in the will of God and now again and again new creations come into being, through their will indeed, but which is also always the will of God, otherwise they could never receive unlimited power, because this causes complete entrance into the divine will, therefore the being is actually just the performer of the divine will, to be allowed by this to feel highest happiness. No being keeps love power flowing through it for itself, but uses it for the awakening to new life, so that therefore both constantly new creations arise, as also that spiritual is called into life dwelling in the dead, i.e. powerless state, because the divine power radiation always has a life awakening effect and it is only left to the power receivers to utilize the power in the right way, i.e., to direct it in wisdom and love there, where powerlessness is visible, which at the same time means spiritual death. Innumerable light and power receivers are made happy by God; innumerable power stations receive and send; spiritual and material creations come into being; darkness is flowed through by light, which also penetrates into graves and awakens to life. No spiritual being, which is still imperfect, is without such spiritual protection, and every being filled with power wants to communicate; it wants to pass on and let the power current from God constantly flow there, where there is lack of power. Innumerable small and smallest living beings catch this power and awaken to life, to now to get on their part included in the power exchange process, for also the smallest living being increases the power, by it again giving life to beings and the supply of power occurs uninterruptedly, which has its original in God, but which never exudes arbitrarily, but fills the whole universe according to divine order, his principle of wisdom and love, lets spiritual and material creations come into being and gives all entities the possibility to get perfect, by it getting again the power supplied, of which he once robbed himself and which again leads it close to God, where it once started. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5440.



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